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Sherlock Holmes: Vozvraschenie Moriarty Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen (Russian version)
Main menu (Russian version)
The dead body of Moriarty has flown to the black pentagram.
Moriarty was resurrected.
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson live in the house of Mrs. Hudson (Russian version).
Loading screen
The door on the left leads to the room of Dr. Watson, and right door leads to the room of Sherlock Holmes (Russian version).
Sherlock Holmes plays the violin in his room.
The cab is ready to transport the passengers to almost any place in London.
Map of London
The useful homeless boy Charlie is near the drugstore.
Examining the diploma of the pharmacist in the drugstore (Russian version).
Greeting the bartender in the pub (Russian version).
Visiting Mycroft Holmes in his office (Russian version).
The Palace of Westminster viewed from across the River Thames.
Meeting a zombie beggar (Russian version).
The director of the museum is a shady character (Russian version).
At Scotland Yard
Visiting Inspector Lestrade (Russian version).
The safecracker is put behind the bars (Russian version).
The sounds of the Stradivarius violin are pleasant, but deadly for zombies.
An article in the Times newspaper tells about Jack the Ripper (Russian version).
Dr. Watson aims at the slaughterers with his faithful gun (Russian version).
Buying a ticket at the London railroad station.
Visiting the Blackheath area.
The red carpet in the house of Jack the Ripper may hide different stains (Russian version).
Finding Alice, a captured stepdaughter of a vicar (Russian version).
It is obvious that chemistry is this cowboy's passion (Russian version).
Near the church (Russian version).
Searching for a book containing the information on civil acts in sacristy (Russian version).
Finding an ancient pagan sacred place (Russian version).
Dr. Watson is digging up the grave at night.
Moriarty is approaching an unconscious Alice.
Encountering a numismatist in the men's club (Russian version).
The weapon of Jack the Ripper is found (Russian version).
Devonshire estate 'Baskerville Hall' is in the distance (Russian version).
Sir Henry Baskerville has found a strange dog steps once again (Russian version).
Visiting Lady Baskerville, former Stapleton (Russian version).
Stapleton's house is not in a good state anymore (Russian version).
Selecting an inventory item in front of big hole in the swamp (Russian version).
It seems that this corridor is endless.
The Hound of the Baskervilles once again
Barrymore is standing near the head of the killed Hound of Baskervilles (Russian version).
Speaking with a secretary of Mycroft Holmes in the waiting room (Russian version).
The steward may help in the cabin of the ship from London to Mexico.
Arriving at the Mexican coast.
A wanted poster is hanging on the wall of the saloon (Russian version).
Encountering the shaman.
At the western ranch (Russian version)
An accurate shot of Dr. Watson in the final confrontation with Moriarty on the top of Mayan pyramid.