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SCP: Blackout Credits (Windows)

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SCP: Blackout Credits


DeveloperKyle Ham (aka Mahelyk)
WriterJory Stultz
Voice Actor ManagerJory Stultz
LicensingThe SCP Universe is derived from the SCP Wiki and SCP is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0
The SCP in this game are original creationsbut available under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0[in case you want ed to write them]
Writing HelpersJory Stultz, Elias Heyndrickx, Brian Bucceri, Greyson West (credited as Greyson 'The Android' West), Tesla, Martinus
Voice ActorsThe Volgun[as Dr. Millar], Jory Stultz (as Dr. Slate), GemoDawn (as Dr. Good), Jory Stultz (as SCP-OSPA - The Observer - and most SCPs), Jory Stultz (as Dr. Harman), TaschDraws (as the AI/PA System)
Advisory CouncilJory Stultz, Soy Boi, John Wang (Br3ak), Icilyn Blyndel, Goat, Wellington, RottenOrb, Persona, Tesla, Martinus, Brian Bucceri, Alfez, Dr. Benson
SCP: Blackout - No Way OutJory Stultz
SCP: Blackout ‑ DescentJory Stultz
SCP: Blackout ‑The BreakingGoat
SCP: Blackout - Through The MirrorSleepy
SCP: Blackout - Where Are WeZakinithos
Donators ‑ ACP AnomalyThe Endroid, Elias Heyndrickx, Jared Hess, Lukas Benoit, Aaron Graff, 4Donuts, Schuyler Roffe, C. Georgiades, All The Time Gaming
Donators ‑ OverseersJacob Harold, Joseph Wijnstok, A. Wray, Alfez, Atlas 1021‑YT, LittleEdgy
Donators ‑ Team LeadersSteiny, Benjamin Russo, Matthew Briggs, Manuel Mickey Sifuentes, Donte Lucifer Sifuentes, S. T. Keaton, N. Demchenko (Dr.), Sketch_EM, Reximus, Gabriel Marcum, Fallen Oracle/Dr. Benson, Joseph Mullis, Cody Contarino, Goat, DragonArmy, Kory Sanchez, Max Maas, Matthew Cho, Tytus Wellington, imgsxpanda, Cpt. Vadam, Txxqi, Maddison Havens, Colin Davis, Anna Riley, Melvin Pompsch, The High Speaker, Benjamin Janicek, Ryan Vanner
Donators ‑ ResearchersDusk Golem, Jarno Lehtonen, James Poor, Takail, Skourch, Chase Gillmartin, Adam Boxall, Bluemaster1981, Delanie del Moral, WendelGOTD, Andy Garcia (credited as Andy 'AZzoCat' Garcia), Eric Bernier, Ryder Wesley, Researcher Rachel, RottenOrb, William Stine, Kalim McMurray, Danjiel Adrinek, Jesa├»a Farvacque, Marcel Verosk (credites as Res. Marcel Verosk - Mushinako), Iain Nicol, A a Lautaru, Jessie Lyons
Donators - Agents and SupportersAnthony Haevermaet, The Creative Fund, Sragen Ndeso, Olly Smith, Victor German, Banachiks
Special ThanksTo my loving and supportive fiancee Jennifer, To all those on the discord who have helped moderate and helped support the game; offering ideas and pushing this bigger and better

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