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Shuffle 15 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game starts by showing the small splash screen with the blue background. After a few seconds the first puzzle appears behind it and shortly thereafter the splash screen disappears
New games, difficulty settings etc are accessed via the menu bar.
Starting the puzzle with one word completed, as shown here, is a configuration option that can be toggled on/off
The in-game help opens in a new window
The game has half a dozen or so alternate backgrounds, this is the fur option
As the player completes correct words on the grid the background colour of the cells changes and the letters are locked in place
Here the game's auto solve feature has been used
The game has a Boss key and an option to print the puzzle
Here the 'Verify This Puzzle' option has been used. It shows which letters are in their correct positions
Here the game's Hint option has been used.
The game has three levels of difficulty. It also has a countdown timer mode which auto-solves the game when the player runs out of time
There isn't a high score table, instead there's a Fastest Time table
Wonder if these are the names of the developers?