Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Options menu (Sorry, in German)
The short introduction: what is Lord Doskias up to?
The blue-haired girl is the hero of the game.
You can talk to people about different topics.
The cursor changes automatically when placed upon an important object.
This is your in-game menu: items etc.
This is your stats.
In one of the shops.
Buying and selling.
This icon is for talking to people.
In the bar.
near your city.
World map
When somebody talks to you, his face appear in the small square above.
One of your party members.
A turn-based battle begins. Click on the face in the square to choose what you want to do.
near the temple.
In the temple.
Zombies. What RPG would be complete without them? Heck, even Fallout had em'
The villainous Lord Doskias goes above and beyond the call of duty as an evil overlord and complete jerk
Boss battle against General Selina, the requisite 'bad guy party member'
Ankara commandos and Jinaam cyborgs fight each other as well as your party
If the Mining Helgak boss isn't a homage to Chrono Trigger's Lavos, I don't know what is
Just like Cloud in FF7, Maya has to disguise herself as a stripper to infiltrate pirate lord Conner's base. Unlike FF7 this ain't no joke, since unlike Cloud, Maya really is a woman
Fighting the three Magi. I like the pretty lights
The Hellgod and it's mighty napalm snot guard the inner earth
Confronting Doskias at the Septerra Core... and this isn't even halfway through the game
Chatting with the Watchers, giant floating overdeveloped hairdryers
Your entire party gets together for an attack on Doskias' Battleship
The big battle against Lord Doskias, who likes to split himself into three
Giant brains are not your friend
Chatting with Gunnar inside a bar. As far as Chosen go, he's alright
Chatting with some allies in a snow field. Dig the cool weather effects
Once you have your own ship you'll be free to explore the entire world of Septerra - from the lush plains and forests of Shell 3... the magically mysterious Shell 7 with unique fauna and native inhabitants
You take an all-girls party to an abandoned Jinam battleship on Shell 5. You'd rather just enjoy the beautiful view
Shell 6 has Scumm Town. Looks very cozy. Note all those posters and other details
Shell 4 is just heaps of fun. Just take a look at this magnificent city
Heroes have their needs, too. You take the mysterious Underworld dweller Badu and the equally mysterious ex-assassin Araym to a brothel