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Advertising Blurbs

Maxis Fall/Winter 1996 Catalog:
    Get over SimCity® - in action-packed helicopter missions. Soar through 30 pre-built cities, or import your own SimCity 2000® cities - and see them in hyper-realistic 3-D. Either way, the urban skies aren't exactly friendly. There are fires to fight, shipwrecked Sims to save and traffic to un-jam. Complete your missions and reap your rewards: a snazzier copter and a tougher aerial test. SimCity 2000 not required. Nerves of steel recommended.

    Contributed by Riamus (8521) on Mar 21, 2006.

Advertisement in PC Games, February 1997 (German):




    Sirenen heulen, Panik macht sich breit. In Deiner Stadt tobt das Inferno. Kriminelle proben den Aufstand, Wolkenkratzer brennen, Stra├čen liegen in Schutt und Asche - das Chaos droht die Stadt zu verschlingen. Die Simbewohner brauchen Hilfe - Deine Hilfe. Denn nur Du, am Steuerkn├╝ppel Deines hochentwickelten SimCopter, kannst die ├Ârtlichen Hilfskr├Ąfte unterst├╝tzen und die Stadt vor dem Untergang bewahren. Also tu's.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66455) on Oct 13, 2004.

Unknown Source:
    Fly Missions In Your Metropolis

    Soar through 30 built-in cities in hyper-realistic 3-D and perform death-defying missions - from medevac rescues to aerial firefighting. Complete your heroics and receive your rewards: a snazzier copter, a tougher mission and more near-death experiences. Or import your own SimCity 2000 cities and stamp out skyrocketing crime and permanent gridlock.


    * Get a 3-D, whirlybird's-eye-view of a SimCity 2000 city. Zoom down to see Sims waiting to be rescued from a shipwreck, or rioting in the streets, in realistic close-ups.

    * Tackle missions in 30 pre-built cities: fight fires, collar criminals, chase down speeders, and medevac injured Sims.

    * Complete ten levels and soar to the Macropolis level for the ultimate challenge.

    * Import your own SimCity 2000 cities, and see action-packed missions emerge from your cities' own characteristics.

    * SimCity 2000 not required.

    Contributed by JubalHarshaw (200) on Mar 05, 2000.

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