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atari adventure

SimCopter Credits

108 people (84 developers, 24 thanks)


Designed byWill Wright
Publishing DirectorBrian Conrad
ProducerJim Siefert
LocalizationKnut Grossman
Lead ProgrammerEdward Joseph Goldman
ProgrammingAnthony Hobbs, James Huie, Kevin O'Hare, Paul Pedriana, Michelle Perry, Jacques Servin, Jason Shankel, Lon Westfall
Lead ArtistOcean Quigley
Computer ArtKevin Kraus, Kok Wee Lim, Mimi Macaraeg, Broderick Macaraeg, Michael Murguia
Art DirectorSharon Barr
Original Music and Sound EffectsJerry Martin
Lead TesterMichael H. Gilmartin
QADavid Abrams, Cathy Castro, Ira Katz, Joe Longworth, Myka G. Macaraeg, Zir-Paul Macaraeg, Keith Meyer, Marc Meyer, Timothy Moore, Owen Nelson, Peter Saylor, Scott Shicoff, John Ylinen
Lead Tech SupportShannon Copur
Special Thanks toTeresa Mizelle, Charlotte Williams, Joy Carchidi, Joe Scirica, John Csicsery, Genevieve Owens, Kevin O'Hare, Jeffrey J. Feil, Nolan Erck, Karen Fagen, Roger Johnson, May Wong, Tracy Giles, Genevieve Owens, Aimee West, Iksoon Shin, Colleen Shuman, Caleb J. Clark, Julia Gilmartin, Sabrina Barton, Larry Greer, Brad Carchidi, Nancy Barber, my two kitties, and pretty much everyone at Maxis with a keyboard or joystick


TeknoJerry Martin (synthesizers)
RockJerry Martin (guitar), Glenn Letsch (bass), David Lauser (drums), Charlie Chavez (harmonica in Rock 6), Garth Webber (guitar in Rock 6)
JazzJerry Martin (keyboards), Marc Russo (JVC Music -saxophone), Eddie Ramirez (trumpet in Jazz 1 and Jazz 6), Chris Lege (trombone in Jazz 6), Marc Russo (JVC Music - composer for Jazz 3 and Jazz 4 and Jazz 5)
ClassicalJerome Kuderna (piano)
Classical SelectionsThe Third Movement from Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, The Third Movement from Beethoven's Appassionata Sonata, The Third Movement from Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata, The First Movement from Beethoven's Waldstein Sonata, Selections from Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, Ride of the Valkyrie by Richard Wagner

The Manual

Written byBob Sombrio
Copy EditorsDebra Larson, Stephen Goldin, Laura O'Shea, Michael Bremer
Documentation DesignDavid Caggiano, Rhea Yost
Documentation LayoutDavid Caggiano

The Maxis Marketing Team

Vice President of MarketingRobin Harper
Director of Entertainment Product MarketingLarry Lee
Public RelationsLois Tilles, Patrick Buechner
Product ManagerSally Vandershaf
Web MeistersKaren Fagen, Bryan Magers


Vice President of OperationsVal Garcia
Manufacturing ManagerMartin Chan
The PeonsKim Vincent, Leo Kunkle

Package by

Package byJamie Davidson Design Inc., Maia Graff
Package Illustration byDavid Schleinkofer

Advertisments and Dispatches

Written byBob Sombrio
Additional Advertisements and DispatchesSally Vandershaf, David Abrams, Will Wright
VoicesDavid Abrams, Fred Bowie (who helps everyone), David Caggiano, Andrea Chellew, Karen Fagen, Michael H. Gilmartin, Ira Katz, Ila Kriplani, Leo Kunkle, Jeanie Lerner, Ken Mace, Timothy Moore, Owen Nelson, Laura O'Shea, Genevieve Owens, Liam Patterson, Michael Perry, Tony Rumph, Scott Shicoff, Bob Sombrio, James Turner, Melissa Van Hagen, Sally Vandershaf, Lorraine Woodruff, Will Wright, Variny Yim

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Will Wright, 98 other games
Patrick Buechner, 58 other games
Shannon Copur, 56 other games
David Abrams, 47 other games
Timothy Moore, 47 other games
Knut Grossman, 38 other games
Michael Perry, 37 other games
Joe Scirica, 32 other games
Michael Bremer, 30 other games
Jerry Martin, 30 other games
Joe Longworth, 29 other games
Scott Shicoff, 27 other games
Ocean Quigley, 21 other games
Owen Nelson, 21 other games
Kevin O'Hare, 20 other games
Brian Conrad, 19 other games
Keith Meyer, 19 other games
Marc Russo, 18 other games
Marc Meyer, 18 other games
John Ylinen, 18 other games
Val Garcia, 17 other games
Kim Vincent, 16 other games
Robin Harper, 16 other games
Paul Pedriana, 16 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by brickbat (167) and Shoddyan (14411)

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