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Seven Games of the Soul Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Marcellus Travels By Boat
A view of the park
Mephisto himself, in one of his darker moments
Kalinka's place
beeautiful cloud & lighting effects
that's you, Marcellus Faust
Trivia challenge: what two other games have a disclaimer as the first in-game screen (even before the title pages).
It's dark and it's blurry and it's also enough to earn an "M" rating.
The dialogue and subtitles are re-dubbed in the US version but a nice accent still lingers in the actual graphics.
A sequence with the Siamese twins and Hannibal
And another one with Frank, the tiger tamer.
Playing poker with Mephisto
Ghost train ride
From the 3rd episode and on you can view the map of the park
From the 3rd episode and on you can also ask Homunculus for hints
Or you can click on it to play a shooting game
Different cursor animations mean different actions you can take - here it means you can view the picture to get more info about it