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GameZone (Nov 23, 2002)
All in all the game is quite worth having if you like the genre. Even if you just want to get the real feeling of learning how to take flight in a Vietnam Huey. I was quite impressed with how technical the manual can be with flight physics to give the player a nice start to becoming a chopper pilot. Most players will probably set the settings to easy just to get up and playing, but the option is there to make gameplay very realistic. A better tutorial might have been nice so I did not have to constantly refer to the manual, but that is a personal preference.
Computer Active (Jul 24, 2003)
Flying a helicopter is completely different to a fixed-wing aircraft and this is represented excellently in the game. A wind speed of only 10 knots can quickly blow a helicopter off course. This actually forces the player to use outside cues to gauge speed rather than simply rely on the instruments. There is a very useful hover aid but a good joystick with throttle and s or rudder control is iatwind essential for this game.
AceGamez (2002)
Med+Evac is not just the most realistic helicopter simulator you will find, it is also highly exciting and challenging for players of any level. With 100 missions, a huge range of realism and difficulty options to cater for any player, plus a variety of scenery, scenarios, weather and lighting conditions mean that, once hooked, you'll be playing this one for a long, long time to come.
7Wolf Magazine (Nov 27, 2002)
В общем, вы сами все видите. Кто-то, наверное, скажет, что серия "Найти и спасти" получила второе дыхание, кто-то поморщится и с презрением отвернется, но вот плохой игру назвать, наверное, не рискнет никто. Просто раньше в эти игры играли для того, чтобы отдохнуть от свиста пуль и оглушающих взрывов, а теперь вот они добрались и сюда. Плохо это или нет - однозначного ответа, я думаю, не существует. Сам проект выполнен вполне качественно - красиво, интересно, относительно оригинально, по крайней мере, для серии. Так что, надевайте белый халат медицинского работника, загружайте в вертолет патронов побольше и - в полет над ночными джунглями.
75 (2003)
No, the area where this game falls down for anyone not interested in counter-rotation and cyclic control is the utter lack of gameplay. There are plenty of challenges to be had here, 100 missions to complete and a free-fly mode for those wishing to just chop about the countryside of river, mountain, urban areas, coast and paddy fields. The problem is if you are a gamer because this isn't a game in any sense that you would be familiar with. This title feels like it should be an expansion pack for MS Flight-Sim rather then a standalone package which might fool people into thinking there was some action-packed fun to be had. It's better made than the last two attempts from the same developers and will no doubt offer enjoyment to people who like flying for the sake of it. If, on the other hand, you like flying to shoot things down and blow stuff up, you'll be putting this onto eBay faster than a soldier can bring an opium pipe to his lips.
GameStar (Germany) (Nov, 2003)
Mit einem Helikopter vom Typ UH-1 holen Sie im Vietnamkrieg verletzte US-Soldaten aus dem Dschungel. Meist lassen Sie an einer Seilwinde Tragebahren und Körbe zu den Opfern hinab oder bringen Sanitäter-Teams zum Ort des Geschehens. Durch das Kriegs-Szenario etwas spannender als Search and Rescue 4.
PC Games (Germany) (Nov 30, 2003)
Die Unterschiede zwischen Search & Rescue 4 und dem Ableger Vietnam Med Evac muss man mit der Lupe suchen. Das ursprüngliche zivile Szenario wurde gegen den Vietnamkrieg, die modernen Helikopter gegen das alte Arbeitspferd UH-1 Huey ausgetauscht. An Ihrem Auftrag hat sich nichts geändert: Sie fliegen Verwundete ins Lazarett.
45 (Feb 06, 2004)
Autre classique de la série Search And Rescue : la réalisation pérave. Modèles 3D en 4 polygones texturés au pistolet à peinture pour l'hélicoptère et grosses textures baveuses pour le sol. Beuaark ! La bande-son ne fait pas vraiment mieux puisqu'il n'y a pas plus de 2 ou 3 thèmes musicaux bien lourds. En revanche, le bruit du moteur est assez bien rendu, c'est toujours ça. Dommage que ce soit aussi monotone le bruit d'un rotor, ça nous aurait fait une distraction.
GameSpy (Jan 03, 2003)
As if all this weren't enough, the game suffers from bugs, long load times, and the inability to access the options screen without quitting a mission and then restarting it, which means yet more long load times. Replay value is limited since there's no mission or terrain editor. Vietnam Med + Evac captures some of the challenges of flying a helicopter, but that's about the only positive thing you can say about it.
10 (May 19, 2006)
Cette simulation de vol s'inscrit dans la lignée de titres comme Search and Rescue ou le très bon Commanche 4. L’action se déroule en pleine guerre du Vietnam (1961-1973), un des conflits les plus meurtriers du siècle dernier. Reclus au fin fond de la jungle vietnamienne, les G.I et les Vietcongs se livrent un combat sans merci. Cette fois-ci, c’est aux commandes d’un appareil de légende que vous vivez le conflit. Seul l’appareil est entouré d’une aura de légende ; pour le reste, il n’y a rien de révolutionnaire dans ce jeu. Et pour vivre le conflit, il ne faut pas être pressé. Ceux qui attendaient une simulation d’un nouveau genre en seront pour leurs frais...