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The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
A settler getting some water.
Expanding the barracks training grounds to get some prestige.
The enemy's army conquered an outpost.
The guy in the back complains that he can't work and the guy in front informs me that stones are important.
The story is told through a picture-book.
Zoe and her father looking at the current situation in the country.
The graphics are gorgeous.
My general is on his way to the front lines.
Fisher at work.
Looking down on my little settlement.
Fighting against a canon-tower.
Look at the graphics. LOOK AT THEM!
Ingame dialogues further advance the story.'m - you can't milk a sheep.
As in every Settlers-title: the buildings are very detailed and lovely animated.
This outpost is about to be upgraded and coints 13 soldiers at the moment.
Customizing my castle.
The map-editor is very rudimentary.
Gained a new Prestige-level.
Sometimes an army of monks is more powerful than soldiers.
This sight sends the frames per second even on high-end PCs down the drain.
The overhead map shows all the necessary details.
Statistics - no German managerial game would be the same without them.
What a nice little town.
There are quiet a few conditions available you can get Victory Points for.
I put my iron-production on hold to increase my gold production
My enemy has already unlocked quiet a few trading routes.
The science-tree.
My little city is looking good.
Guess whoever lives there isn't the friendly type.
The bishop has three quests for me.
Easy fight
altering the ore into gold
Time to small siege