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Secret Agent Barbie Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Barbie has special outfits for each city as well as particular activities.
Barbie gets briefed on her mission.
There is a training mode, to learn the controls for all of Barbie's moves. (Spacebar)
One of her tools is a compact, which Barbie uses to blow powder at guards and confuse them.
Barbie dons a fancy dress for a secret meeting at a ball in Paris.
Barbie must use a drop and roll technique to avoid setting off laser alarms.
Barbie in actionwear, following a suspect.
Some locks can be opened by solving puzzles - a slide puzzle in this case.
When Barbie needs to overhear something the camera will show the route she has to take to the spot, shown by the small green glow.
In stealth mode, following another suspect - in Egypt.
A team member contacts Barbie to give her new information.
Another lock puzzle - the parts of the stele revolve to show different symbols that must be aligned in the right order.
A hidden staircase!
Another tool is the wrist glider, which attaches a rope to a hook that can only be seen by manipulating the glider controls.
Acion-garbed Barbie runs along a ledge.