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Shogun: Total War Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Opening Intro: Kenjutsu Kata
Clan Choice: Takeda, as seen in Kurosawa's 'Kagemusha'
Oda Throne Room: Listening to Advice
Deploying a Ninja
A Ninja's bloody failure.
Archers vanguard an Oda offensive.
Down the road and through the rain, the enemy approaches.
Alliances - merely a method to buy time?
Two armies prepare across a valley.
In the hands of an inept or inexperienced commander, a battle can turn into an ugly mess.
Takeda Throne Room: The banner is Takeda Shingen's personal battle motto: "Be steady as a mountain, attack like fire, be quiet as the wood, swift as the wind."
Smoke from gunfires darkens the sky as Takeda's forces flee from a well defended Oda bridge.
Sometimes you wish you could move to Korea :)
Breaking up Archer formations
Dead bodies as far as the eye can see
Attacking across a bridge in a heavy thunderstorm
Sometimes the slaughter can be great

Official Screenshots

  • Shogun: Total War Screenshot
    PC Strategy Games (April 2000)
  • Shogun: Total War Screenshot The game's installation process ran with this in the background behind the progress bars
    PC Strategy Games (April 2000)