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Print advertisement - PC Player 08/1996:
    Milia Award-Preisträger 1996

    golden gate killer

    Ein authentischer Fall der Mordkommission San Francisco

    „Du sollst nicht töten...!“, sagt die Bibel
    „Du sollst nicht töten...!“, sagt auch das Gesetz

    „Du sollst keine Spuren hinterlassen...!“, sagen die Profis

    Eine mysteriöse Wasserleiche, die aus der Bucht von San Francisco gefischt wird, ist Dreh- und Angelpunkt eines der spannendsten Adventures des Jahres. Treten Sie in die Fußstapfen des legendären Star-Detectives Frank Falzon. Tauchen Sie ein in die dunkle Welt des Verbrechens und lösen Sie seinen schwersten Fall. Entflechten Sie das Netz aus Korruption und Gier, Intrigen und Macht, Lügen und Gewalt. Ein Thriller par excellence, in dem Sie die Hauptrolle spielen.

    Ab August 96 auf 2 CD-ROMs
    Komplett in Deutsch

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (208029) on Apr 11, 2010.

Grolier Interactive Press Release:


    OVERVIEW: "SFPD Homicide Case File: The Body in the Bay" is a murder-mystery CD-ROM game based on an actual police investigation. Crime historian and former San Francisco deputy police chief Kevin Mullen hosts the title, and Frank Falzon, the detective who solved the case, provides players advice on how to solve the crime and bring the killer to justice.

    Grolier Interactive's "who-dunnit" title is accurately re-created using footage shot on location in San Francisco. Dramatized for more thrilling play, the game is based on an actual homicide case Falzon encountered and, eventually, solved. He and other police officers are featured throughout the title giving additional advice to amateur detectives.

    Praised for its authenticity and storytelling, "SFPD Homicide" won the New Line Cinema/Havas' Prize of the Professionals at the 1996 Multimedia Festival of the MILIA D'OR awards in Cannes, France. The title also won the ABA Spring Booksellers' Choice: New Media Award.

    PRODUCT: Including more than 80 minutes of video sequences, sound, original

    INFORMATION: music, photos and dramatic true-to-life testimony, "SFPD Homicide" allows players to investigate the scene of the crime and gather testimony from witnesses and suspects. Users also can access maps of the San Francisco area, hidden evidence, lab tests, missing persons logs and forensic reports to provide many hours of entertainment.

    In the role of detective, the player can use Casebook to store and review all evidence and background information. Pins on the Map help players locate witnesses and evidence. The Watch icon tracks the remaining time, and the Badge offers tips and advice from real-life detectives.

    DISTRIBUTION AND PRICING: "SFPD Homicide" CD-ROM is published by Grolier Interactive and developed by InterWorks. The title is available in software retail stores nationwide in a multi-platform CD-ROM for WindowsÆ 3.1, Windows 95 and MacintoshÆ formats. The estimated price is $39.99.

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Official SFPD website:
    Critically praised as a gritty, authentic and compelling recreation of a police murder investigation, SFPD Homicide immerses players in what it takes to identify, interrogate, and incarcerate an actual murder suspect. Based on an authentic murder case and introduced by a former San Francisco deputy police chief, would-be detectives are given a virtual two weeks to solve the case and bring the accused to justice. SFPD Homicide won the New Line Cinema/Havas Prize of the Professionals at the Milia D'Or awards in Cannes, France in 1996 and was selected for American Bookseller's Spring Booksellers' Choice: New Media in March, 1996. SFPD Homicide has been translated into German and French (under the name Golden Gate Killer) and is being distributed throughout Europe as well as the United States. In addition, this highly realistic game is being used to teach investigative procedures at the college level. Most recently SFPD Homicide won a Gold CD ROM for Best Scenario from a leading French computer publication, L'Ordinateur Individuel.

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