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Sheep Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Bit from the FMV intro
Main menu
There are four herders to choose from
Each herder has his own intro video
Each of the four sheep breeds react differently to the obstacles and the herder
FMV introducing the Longwool. They are the slowest breed, but will stay put if you don't bother them
The training course
Occasionally, your sheep have to pass through a machine that will give them something required to pass an obstacle (in this case, a mini-tank)
The end of the training section
You can carry a stray sheep across the map, if you want to
Pastoral sheep. They move and react fast.
Knocking the redish hay stack will allow you to bring those sheep
Some levels feature parts where your sheep are tinted
Neogenetic sheep, with the speed of Pastorals and the cool of Longwools.
Collecting all four globes unlock a special mini-game in the end
We all fall down
The alien sheep rescuing his earthly friends from certain death
There are seven levels total
The second level is a medieval theme park
Jumping around, with the level exit in sight