Shrek SuperSlam Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Loading screen
Donkey fights two Gingerbread Men.
Prince Charming dodges Pussy-in-Boots.
This has to hurt.
Your goals are explained before each fight.
Puppet-Shrek and Pinocchio get it on.
Puppet-Shrek needs to hold the head for a certain amount of time in order to win the match.
Up to four players can play against or with each other.
100 challenges wait for you on this map.
Choose your fix.
Cut-scene of the main campaign
Introducing the fighters.
Gingerbread Man prepares to send his opponent on a journey through the air.
Parts of the environment are destructible and can be used as a weapon.
Gingerbread Man uses his special attack and slams his opponent.
36 seconds left and Gingerbread Man leads.
Gingerbread Man won the match.
The statistics for the last match
I unlocked a new costume.
A goat - obviously
Donkey is paralyzed.
On this map fireballs roll over the playing field.
Donkey prepares to SLAM Prince Charming.
There goes the tower.