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Nice comic-booky introduction to the world of turn-based squad tactics Zovni (10640) 3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars
A really fun game with tactical and some RPG elements, with some unique and original ideas weregamer (169) 4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.7
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.9
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.9
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed
(required for every game entry that isn't a compilation)
Overall User Score (14 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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Gamer's Pulse (Jun 14, 2000)
As a fan of many cartoons, including Batman, I have no problem with the style in Shadow Watch. In fact, I greatly appreciate it, and the fact that it’s quite different from other games out there. Red Storm is taking quite a risk by casting a 3D-engine aside, though I think it gives Shadow Watch personality in a cookie cutter genre. Add a top-notch musical score that could rival most motion pictures, and you've got more than enough talent. Wrap all of this into a very addictive Jagged Alliance-style game, and you're ready for a fun and action-packed strategy game. However, I think it's likely to be a game mostly overlooked, considering most people today don't have the patience for a turn-based game, nor are they likely to be able to forgive the type of graphics used and the few, albeit aggravating, flaws. Despite this, I would recommend picking up a copy, if for nothing other than the cool box art.
IGN (Apr 17, 2000)
Each character is extremely unique in terms of ability. They're also pretty different visually as well, making identification really easy. Archer is the leader and his ability to influence morale and initiative are extremely important. Lily, the martial arts expert, is good at killing people silently. Bear is the point man. He can absorb a ton of damage before he goes down and his shotgun makes short work of anything in his way. Maya the sniper excels at "incapacitating" shots but is limited in movement. Gennady is the sensor man, and although he has no weapon, his ability to detect enemy presence through walls and closed doors makes him a valuable member of the team.
Hacker (May, 2000)
Sve je uglavnom odlično napravljeno, jedino je možda AI mogao biti malo pametniji, ali ne treba sad cjepidlačiti, pogotovo što smo nakon dugo vremena dobili odličnu turn based igru s više nego dobrom grafikom i zvukom.
Onwaarschijnlijk twijfelachtige besturing en andere designfoutjes worden gecompenseerd door een unieke, grafische look en zeer verslavende gameplay.
Absolute Games ( (Apr 26, 2000)
В целом игра производит неоднозначное впечатление. Конечно, она выглядит белой вороной в ряду новеньких 3d SWAT и X-Com, но и в грязь лицом не ударила. Для поклонников тактико-ролевых игр Shadow Watch станет приятным подарком, за которым не грех скоротать не один вечер. Да, чуть не забыл, а музыка-то в игре просто потрясающая! :) Милая, красивая и совершенно не надоедающая. Если в демо-версии музыку взяли из Rainbow Six, то тут она своя. В целом, диагноз — «есть можно» :)
Da Gameboyz (Jul 09, 2004)
Shadow Watch offers a slick, fast paced experience that is sure to be a favorite among many strategy gamers out there. It successfully creates an enjoyable atmosphere that is matched equally by a rich storyline. Shadow Watch never fails to entertain and challenge, all the while radiating a style sorely missed in most games of its genre. It's a well thought out, highly tactical game with an ease of use that many other games would be wise to try to emulate. If you like isometric turn based games and haven't found one worthy of your money lately, then give Shadow Watch a try.
PC Gamer (2000)
Shadow Watch's gameplay is still not even in the same ballpark as X-COM's but it's got its own goofy charms. The comic book atmosphere is undeniably attractive. And like icing on the cake, Shadow Watch randomizes each mission to assure long-term value. If it weren't for the lack of unit functionality, and the lack of multiplayer, I would've recommended this game more strongly.
GameSpot (Apr 12, 2000)
Rather than forcing you to keep the same six characters alive the whole time, the game instead could have greatly benefited from a larger pool of available troops. Not only would that have significantly enhanced the replay value, but it also would have allowed for more flexibility in the missions. However, aside from repetitive sound bytes and a few questionable design decisions, Shadow Watch is an entertaining tactical-combat game. Its artwork is superb and its gameplay can be a lot of fun, despite its shortcomings.
PC Joker (May, 2000)
Leider belastet unübersichtliche und obendrein potthässliche Isografik im Cartoon-Look das immer wieder überraschende Spiel. Traurig, aber so werden sich wohl kaum viele Strategen für den originellen Titel erwärmen.
GameStar (Germany) (May, 2000)
Shadow Watch sieht aus, als hätte der Chefkünstler regelmäßig an Fliegenpilzen geknabbert: Die sparsam kolorierte Comic-Grafik schwankt zwischen Stil und Kargheit. Zum Minimal-Look gesellt sich das Minimal-Spielsystem, das zwar eingängig, aber wenig fordernd ist – zumal die Steuerung über Icons unnötig kompliziert wird. Trotz der Mankos kann ich Shadow Watch aber einen naiven Charme nicht absprechen.
65 (May 09, 2000)
Bon scénario, missions variées et riches… malheureusement le graphisme dessert terriblement le jeu, celui-ci étant insuffisemment fouillé et beaucoup trop grossier. A part ça, Shadow Watch s’en tire avec la moyenne, car il faut reconnaître que le jeu est prenant dans certaines missions.
incite PC Gaming (Apr, 2000)
A solid first effort, but Shadow Watch could be better if the campaign mode was cleaned up a little.
GameSpy (May 04, 2000)
Shadow Watch is one of those games that's hard to review. You can look at Shadow Watch and see how much potential it would have had if certain things were done differently, but in the end the game falls victim to it's own failed combat system. Shadow Watch has a very solid story that would be more compelling to see unfold if the game's combat weren't so frustrating. If you're looking for a good turn-based strategic combat game, I'd say you're better off dusting off that copy of X-Com and giving it another spin.
Shadow Watch presents a few very intriguing gameplay elements to the turn-based strategy genre that we’ve not seen before. The conversation system in the interaction mode is very well done and allows a wide range of diversity in mission selection and storyboard progression. Unfortunately, these exemplary components give way to a weak combat system that is hampered by simplistic features and limited options. Shadow Watch has the foundation for a very cool game, and had Red Storm spent as much time with the in-game strategy as they did with the comic book style presentation, they may have had a winner.
All in all. SHADOW WATCH’s hog-tied combat and limited character development stifle what could have been a decent game. Its compelling storyline, intriguing characters, dynamic missions, and color and sound put this game a 1/2 step ahead of ODIUM and ABOMINATION.. .but that ain’t saying much. Dig out your old copy of X-COM, or take JAGGED ALLIANCE 2 for another spin, and be glad you didn’t tall victim to this nice-looking-but-incredibly-slow strategy game.
Game Over Online (Apr 10, 2000)
Shadow Watch is a good idea gone wrong. I'm a fan of the turn-based tactical strategy format but Shadow Watch fell short of expectations, well short. The unique elements that were implemented into the game just don't work at all. The bottom line: Shadow Watch isn't worth your gaming time.
PC Games (Germany) (Mar 01, 2000)
Bei Shadow Watch handelt es sich um ein rundenbasiertes Strategiespiel, das sich spielerisch kaum von Referenztiteln wie Jagged Alliance 2 unterscheidet - dabei aber auf winzigen Karten spielt. In einer comicartigen Welt leitet der Spieler eine kleine Anti-Terroreinheit, die in 16 Missionen eine Verschwörung aufdecken und die Welt retten muss. Der einzig nennenswerte Unterschied zu den bekannten Strategiespielen besteht darin, dass - abhängig von den Antworten der verhörten Zeugen - unterschiedliche Spielverläufe möglich sind. Mit insgesamt 162 denkbaren Kombinationen bietet Shadow Watch langen Zeitvertreib auf niedrigem Niveau.
Das eigentliche Spiel wird durch die schlecht durchdachten Rundenschieberei zur äußerst langatmigen Angelegenheit. Ein weiterer Motivationskiller ist die vom 20 Jahre alten Spectrum-Computer inspirierte Grafik, die aus heutiger Sicht keinen Blumentopf mehr gewinnt.