Sid Meier's Colonization Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Opening Title
Main Menu - This must be the wierdest version number yet...
Create your world. Reminds you of Civilization, eh?
Difficulty Level
Select race or in this case "European Power"
Audience with the King of England!
The Beginning. Nothing but blue unexplored hexes.
Landfall! Finally, we can build a decent toilet!
Town Screen - Strengthen your town by building new buildings, training new colonist skills and producing new world goods for profit
First encounter with the Aztec Tribe
First encounter with the Tupi Tribe
First encounter with the Cherokee Tribe
First encounter with the Sioux Tribe
Europe - Sell goods from the new world and transport immigrants and goods to build your colony!
Select your nation: A preliminary view of a colony
Meeting the natives: Windows version
A preliminary view of a colony: Windows version
Land ho!
So there is life other than on Europe. But there sure isn't any life OFF this planet! (Sequel: ET Colonization)
Hope the neighbours are friendly...
Here come the spices!
The Fountain of Youth! This place will be soon packed with immigrants from the mainland!
Encounter with the Spanish conquerors
First contact with the mighty Inca Nation!
The royal blokes back in Europe won't like this...
The European Royal Armies have landed!
If the immigration is fast enough, you can pay passage for the next immigrant to the new world.
If you feel your colony is strong enough, the next step would be to declare independence from the Europeans!