Shadow of Destiny Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen.
Establishing Shot
Our Hero Eike (pronounced ike).
The PC version of the game runs at a maximum 800x600 resolution.
The credits scroll through in game cinematics.
You get killed before you even get to do anything. Here you are in limbo.
The game features detailed interiors,
memorable NPC's,
as well as the best looking pasta in any game ever made.
Product placement for Movado watches.
Your ingame screen after about 10 minutes of in game cinematics. Finally you get to do stuff!
You can talk to a few NPC's and they usually have a few things to say and have important clues.
Running to the Town Hall
Interiors of Town Hall
The game contains you in the selected border with the use of wild dogs blocking your way.
Entering the Fortune Teller's house. Notice the creepy hidden pictures in the wallpaper.
The Fortune Teller.
She will tell you when you'll die and will also give you clues as to how to survive.
The game is full of memorable quotes.
You even get to travel through time. Here's Eike in the past.
er... That's not what it looks like. I dropped something.