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Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
An ingame cutscene.
The dairy keeps track of everything that happens.
Press the space bar to see all hotspots.
Nina is back and needs to take a vacation.
The dialogues are again multiple choice - and that guy is an idiot.
Doing what every hero does: collecting items in a nice setting.
Indonesian jungle - Trying to free Sam
Indonesian jungle - How to enter the temple
Indonesian jungle - Ruined camp
Coast of France - You have managed to reach the shore
Coast of France - You have found your way out
Gatineau France - Meeting with land surveyor
Gatineau France - Take a fortune cookie
Gatineau France - The statue is pointing at something
Paris - Arriving at the cemetery
Paris - Cemetery; it appears to be a maze
Paris - Bridge
Paris - Entrance metro
Paris - How to get in a cell
Paris - Park & depressed man
Paris - Entrance Zoo
Paris - Map of the locations you can visit
Paris - A chasm leads to the library
Chateau in France - Just raised from the death
Chateau in France - Nina is guarded
Chateau in France - One of the scenes in which you can play Nina or Max
Chateau in France - Meeting with the villain
Chateau in France - On the run
The study room
In the office
Your room on a cruise ship
Exploring the ship's decks at night
Rooms with open door are always inviting
No time for laundry right now
Talking to the ship's captain
In disguise
What happened to the captain?
That's a big wave
Heading for the island
Trying to get out of the ship which is upside-down sinking in the ocean
Back in Paris
This old train station is no longer in use
Nina doesn't really know Latin.
Storage room.