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[v3.0] Whoa, Sid...what did you do to Civilization? Indra was here (20867) 3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars
Civ 4 is a huge improvement over Civ 3 in almost every way except the system requirements and stability. Droog (522) 4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars
They broke Civilization! PCGamer77 (3231) 1.8 Stars1.8 Stars1.8 Stars1.8 Stars1.8 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 4.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.3
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.0
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Overall User Score (110 votes) 4.1

Critic Reviews

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Out Of Eight (Nov 14, 2005)
Civilization IV is really good. I think there are enough changes to the gameplay to even convince players of Civ III to convert over to this newer version. All of the changes that have been made are designed to create a smoother experience, and for the most part they work well. The game plays faster, but is still longer than most real time strategy games; a typical game of Civilization IV on the default speed setting can last 4 to 5 hours. The end game is slightly disappointing; most of the positioning as already been made, and it’s just a matter of clicking through turns and finishing the game up. Since the game frowns upon overt military action, there isn’t a huge battle near the end of the game; rather, it’s usually a space race victory for the civilization that is most scientifically advanced. However, the different winning conditions does allow for the use of numerous winning strategies that suits all styles of play.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Nov 10, 2005)
Det är svårt att sluta spela Civilization IV precis som föregångarna och med alla möjligheter att skräddarsy sin egen upplevelse och de förmodande modifieringar som vi kan vänta oss är det svårt att se att jag någonsin kommer att tröttna på Civilization IV. Dessutom är ett mycket välgjort flerspelarläge inkluderat redan från start den här gången. Jag kände mig som ett barn som ska få besöka en godisfabrik när jag satt med spelboxen i min hand och jag kan inte känna någon som helst besvikelse efter mina första maratonsessioner. Om det är bättre eller sämre än de andra och tredje spelen vet jag kanske om ett år, men det är en annorlunda men ändå välbekant känsla som gör spelet till ett absolut måste för alla som någon gång känt att de velat styra hela världen.
Gaming Nexus (Dec 28, 2005)
An incredibly fun and addictive addition to the Civilization franchise. Civilization IV brings back everything that makes this series great, and adds enough innovation to keep things fresh and approachable for both veteran and newcomer. Easily one of the best games of 2005.
Game Shark (Feb 03, 2006)
Civilization IV proves that not only is turn-based strategy gaming not dead, but when it's done right, it provides the type of rewarding, evenly paced gameplay that made the genre so popular back in the days when games like Master of Magic and the original Civilization ruled the hobby. This really is strategy gaming at its very best and you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you skipped it. It's that good.
GamesFirst! (Nov 13, 2005)
The bottom line is that if you are a Civ fan or a turn-based strategy fan, you should be out buying this game instead of sitting here reading this. Civilization IV is definitely the most streamlined, best looking, as well as the most strategic Civ to date. If you are brand new to the series, then this is a great place to start. My only caution is that Civ is a game with a lot of concepts to learn and the learning curve is pretty long. But once you go through the in-game tutorial and try your hand at a few games by yourself, you will be very glad you did. Just make sure you stop playing every week or so to let friends and loved ones know you are still alive.
100 (Nov 16, 2005)
Again it is the familiarity that helps, it is the same, good old Civ but with the annoyances ironed out and many new things slotted in to bring in a new series of depths to the gameplay. It has that elusive quality, the ability to loose yourself for hours at a time but with enough flexibility to allow you to skim in over a few days advance a small part and see how you can continue over those short but satisfying bursts of activity. This is the original Civilisation in so many ways but one which has grown up, lost some of its angst and has decided it is indeed a brave new world and it really should go out and show what it has for offer. Simply superb. Simply majestic. Simply Civ.
GameSpy (Oct 27, 2005)
After all, there's nothing else like this online. There aren't a lot of turn-based strategy games on the market, perhaps because publishers don't think they're sexy enough. A game with this much depth, this much strategy, this much replayability, and multiplayer is totally unheard of in this space. Civilization IV stands alone. No fan of strategy games should leave this on store shelves.
The addition of religion to the mix also brings an extra layer of strategy to the proceedings, helping players in a hurry to rapidly expand their burgeoning empire, and with a host of head-to-head options such as play-by-email, internet and LAN play, Civilization IV is a worthy addition to the series and one of 2005’s most fiendishly addictive titles.
ToTheGame (Nov 02, 2005)
Civilization 4 feels very different from its predecessors, even though it's very much the same (in a good way). The game has become a lot easier to learn for the casual gamer, and yet even more complex for the experienced Civ-player. They've kept what really makes Civilization such a great series, made some key features a whole lot better, and introduced some new and exiting concepts that will make sure the game will live on for many more years. And yes, it's still as addictive as it was back in 1991 when Civilization was born. If not even more!
It’s impossible to do Civ 4 justice in just a thousand words or so – it’s too deep and advanced for that – all I can do is just try and persuade you. Don’t worry about anything above – just know this: if you are in any way into strategy games, or want to try them – then give Civ 4 a go – I love it and stand by my opening comments of just how good a game it is. It has to be good – for 3 days running I found myself playing for 10+ hours only crawling into bed in the small hours…
Armchair Empire, The (Jan 10, 2006)
I get canker sores when I don't get enough sleep. I think it's because my immune system has a hard time keeping me to my normally invincible levels of health. During my review time for Civilization IV, I had at one point four canker sores in three different spots in my mouth. I also got in trouble with my wife for missing the New Year turnover, because I was playing the game in the next room during the countdown. I wish I could say it is all because of my utmost dedication to the review of games for you, the Armchair Empire reader, but for anyone who knows the Civilization series, you will know it is because of the extremely addictive nature of the game. I think there was a day that I played the game for 4 hours, slept for four hours, woke up and then played the game for another 6 hours. The game is without a doubt, one of the greatest games of all time. Likewise, it is likely one of the most addictive games of all time.
Thunderbolt Games (Nov 15, 2005)
I generally try to avoid playing the Civilization series. It isn’t that the games aren’t good, it’s just they’re so damn addictive and since no game is ever the same as the last, you’re incredibly willing to keep playing for just one more turn, which ends up being about thirty turns, or sixty turns, or ninety turns, and by then, your paper's due or you’ve stayed up too late and you’re going to be exhausted the next day. It’s just one of those rare games that is incredibly accessible to newcomers, but can never really be mastered by veterans. The latest addition into the series, Civilization IV, once again proves that Sid Meier is one of the greatest game designers in our time.
IC-Games (Nov 10, 2005)
Firaxis have, without a shadow of a doubt, created a monster hit. Civilization IV will stand head and shoulders above all other turn based strategy games, probably for quite a while to come. If you have played any of the other titles you will simply love this game, if you are new, well this is certainly a perfect time to join in the fun. I’ve said it before (for Pirates!) and I’ll now repeat it. All hail Sid Meier, he is surely a gaming God, hmm, maybe that can be a new religion for the next Civ… Meierism?… Anyway, lets just say as a final point that if you have read this review (or more likely just skipped to the end) then you should go out and buy this game it really is as simple as that.
96 (Nov 17, 2005)
Firaxis have managed to thoroughly overhaul one of the classic games of all time and drag it up from its dark ages into the renaissance era. Even with its speedier gameplay Civ IV will be the cause of many sleepless nights and damaged relationships. But when you're having this much fun waiting to unleash a nuke on the holy city of the hated Incas or are a few points away from having a culture the likes of which the globe has never seen then many real world issues have little choice but to take a back seat down this journey through the ages.
Lawrence (Nov 18, 2005)
While the game is not perfect there is really nothing negative to say about it, or at least nothing worth mentioning. You will spend hours upon hours playing through this game and still not be able to discover all that it has to offer. The incredibly addictive nature of all the Civilization titles (check out remains true here, as we always want to play "just one more turn" before bed, or work, or meal time, etc. I was concerned, to say the least, when I learned of Sid's desire to re-invent the franchise. After all, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" right? Well, Civilization may not have been broken prior to Civ IV but I sure can't complain about how they went about fixing it. There is a reason why Sid Meier likes to attach his name to his products in such a bold way and by now we should all know why. Truly, "Sid Meier's Civilization IV" is yet another masterpiece that will stand the test of time.
GameZone (Nov 21, 2005)
This is hands-down the best turn-based strategy game of the year. It is emotionally satisfying and addictive. For myself, it ranks right up there with Heroes of Might and Magic II and Caesar III for obsessive gameplay. Heroes of Might and Magic V is coming out next year and it will be interesting to see how the two will compare, but for now, Civilization IV is the one.
96 (Dec 22, 2005)
Civilization is the game and Sid Meier is to blame! "Blame? What blame?" you may ask. Well, the guy is to blame for making extremely addictive games that keep you playing for so long that you forget all about time! Instead of studying for school, I spent a full year playing the original Civilization. When Civ2 was released, I couldn't be bothered with learning for my university degree but instead wasted again a full year on this sequel. I somehow managed to skip Civilization 3 but now Meier has released Civilization IV and my marriage is going downhill as I have no more time available to give my wife any attention! Hell, this game even managed to get me away from EVE:Online!
Civilization 4 ist nicht perfekt, aber auf einem guten Weg dahin. Sicherlich, es gibt einige Ungereimtheiten, etwa bei der deutschen Übersetzung (die sich übrigens umgehen lässt, denn die Verkaufsversion beinhaltet auch die englische Ausgabe) oder im technischen Bereich (Grafik und Kopierschutz). Viele davon wurden allerdings auch schon mit dem ersten Patch ausgebessert. Und auch wenn mir das Kampfsystem nach wie vor etwas zu störrisch zu bedienen ist, sind das alles letztendlich nur klitzekleine Haare in der Vorspeise zu einem wahren Festmahl. Civilization 4 ist nicht nur das beste Runden-, sondern auch eines der besten Strategiespiele der letzten Monate überhaupt. Ob es das beste Civilization aller Zeiten ist? Das ist schon geradezu eine Gretchenfrage, die jeder für sich selbst klären muss. Auf jeden Fall ist für mich eines klar: Müsste ich mich in diesem Jahr für ein einziges Computerspiel entscheiden, ich würde Civilization 4 nehmen!
City management has been affected the most. Worker units can now be automated to build city improvements until you tell them to stop. They are very good at producing the "best" structures on their own, but if you have another plan in mind, you can just as easily stop their current task and set them on a new one. Civilization IV is by far the best game in the series. Every addition does more good than harm, and the removal of the more tedious aspects of the previous games goes a long way in drawing new players to the series. And while the core game is great, it has been developed with the modding community in mind. Once that community gets a hold of the tools in the game, the possibilities for variations on gameplay will be almost endless. To sum it up, Civilization IV is one of the best games put out this year, and anyone with a fleeting interest in the strategy genre owes it to themselves to pick this title up.
I really enjoy playing Civilization IV, and this is coming from a guy who was a bit disappointed with Civilization III. I say that so you don’t think that this game was handed a good score simply because of its series’ history. No, Civilization IV earned its rating and is indeed thoroughly enjoyable, thankfully losing the annoying aspects of Civilization III while adding some great new features. There is no reason why any fan of turn-based strategy games should not buy this game other than to avoid staying up too late at night playing it.
NZGamer (Nov 18, 2005)
Civilization IV looks amazing, and seems to be every bit as addictive as its predecessors. I’m going to vouch for it being the most impressive Civ game to date, and quite possibly the best game of this year. Civilization will never be everyone’s cup of tea, but anyone with even the slightest interest in strategy games should be grabbing a copy ASAP.
Jolt (UK) (Nov 19, 2005)
It’s hard to describe every facet of Civ IV’s gameplay without writing an epic, but suffice it to say, this is everything Civilization fans could hope for. It is easy to get into and hard to put down, and offers an extremely high replay value. Whether you are a veteran of previous Civilization games, or new to the genre, then Civilization IV is a must-have game. Just be careful to ration yourself, however, since it is dangerously addictive and can swallow up days at a time. Civilization IV is just that damned good.
While we’ve buttered-up this game throughout the entire review, it has to be said that Civilization IV is one of the best games on the PC since, well, Civilization II.
Worth Playing (Jan 13, 2005)
One thing's for sure: Civilization 4 is a virtual guarantee to keep you up into the wee hours, playing "just one more turn…." Flaws aside, any game that makes me see the sun come up is a great one.
Ever since its inception in 1991, Sid Meier's Civilization has been the strategy franchise that everything else has to compare to. Putting the fate of an entire civilization in the hands of the player, from the Stone Age to the near future, turned out to be a great idea - especially when backed by Firaxis' incredibly tight design. Several iterations on the gameplay later, we have Civilization IV. And a brighter day has dawned for strategy fans.
95 PC Gaming (Nov 05, 2005)
Civilization IV is the game Civilization III should have been, in other words, darn near perfect.
94 (Nov 04, 2005)
Machen wir es kurz – Civilization 4 ist ein Meilenstein! Wer sich auch nur ansatzweise für das Thema begeistern kann und rundenbasierte Spiele mag, muss einfach zugreifen. Wir empfehlen euch jedoch eine Menge Zeit mitzubringen. Danke, Sid Meier – eine Runde Civ4 ist mehr als Spielen, es ist eine epische und facettenreiche Erlebnisreise durch die Menschheitsgeschichte!
IGN (Oct 21, 2005)
Sadly, even the most comprehensive reviews of Civilization IV can't discuss every aspect of the game. There's just so much to experience in this game that you can't possibly hope to cover every topic. While I'd love to tell you all about the other joys and secrets here, Dan and I have to go and teach the Greeks a lesson.
GamingExcellence (May 03, 2006)
Overall, Civilization IV is a vast improvement over any other game in the Civilization series, and it can definitely stand on its own two feet (and then some). Outstanding graphics and stellar musical depth only add to an already amazing gaming experience.
DarkZero (2005)
Civ 4 is a fantastic addition to the Civilization series after the, what some deemed to be disappointing, Civ 3. The game stays true to the roots of the series but simplifies the controls and menu system without ruining the gameplay we all know and love. The only problem the game has is that it is far, far too addictive for its own good and you will probably end up playing into the late hours of the night without realising it. If you are already a fan of the series you probably already own this or are in the process of trying to get you hands on it. If you are not a fan of the series and tried the other games and disliked them then Civ 4 will not change your mind but if you have never played a Civ game before and are teethering on the edge of “will I buy it or not” fence then I urge you to give the game a go. It could be the best value for money purchase you make all year.
GameSpot (Oct 26, 2005)
If you're a fan of the incredibly addictive Civilization strategy series and haven't bought Civilization IV yet, you can probably stop reading now to go buy the game. Civ IV makes plenty of great changes and additions to just about every aspect of the hazardously habit-forming strategy blueprint that famed designer Sid Meier and his talented team have made famous the world over, from combat to diplomacy to research to production to winning the space race. And just like with previous games in the series, Civ IV's varied and addictive gameplay offers the same tantalizing siren's song that will tempt you to take "just one more turn." Fundamentally, this is a much-improved version of the same Civ games we've all been playing and desperately trying to put down for years. And that's far from a bad thing. In fact, it's an awesome thing.

Looki (Nov 23, 2005)
Ich hab sie alle gehabt ... alle bislang erschienenen Civ-Spiele. Daher war ich auch sehr skeptisch, als ich hörte, das Civilization IV nun dreidimensional wird. Zig Neuerungen sollten kommen, bessere Diplomatie, eine übersichtlichere Forschung und weiß der Teufel was sonst noch. Nun, zugegeben, Sid Meier hat fast alles umgesetzt, was versprochen wurde. Aber unterscheidet sich nun Civilization IV signifikant von seinen drei Vorgägnern - abgesehen von der Engine. Ehrlich gesagt kaum. Ist das gut? Na aber! Denn man spürt die Veränderungen nicht offensiv. Sie springen einem nicht ins Gesicht und schreien nach Aufmerksamkeit. Man könnte sagen, Civilization IV unterliegt einem evolutionären Zwang. Es reift, es wird besser, es wird einfach genialer. Civ-Fans der ersten Stunde können also beruhigt zugreifen.
Gaming Target (May 04, 2006)
Civilization IV is exactly the sequel that fans of the series could have hoped for. This game is all about bringing more to the franchise. More units...more buildings and wonders...more technologies...more players. Civ IV manages to make a great series even better without bogging it down in the additions.
PGNx Media (Dec 07, 2005)
Civilization IV is a very rewarding and satisfying strategy games. It will be perfect for fans of previous Civilization games, but if you’re interested in strategy games or even history, there is a lot to like in the game.
ActionTrip (Nov 04, 2005)
It's also worth noting that, like in the previous Civ games, Civilization IV has awesome replay value. It's extremely customizable and features a multiplayer mode, which will allow you to test your governing and military skills against other players over the Internet. In a nutshell, Civilization IV is one of the best games I've played this year - a true labor of love; perfectly scalable difficulty levels, great AI, in addition to all of the abovementioned improvements. A definite must buy.
Civ4 is a refreshing breath of fresh air in this first person shooter gone mad gaming world we live in. The game is large and complex but all the elements interact with each other with such cohesiveness and fluidity. The Gameplay is flawless and the enjoyment factor is off the chart. This game is a must buy and is suitable for most everyone.
Overall, the sense of wonder and power as the centuries turn is tangible. If you've yet to try the turn-based strategy scene, this is the time to start, and this is the game to do it with.
92 (Nov 13, 2005)
Civilization IV ist oberhammeraffengeil! Mehr kann man zum neuesten Geniestreich von Sid Meier einfach nicht sagen. Jedes noch so kleine Detail ist perfekt ausgefeilt, es scheint wirklich gar nichts zu stören (von der wenigen Sprachausgabe mal abgesehen). Vergisst all die „Topspiele“, die sich dann doch nicht als so gut herausstellten, wie vorher angenommen: Civilization IV wurden im Vorfeld nicht zu viele Lorbeeren zugesprochen und das war auch gut so; jetzt hat man ein Spiel, das alle Erwartungen übertrifft und selbst nach Monaten noch Spaß bringt. Deshalb wagen wir zu sagen, dass Civilization IV der bisher beste Teil der Reihe ist.
92 (Nov 02, 2005)
Es gibt Spiele, die töten die Zeit. Ganz langsam, Minute für Minute, Stunde um Stunde. Sie fesseln nicht für ein paar Tage, sondern für Wochen und Monate. Allerdings brauchen sie dafür eine besonders mörderische Klinge, die nur noch selten im schnelllebigen Unterhaltungskrieg aufblitzt: Spieltiefe. Civilization IV benutzt sie meisterhaft, tanzt damit auch noch überaus ansehnlich und zieht mich mit jeder Runde unaufhaltsam in seinen strategischen Bann. Man spielt und spielt, probiert mal jene und mal jene Taktik, forciert die Religion oder die Technologie, feilscht verbissen mit Gandhi und Cäsar. Irgendwann schwindet der Schlaf, die Augenringe wachsen und man atmet nur noch Mausklicks. Kurzum: Dieses Spiel ist grandios. Danke, Sid Meier! Die Rechnung für die Familientherapie schick ich dann an Take 2...
92 (Dec 21, 2005)
The bottom line is that what we have here is a rock solid game, both on a technical and design level (it is advisable however to install the v1.09 patch, which eliminates some video and memory leak problems). The novelties aren’t just for show, and on a gameplay level, Civilization IV can be regarded as a combination of the first three titles of the series. If you’re a fan of Civilization III or turn based strategies in general and you have the patience to delve into and savor the complexity of game, Civilization IV is just what the doctored ordered, whether you’re playing against the AI (which is the best I’ve yet met in a TBS) or your friends. That is, until Heroes of Might and Magic V hits the shelves.
92 (Nov 15, 2005)
We’ll admit it—we became quite addicted to Civ 4. We needed to find out whether the game’s hook was a temporary fad or if the game could indeed hold the attention long enough to pay for itself. Between the multitude of challenges that players must overcome in the single player campaign, the mods that can be made and played with the included World Builder and the ever-changing multiplayer scene, we’re happy to say that Civilization IV should hold the attention of the strategy gamer for months to come.
Playfuls (Nov 14, 2005)
So, if you want to understand what gaming addiction really means, and why there are tens of thousands of people capable to sit day and night literally “glued” to their screens, then Civilization is THE title you must play.
Cheat Code Central (Jan 10, 2006)
Civ IV is definitely one of the best strategy games of all times. Following three other classics in the series it has a great pedigree and manages to uphold the tradition of great gaming set forth by its predecessors.
games xtreme (Nov 26, 2005)
It’s been a while since I played a CIV game, it last had me addicted back in the days of CIV 2. Now with the birth of CIV 4 have things changed or is the winning formula still there?
Game Revolution (Dec 23, 2005)
From start to finish this is a terrific, addictive, deep, rewarding turn-based affair. Its new engine and revamped multiplayer breathe new life into an old standby, leading to another winner for Sid. It doesn't invent a new wheel, but this Civilization might be his greatest yet.
But that's such a small part of the overall mix that it doesn't make Civilization IV any less of an achievement. The franchise looked like it needed some serious fixing after Civ III, and with a few adjustments, it looks like Firaxis has done the job. Whatever problems I had with this game, I still spent hours and hours playing it, beyond the time I would have needed to write a review. That addictive, just-one-more-turn element was one of the key factors in making Civ II my all-time favorite title, and while Civ IV hasn't surpassed its predecessor entirely, it's still a welcome return to form.
PC Powerplay (Nov, 2005)
6000 Jahre Menschheitsgeschichte, 18 große Völker, über 80 bedeutende Erfindungen, fast ebenso viele Einheiten, 100 Bauwerke, 35 Ressourcen, sieben Weltreligionen - Civilization 4 ist nicht nur ein Strategiespiel, es ist ein Epos. Ein verdammt spannendes.
Gamigo (Nov 30, 2005)
Civilization 4 ist einfach ein schönes, wenn nicht gar zur Zeit das schönste Rundenstrategiespiel das es auf dem Markt gibt. Unzählige Optionen zum Aufbau der eigenen Zivilisation, gut aufgebaute Schwierigkeitsgrade für jede Art von Spielern, viele Verbesserungen zu den Vorgängern, eine schöne Grafik, ein guter Sound und die allseits gegenwärtige Faszination des Spielerlebnisses lassen kaum Wünsche übrig. Zwar mag es vereinzelt technische Probleme geben, wie Performance Einbrüche bei großen Karten, aber diese sind mit dem jüngst erschienenen Patch stark verringert worden.
Like a good game of chess, Civ 4 teaches you a thing or two about strategy, but also so much more. It acts as a wonderful history lesson, and the wealth of information in the game’s comprehensive Civilopedia makes learning fun. If you harbor any interest in strategy games and want something with more depth than the average mindless RTS, you would do well to immerse yourself in Civilization IV and let it soak in. It might steal away hours of your time, but it’s one of the rare games that can genuinely enrich your life while doing so.
Factornews (Jun 12, 2006)
Intelligent, complet, long, prenant et riche, Civilization IV frôle la perfection. Tout en restant accessible aux débutants, il comblera les fans de la série par ses mécanismes compliqués et pourtant si facilement maniables. Attendez vous à passer de longues nuits devant le PC à commercer avec les Américains tout en préparant quelques missiles balistiques. Rarement un jeu n’aura offert des parties aussi variées et intéressantes. Profitez en bien, le prochain sort dans 5 ans.
YouGamers (Jul 31, 2007)
It's Civilization for the masses. Novices, masters and everyone in between will find plenty of entertainment. Despite the inherent complexity, the game remains fun from start to finish. The high-quality production value throughout the game make this another Sid Meier classic with years of replayability.
GameStar (Germany) (Oct, 2005)
Endlich! Nach dem enttäuschenden dritten Teil weckt Civilization 4 wieder den Staatschef in mir. Denn die Neuerungen sind gelungen: Die Religionen eröffnen noch mehr strategische Möglichkeiten, die Einheiten-Beförderungen motivieren, und der Regierungs-Baukasten schafft mehr Identifikation mit meinem Reich, weil ich nicht mehr aus vorgegebenen Regimeschablonen wählen muss. Zudem entfällt dank grafischem Feedback und vereinfachten Konzepten viel nerviges Mikromanagement. Perfekt ist Civilization 4 aber nicht. Die Kämpfe sind mir nach wie vor zu zufallsabhängig und in der kleinteiligen Spielansicht fehlt mir manchmal die Übersicht. Dafür wirkt die Spielwelt erstmals richtig lebendig – dank unzähliger netter Details. Und der Suchtfaktor stimmt sowieso: In Civ 4 kann ich mich wieder nächtelang verlieren. Wer sich für Globalstrategie interessiert und einen schnellen Rechner hat, muss dieses Spiel haben.
90 (Apr 01, 2006)
For anyone who enjoys strategy games, Civilization IV is not to be missed. Seriously. If you don’t already own it and are thinking about buying it, don’t waste any more time. It’s addictive, well-made and challenging. There’s even an online option in case you get bored playing against the computer. This is one game any fan of strategy and tactics should own.
Hooked Gamers (Nov 12, 2005)
It's hard not to feel that the game could have used another month or so of tweaking but knowing Firaxis, a patch is imminent. With that in mind, I can still wholeheartedly recommend the game to any armchair strategist out there. Being among the oldest and most loyal fans of the series it was difficult for me to embrace all the changes but after a while the game really started growing on me. Civilization IV is a true sequel to a fantastic franchise that will feel familiar but fresh and tantalizingly new to veterans and newcomers alike.
Ruling the world and inventing the alphabet have never been so simple, or this much fun. Whether you have minutes to spend or hours, Civilization IV is a good bet.
Still this game will definitely earn its place in history as a worthy successor to one of the best strategy game series ever. The four and a half Gems it does earn is still the mark of a great game, and I would be surprised if it didn't carry away some of our Game of the Year awards.
90 (UK) (Oct 26, 2005)
The only problem that remains is whether I can actually make it to bed and not start another game. Bodies need sleep. I’m sure I read it somewhere.
90 (Nov 17, 2005)
In short, Civilization IV is an exceptional title that showcases the very best that the turn-based strategy genre has to offer: it's a videogame that's been built to stand the test of time. Just hope that you can say the same for your civilization when you play it...
AceGamez (2005)
Civilization IV is a game that you will return to over and over again, for a long time to come, and it's a welcome change from the masses of throwaway sequels that have been released recently. The game sticks to its roots but has dropped the dead leaves and found some new flowers to make a big enough change for it to be inviting to both newcomers and long-time fans of the series. The fact that you can wage nuclear war on savages may seem a little non-chivalric, but since when was chivalry an element of world domination? As the song says, everybody wants to rule the world - and thanks to Civilization IV, achieving that goal has never been such a varied and enjoyable experience.
Game Chronicles (Dec 07, 2005)
Civilization IV is yet another smash hit for Sid Meier and crew, combining deep elements of strategy, with improved graphics, and a stellar soundtrack. Anyone even remotely interested in history, turn-based gaming or anyone who even owns a PC should check this excellent title out. Better yet, it’s a great way to get started with the series, so don’t feel intimidated with it’s scope or detail; it’s all good folks.
Yahoo! Games (Oct 26, 2005)
Honed and polished to an enviable shine, Civilization 4 bears the hallmarks of long hours of playtesting. Firaxis shows an impressively consistent grasp of what to abstract and what to detail, and a remarkable talent for presenting large-scale strategic challenges in a format that's easy to digest. And yes, that infamous one-more-turn hook is just as strong as ever. Civ 4 is addictive in the short term, as well as having more than enough depth to keep you playing for months.
GamePro (US) (Nov 22, 2005)
Civilization IV leaves little to want from fans of the franchise and makes vast inroads towards accessibility for newbies. There are still some strange sticking points--buried icons or inexplicable quirks--that leave room for improvement, and a more complete tutorial would also be helpful. But in the end, this is the tightest Civ yet.
Voodoo Extreme (VE3D) (Dec 03, 2005)
As far as an organized single player experience goes, there are a bunch of pre-made scenarios like the 13 Colonies vs the British Empire. But, the meat and potatoes of the game come from random scenarios. You can control empires ranging from the American to the Spanish and every possible culture you can imagine in-between. A normal game will span from the stone age to distant future space age and there's a number of ways to win a match. In a time limited scenario, the Civ with the most points in the year 2050 wins. Conquest victory is for players who take everyone else out on the map. Cultural victory takes place when someone builds three legendary cultural cities, plus there's diplomatic victory for the player who builds the UN first and passes a certain number of resolutions. The coolest however was the space race victory. The first Nation who launches a ship to Alpha Centauri wins. Each ending has its own movie as well.
Video Game Generation (Jun 21, 2007)
Playing Civilization 4 is like meeting an old friend you haven’t seen in a while. You remember the good times, and you see how he’s changed over the years. While sometimes you’ll find your friend is on a downswing, this is not the case with Civilization 4. There have been few games since, well, Civilization 3 that have caused me to lose track of time like Civilization 4 does. If you are a strategy gamer, Civilization fan, or a fan of turn-based strategy games (even going so far as to include board games like Risk), I wholeheartedly recommend this title.
Game Captain (Nov 20, 2005)
Sowas gibts nur bei Civilization, die gesamte Menschheitsgeschichte als Spielwiese. Der vierte Teil überzeugt durch den gelungen Schritt ins dreidimensionale, durch zahlreiche spannende neue Spielelemente und durch sinnvolle Verbesserungen alter Features. Es ist immer noch das bekannte Suchtspiel und die alten Hasen werden begeistert sein. Neueinsteigern steht die Begegnung mit einem faszinierenden, vielschichtigen aber auch zeitfressenden Spielerlebnis bevor. Aber keine Angst, nach einer kurzen Einarbeitungsphase geht alles glatt von der Hand: Viel Spaß!
Game Watcher (Nov 02, 2005)
Civ IV is addictive, compelling, and a tribute to the series. There’s even a nice little tutorial dictated by the genius creator himself so all the new kids can get in on this one. It seems there’s actually nothing negative worth saying about the game, but why expect anything less of Sid Meier? It’s brilliant; full-stop; end.
Civ IV heeft geweldig veel te bieden aan de fans, en de liefhebbers van strategische spelen in het algemeen. Het spel is toegankelijk gemaakt voor beginners, via een uitgebreide leermode en een ingebouwde Civlopedia (encyclopedie). Het spel ziet er grafisch geweldig uit, met sterk gedetailleerde eenheden op het scherm en een gemakkelijk inzoombare wereld. Ook de geanimeerde portretten van je tegenstanders zijn erg goed gemaakt, en geven het spel toch weer dat extra klasse-label wat we van Sid Meiers' spelen mogen verwachten. Je moet geen historicus zijn om van Civ IV te houden (maar het helpt), noch moet je geschoold zijn in de vorige versies. Het spel is uitermate complex wanneer je het complex wil maken. Maar de beginners kunnen zich met een gerust hart laten adviseren door hun gouverneurs in het spel. Speel dit spel niet de avond voor een belangrijke dag op werk of school, want de kans dat je hiervoor slaap gaat laten is meer dan waarschijnlijk!
UOL Jogos (Dec 07, 2005)
"Age of Empires III"? Não. O melhor jogo de estratégia do ano para PC atende pelo nome de "Civilization IV", um show de equilíbrio, pois inova sem perder identidade, uma combinação capaz de agradar fãs tradicionais, bem como atrair os novos jogadores. Aliás, se você nunca experimentou "Civilization", eis aí uma oportunidade e tanto.
Playback (Jan, 2006)
Reasumując, Cywilizacja 4 jest grą dobrą, bardzo dobrą. Jest grą wręcz wybitną, plasuje się w pierwszej piątce najlepszych tytułów 2005 roku ale... No właśnie ale. Ale nudzi. Stąd też nie wiem jaką ocenę wystawić, ale obawiam się, że dziewiąteczka za te kilka wymazanych z życiorysu wieczorów się należy.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Oct 29, 2005)
Civilization IV lost alle verwachtingen in en is een klassevolle nieuwe telg in deze legendarische reeks. Eén advies: kopen die handel!
1UP (Nov 03, 2005)
Like a good game of chess, Civ 4 teaches you a thing or two about strategy, but also so much more. It acts as a wonderful history lesson, and the wealth of information in the game's comprehensive Civilopedia makes learning fun. If you harbor any interest in strategy games and want something with more depth than the average mindless RTS, then you would do well to immerse yourself in Civilization IV and let it soak in. Sure, it might steal away hours of your time-but it's one of the rare games that can genuinely enrich your life while doing so.
GamerDad (Jan 20, 2006)
In terms of PC strategy, two names evoke a very special kind of gameplay. Those names are "Sid Meier" and "Civilization." It's an interesting concept, one that most mainstream gamers and parents probably haven't heard of. The idea is to take a real-world civilization from the brutal Stone Age all the way to the near future. Along the way you're tiny empire grows, meets its neighbors, fights and destroys them, founds Religions, builds monuments and spreads culture, and by the end conquers the world, dominates the other civilizations, wins a diplomatic victory, or simply reaches the end of the game in the leading position. That's how you win, but Civilization is the kind of game that's rewarding, even when you're losing.
PC Games (Germany) (Nov 28, 2005)
Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht, aber unsere Liebe zum Zivilisations-Aufbau nicht: Die neuste Ausgabe der Welteroberung ist zugleich die beste. Es ist nicht ganz der Staub der Jahrhunderte, aber immerhin die Patina von 14 Realwelt-Jahren, welche sich inzwischen auf einer Civilization-Originalschachtel angesammelt hat. Der damalige Herausgeber Microprose ist längst untergegangen, doch der Spielerfinder Sid Meier wurde nach allerlei Rechte-Hickhack wieder mit seinem Baby vereint und beaufsichtigte auch die neueste Fortsetzung.
Computer Bild Spiele (Jan 01, 2006)
Ob es Meier in einigen Jahren gelingen wird, mit einem eventuellen fünften Teil erneut ein noch besseres Spiel auf den Markt zu bringen, als es Nummer vier eh schon ist? Momentan kaum vorstellbar, so ausgefeilt und durchdacht präsentiert sich die neue Folge. Civilization 4 ist vielleicht kein Weltwunder, aber ein „gutes“ Angebot für anspruchsvolle Hobbystrategen, das nur knapp wegen technischer Mängel die Bestnote verfehlt hat.
PC Action (Germany) (Dec 06, 2005)
Civilization 4 ist Fluch und Segen. Fluch, weil wir nächtelang durchzockten und keinen Schlaf bekamen, dafür aber Ärger mit unseren Frauen. Segen, weil uns selten ein Spiel so gefesselt hat. Grafisch reißt es zwar keinen vom Hocker, trotzdem macht die 3D-Optik einen korrekten Eindruck. Der Mehrspieler-Modus macht auch eine Menge Spaß, doch bei ausufernden Partien sind die Wartezeiten manchmal verdammt lang. Sind Sie die World of Warcraft-Sucht los, wartet mit Civilization 4 die nächste Spritze auf Sie ...
Softpedia (Jan 19, 2006)
While Civilization's battle system leaves even a cow unimpressed, it makes for its unique victory requirements and ways to achieve it. However, those of you who are not fond of TBSs in general, and Civilization in particular, there is nothing in this sequel that could change your views. After three or four days of non-stop play, the game evens the odds by becoming boring. There are too many silly things throughout the game (one of the best is the civic manager: changing political order like underwear) and I am not one of those who find such things amusing.
85 (Oct 31, 2005)
N'y allons pas par quatre chemins, Civilization 4 est un excellent jeu capable de vous priver de toute vie sociale tellement il est passionnant. Hélas, quelques petits détails agacent. Ainsi, on remarque que le moteur 3D n'est ni impressionnant, ni très bien optimisé et que quelques bugs sont présents (affichage défaillant de certains textes...). Cela prouve que la finition n'a pas été un des soucis principaux de Firaxis. En outre, on aurait bien aimé un peu plus d'audace de la part des développeurs qui auraient pu nous proposer la gestion de villes sous-marines et pourquoi pas de cités sur d'autres planètes. Ce sont des détails certes, mais des détails qui, à ce niveau d'excellence, pénalisent un peu un titre qui reste cependant une valeur sûre de la stratégie/gestion.
Diehard GameFan (Nov 06, 2005)
I feel I can say, without a doubt, that this is the best Civilization game ever. Civ purists may disagree with me and stick to their guns that Civ II is the best, but they are probably the type that say the original Star Trek shows were better than The Next Generation. Either way, Sid Meier and Firaxis went out of their way to make a game fans will love. They made the game based on fan responses to previous games, and also included the modding tools so the game can be configured. They deserve a lot of credit for a job well done. Civ fans, run, don’t walk, to your nearest game store and pick this baby up. It’s worth it!
Gamezone (Germany) (Nov 17, 2005)
Damit wir uns nicht falsch verstehen "Sid Meier's Civilization IV" ist ein prima Spiel und so schnell wie ich hier auf hundert Stunden Spielzeit gekommen bin, schafft fast kein Konkurrenzprodukt. Konkurrenz? Die gibt es schließlich auch nicht in diesem Genre und das setzt das Spiel wieder in die Spitzengruppe. Aber liebe Entwickler, tut mir und den anderen Spielern den Gefallen und macht demnächst Eure Arbeit richtig, denn "Sid Meier's Civilization IV" hätte ein Knaller werden können und so wie Ihr es präsentiert, kann es froh sein, sich mit dem dritten Teil messen zu können. Auf "Sid Meier's Civilization IV" kann man aber auch verzichten, sofern man "Sid Meier's Civilization III" bereits hat. Nur Neulinge sollten unbedingt zuschlagen, alle anderen können getrost warten bis die Fehler und Unfeinheiten bereinigt sind. Justorum semita, lux splendens.
Gamers Europe (Feb 04, 2006)
This game was destined to do well before it was even envisaged. It had a few teething problems, but the dedicated teams of forum readers sussed out most of the major bugs. Whether a third patch will be necessary (the first one was a stillborn misfire) is yet to be seen, but as it stands, Civ 4 is mostly stable. As a game, it is a definite necessity for every collection. The new interface may throw a few of the more institutionalised players off the scent, but it won’t be long before they settle down for another few years.
Gameplanet (Nov 21, 2005)
This is a good game, however we are left lamenting the poor city menu, lack of any great change to the game options and most of all the poor 'end game' options. Has wide appeal to fans of the series, though.
80 (Dec 08, 2005)
Civilization, c’est un peu l’histoire du jeu vidéo. Lorsque Sid Meier lança sur le marché son premier opus, ce fut tout bonnement la naissance du jeu de gestion à l’échelle mondiale. Après s’être fait les dents sur Railroad Tycoon, qui vous plaçait dans la peau d’un entrepreneur en matière de voies ferroviaires, c’est avec un concept beaucoup plus général et porteur qu’il revint. Civilization était né. Nous étions alors en 1991. Aujourd’hui, les versions se sont succédées et modernisées, même si le concept du jeu n’a pas changé. Gage sans doute de son génie initial. Pour ceux qui débarqueraient de la région d’Alpha du Centaure, ce jeu vous place dans la peau d’un chef de tribu qui va devoir, à travers les générations, faire de sa petite peuplade une civilisation achevée, au sommet des arts, qu’ils soient militaires, diplomatiques ou scientifiques.
Gamekult (Nov 14, 2005)
Malgré ses quinze ans d'âge, le gameplay de Civilization continue de séduire et ce quatrième épisode en profite éhontément. Nanti d'innovations subtiles mais efficaces, comme l'influence de la religion ou la plus grande souplesse des doctrines, il propose des parties toujours aussi prenantes, toujours aussi addictives, desquelles il est bien difficile de décrocher. Pas franchement révolutionnaire mais bien réalisé, malgré quelques bugs, le titre offre en plus un mode multijoueur très bien goupillé, qui donnera une bonne raison aux joueurs de ruiner leurs nuits entre amis. Et ça, ça n'a pas de prix.
Absolute Games ( (Nov 17, 2005)
По сумме слагаемых Civilization 4 — редкий пример игры, сделанной по уму, но которой чего-то недостает. Безнадежная идейная стагнация процветает. Увы, эксперименты, подобные Alpha Centauri, не в моде. И это не высосанное из пальца мнение — в недавнем интервью г-н Мейер заявил, что "нынче всем заправляют издатели" и "эра «гаражных» разработчиков в прошлом". Там же, в прошлом, осталась и эволюция серии. Сегодня "Цивилизация" — самый обычный сиквел.