Secret Files: Tunguska Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen
Main title
Leaving the museum
The Police won't do much for us...
Seems like someone's been rummaging through Nina's apartment as well
Important events and clues are stored in a journal.
Max Gruber, our male companion
Nina moves around with her motorcycle.
Poor nightworkers...
The Bad guy
Details about the Tunguska explosion
Burn, baby burn
Mobile phones never looked so good!
Trying to find a way to eavesdrop on Oleg
Someone put a lot of effort in covering the tracks yet leaving the clues at the museum
Taking out the light source
Disguised as a military personnel
So much for the help from the inside
Short skirt should be the least of Nina's concerns right now
Looking for a file on Manuel Perez
Soldiers are coming so we better hurry
Perhaps this truck wreckage can be put to a good use, somehow
Let's see what secrets does the asylum hold
Trading whiskey for a boat seems like a good deal
Somewhere on Antarctica
Nina talks to scientists aboard the train bound for Russia.
This old man might know more about her father's past.
Outside of a Cuban asylum.
Meanwhile, Max goes to Ireland.
A very beautiful, but strange, cavern.
Russian train station storage room.
On a Russian train in disguise.
Outside Russian military hospital.
Bedroom of Irish castle.
Irish castle.
Upstairs in the Irish castle.
It's cold outside!
A control room.
A storage room.