Scratches Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Initial Loading Screen.
Publisher's logo.
Developer's Logo.
Title Screen.
Opening movie.
Title Screen.
Approaching the manor.
Walking toward the manor.
Looking at my inventory.
A sitting room.
The telephone is the only connection to the rest of the world.
A book-filled study.
Doors swing open to reveal new rooms.
Not the usual lump of exposition, the texts in Scratches can be chilling.
A clue to the game's first puzzle
The other side of the manor.
Michael's room
The back of Michael's last book (I count 4 references to Lovecraft)
There's a gallery of African art on the second floor
The manor is adorned with eerie paintings.
Even the Haunted Ebay Painting!
A trail near the manor
Interesting observation or important clue?
Guessing I can find a way in
Approaching the Greenhouse.
The chapel.
A detail view of the previous owner's belongings.