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The Region screen, where you can manage different cities of varying sizes.
The basic layout for my city; Residential in the top right, Industry to the left, and Commercial to the bottom right.
A highway system, ready to connect all the zones.
The Fire Station is a very important building!
A city can't function without power, which is why you need this.
Making sure my zone is watered; blue indicates it is.
You can get information on any built house, such as it's wealth, mayor approval, occupancy, and pollution output.
A small residential area at nighttime.
Here you can see construction crews laying the roads for the new zone.
You can view your city's budget, tax rate, ordinaces enacted, deals, and other finanical information.
Building subway rails allows you to use a mass transit system while saving development space above ground.
The message box gives you important, and sometimes funny, messages.
The traffic overlay tells you how congested (busy) you're roads are.
This volcano doesn't look like it'll help my city....
I just had a volcano ravage my city; now I have to deal with a meteor?
After disasters, you get a report on how many buildings were destroyed, and the cost to repair.
You can choose to play certain songs, or you can use your own MP3's.
Just like in The Sims, there is a photo album which allows you to capture and save photos, and also add descriptions.
As in SimCity 3000, you can build Landmarks. Here I've placed the CN Tower from Toronto, Canada.
By placing a subway station and bus stop next to the train station, it's made my mass transit system (when it's running) more functional.
Many rewards are unlocked after certain events, such as this Casino.
This Missile Testing Station brings in monthly funds, but there's a chance the missile could go off course and destroy parts of your city.
Many graphics options allows you to customize the graphics to your PC's specs, and how many cars/sims will be shown on the closer views.
This is one of the pre-built regions, New York.
Play options allows you to turn on or off certain things, like edge scrolling and automatically zoom in on disasters.
Sim and his stats inside Simcity 4