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Sid Meier's Civilization III Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Near the beginning of the game, but already there are intriguing hints...
The capital, Thebes, has basically every resource and luxry.
These workers are cutting down the jungles because they have caused disease in Smolensk
Three of the largest cities, with a vast road network.
This Explorer has found gold (money), spices (luxury), and saltpeter (used for guns).
Oil Springs is currently polluted, and this worker is clearing up the existing pollution.
This green patch is uranium, used for building nukes; glad I found it.
The Russians have noticed my troops outside the border, preparing an attack.
As you can see, my vast road and rail network allows me to trade with all my cities, including other civilizations.
Get the type of world you want to play
View your cities like a bird
The Space Race, your ticket to Alpha Centuri and to win the game peacefully via the scientific victory.
The Civilopedia gives you information on everything you have to know about the game.
View of a metropolis with many wonders
Domestic Advisor
Bad news, the Chinese have built the Hanging Gardens.
These War Chariots are the special unit of the Egyptians. A victory triggers the golden age for this civilization.
Foreign Advisor
This is not a bad offer for one source of Ivory.
We are still in the middle ages while our neighbors have reached the industrial ages.
Science Advisor
Every civilization can build small wonders like the Forbidden Palace.
Military Advisor - A war against the Aztecs would be suicide.
I don't like this! Looks like the Chinese forces are preparing for an attack.
Greece has attacked our German brothers. The mutual protection pact requires us to declare war against them.
Artillery units and warships have the ability to bombard a target that's within their range.
We have captured Moscow, the Russian civilization lies in ruins.
Foreign units everywhere. The Babylonians and Americans are at war with the Chinese.
The mighty Roman Empire
The glorious Egyptian civilization has entered the modern ages.
We have managed to plant a spy in Beijing. What will it be?
Cultural Advisor
Taking a look at the histograph. The civilization with the most points wins when the time runs out.
You're right, Hammurabi. There is no shame in retiring.