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Sid Meier's Civilization IV Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The Civ 4 intro gives you a splendid panorama of Earth
The Civ 4 Main Menu screen
The multiplayer game interface is quite similar to the one used in Civ 3
You now use icons rather than text to navigate the Civilopedia, which is probably less than ideal
Some civilizations now have two leaders you can choose from. Each one has different traits.
Civ 1 fans can get a fix of nostalgia by watching the Game Loading slideshow as it is actually a remake of the Civ 1 intro!
When you start a new game, your setup will be pretty similar to this.
In Civ 4, you have various civic options to determine your government type.
By holding the right-mouse button over enemy units, you can view a readout on your odds of winning a battle against them.
Leader figureheads are now fully animated which helps immerse you into the game.
Your units now gain experience points which can be invested into bonus skills.
Religion plays an important role in Civ 4 as it affects your empire's culture, happiness, finances and even foreign relations.
Different stages of technological advancement can lead to lopsided battles.
A terrain-only view
Loading Screen (Spanish version)
A planet-view playing with Japanese civilization
A close view of the Japanese capital. Notice the fortified tank and the wonders in the city.
The complete civics list (Spanish version)
Wow! I discovered Rock & Roll!
The beginnings of Buddhism
Diplomatic victory
Spaceship victory