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SeaWorld Adventure Parks Tycoon Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Build your own SeaWorld Park
Choose a scenario from three difficulty levels and unlock additional levels by completing each level
Choose a SandBox game in order to build your own Park without any goals or objectives
Loading level
View your objectives for each level as well as any hints
Choose from many different exhibits and events to add to your Park
You the Scenery tab to add objects, flowers, trees, fountains, and more
Want to learn about your animals? Look them up in the Animal Browser for detailed information and even sounds
Check out building information such as supply levels and animal happiness, price per visit, and more
Keep an eye on your finances and try to keep your income above your expenses or you could run out of money
Research new items to add to your Park in the Research window
Improve your Park's conservation score by rescuing animals
Easily look at all people, objects, staff, and animals in your park and see information about each
Zoom out and you can see most of your Park so you can quickly find places to put new buildings
Or zoom in and see everything close up (though in low detail)
Look at your Park's statistics to see how things are going
If you want your Park to be the best possible, you will need to make people happy... look here to see what public opinion is
Complete a scenario and get a Congratulations screen like this one
I built a water fountain along the road to restroom.
This is one huge attraction.
This place earns me money.
Untouchable car park
What a stupid way to build a road.