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The Scourge Project: Episodes 1 and 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Scavenger ready to attack, while Stonewall reloads his weapon
Mass fighting against two Nogari soldiers
Real Blur dead and his soul waiting to capture another body
Stonewall using his ambrosia powers
You've earned "Bloodthirsty"!
Scavengers attacking Stonewall
Central Station, here you fight against Blur, one of the bosses on the game
Outpost, one of the multiplayer maps, in CTF mode
Close encounter with a Strider
Dropship firing at us, time to take cover!
Entering the Labs area
You can blow up the Ambrosia barrels to kill enemies
Fighting against a Digger
Team Echo clearing the platforms while a Dropship prepares the attack
Banshee attacks Echo Team
In this room you need to use the crane to reach the exit area
The Ambrosia shield only protects the frontal area of the players
Dropship exploding on the building
The cavern, multiplayer map
Some minibosses drop DNA -- you need it to activate some consoles
Enemy with our flag! Time to take revenge!
Ouch ! this is hot !
One of the forest areas in the game
Stonewall uses a vehicle as a cover
Using the Chimera Gun
Blood particles when you kill a enemy
If you pass by too close to the experimental plants, you receive an electric charge
If you get incapacitated, someone needs to revive you before the counter reaches the end
Shade using the Rocket Launcher
Using a stationary weapon to destroy the energy cells
The Bulbs, another Scourge creature, becareful, they emit a deadly gas
One of the cavern areas on the game
You've reached rank 6 in Assault !
In the Frontiers mode you need to conquer those Deacons
Another multiplayer map, this time over the snow