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Advertising Blurbs

Maxis Fall/Winter 1996 Catalog:
    Get over SimCity® - in action-packed helicopter missions. Soar through 30 pre-built cities, or import your own SimCity 2000® cities - and see them in hyper-realistic 3-D. Either way, the urban skies aren't exactly friendly. There are fires to fight, shipwrecked Sims to save and traffic to un-jam. Complete your missions and reap your rewards: a snazzier copter and a tougher aerial test. SimCity 2000 not required. Nerves of steel recommended.

    Contributed by Riamus (8519) on Mar 21, 2006.

Advertisement in PC Games, February 1997 (German):




    Sirenen heulen, Panik macht sich breit. In Deiner Stadt tobt das Inferno. Kriminelle proben den Aufstand, Wolkenkratzer brennen, Straßen liegen in Schutt und Asche - das Chaos droht die Stadt zu verschlingen. Die Simbewohner brauchen Hilfe - Deine Hilfe. Denn nur Du, am Steuerknüppel Deines hochentwickelten SimCopter, kannst die örtlichen Hilfskräfte unterstützen und die Stadt vor dem Untergang bewahren. Also tu's.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66513) on Oct 13, 2004.

Unknown Source:
    Fly Missions In Your Metropolis

    Soar through 30 built-in cities in hyper-realistic 3-D and perform death-defying missions - from medevac rescues to aerial firefighting. Complete your heroics and receive your rewards: a snazzier copter, a tougher mission and more near-death experiences. Or import your own SimCity 2000 cities and stamp out skyrocketing crime and permanent gridlock.


    * Get a 3-D, whirlybird's-eye-view of a SimCity 2000 city. Zoom down to see Sims waiting to be rescued from a shipwreck, or rioting in the streets, in realistic close-ups.

    * Tackle missions in 30 pre-built cities: fight fires, collar criminals, chase down speeders, and medevac injured Sims.

    * Complete ten levels and soar to the Macropolis level for the ultimate challenge.

    * Import your own SimCity 2000 cities, and see action-packed missions emerge from your cities' own characteristics.

    * SimCity 2000 not required.

    Contributed by JubalHarshaw (200) on Mar 05, 2000.