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Shockwave Assault Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu. From here the player selects either the original Shock Wave game or the expansion - Operation Jumpgate.
Playing Shockwave. There's an introductory video in which the bad guys re seen coming towards Earth. There's rather a lot of them
This is Shock Wave's main menu. Wildcard is the player's call sign. Egypt is the first mission.
The game's console heritage also shows here where the new player id is being entered
Changing controller types
The game has quite a bit of video action. Mission 1 starts with a news report of meteors....
... the video then cuts to the command centre somewhere in space. The sequence is quite long and well done.
The ship has launched and is going into combat over Egypt. The approach is over the sea where there's a chance to watch the wind-surfers. Don't they know we're being invaded!
If this is Egypt then there must be pyramids, or is that the other way around? Two enemy walker things ahead. In the bottom left the red bar is the shields, green is weapons and blue is fuel
In addition to the walkers there are flying things. The central part of the cockpit display is a radar. Different colours for different bad guys. It also shows the safe fly zone
Got one!
Mission Accomplished. Well sort of 'coz there's still that thing up ahead.
Operation Jumpgate This starts with a video sequence describing the devastation of the invasion seven years ago
Now Earth is getting back to normal. I just had to show this because of the merry-go-round
A drone has found an enemy base on Mars so we're launching an attack
Confirmation that we're into a new game
The main menu is the same as in the main game with the same screens being used to set up the player e.t.c. The player id did not carry over from the main game to the expansion
There's another decent introductory video sequence and then here we are flying over Mars shooting aliens. The controls are the same and so is the cockpit layout
Have I mentioned that the gun sight still turns red when target lock is achieved
After being shot down there's a nice video sequence that has the player being stitched back together before resuming the mission