Scrabble Complete Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The Scrabble main menu
Logging in and selecting player options
Selecting a skill level for the computer opponent
A basic and familiar Scrabble game
The player begins the first round with a word starting on the center star
Adding an unusual word may provoke a challenge
The Scrabble mini-games selections
Anagram mini-game: find all the words available using the given letters
Bingo mini-game: use all of the tiles to place a word on the board
Word Placement mini-game: place the given word on the board to give optimal points
The player has a hint button on the right which will continue all the way to the actual best word, which the player can choose to use or not
When a word looks suspicious, the player can see a definition
Also on the right, there is a button for special word lists
The "Q without U" list: one would never guess that "QWERTY" counts as a word!
The winning player screen
Professor Maven will analyze the player's game if requested, and provide hints to improve play