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Sensible Soccer '98 Credits

43 people


Design and DirectionJon Hare
Lead Programming and DesignChris Chapman
Graphic DesignJohn Laws
3D Motion Capture ProgrammingColin McGinley, Steven Williams
Chief Motion Capture EditorKam Lau
Motion Capture EditingKhalifa Saber, Steven Huckle, Gary Hughes, Ian Peaker
Art CoordinationJonny Watts
Sound Recorded atAudio Interactive at Pinewood Studios
Sound ProductionRichard Joseph
Sound Effects and EditingRichard Joseph, Rebecca Parnell
CommentaryJon Hare
Original Music Written & performedJon Hare, Richard Joseph, Graham King
Introduction Video DirectionWesley Dunton
Into. Video Modeling & AnimationJohn W. Lilley, Steve Huckley
Installation ProgrammingNeil Duffin
Installation GraphicsGary Hughes
Football InformationMike Hammond
Technical AssistanceNikki Hemming, Neil Duffin, Chris Yates, Paul Boreham
Video Compression and PlaybackRobert Trevellyan
Executive ProducerGraeme Boxall
Produced BySteven B. Sargent
Assistant ProductionDavid Wilkin, Mark Dearsley, Nick Bridger, Ben Walker
TestingLiam DelaHunty, Kolin Tregaskes, Graham Axford, Rex Siney, GT Interactive London
AdministrationMark Ridgwell, Matthew Woodley, Cara McMullan
ManualJon Hare, Steven B. Sargent, David Wilkin
Public RelationsPaul Fox, Jason Fitzgerald, Cecile Borzakian, Robert Bannert
Motion Capture Data Recorded atTelevirtual of Norwich UK

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (250670)