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Simon the Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens Credits

61 people (49 developers, 12 thanks)

Silver Style Entertainment

Creative DirectorCarsten Strehse
Development DirectorRonny Knauth
Technical DirectorSebastian Tusk
Art DirectorOliver Specht
Technical Art DirectorDaniel Töpfer
Game DesignerStefan Hoffmann, Petra Rudolf, Csongor Baranyai, Florian Faller, Anja Rudlaff
Additional DesignMichael Woodroffe, Simon Woodroffe
ProgrammerAlexander Miseler, Andreas Bender, Thomas Horn, Torsten Vollrath, Josua Dupke, KING Art
ArtistsChristian Mauck, Martin Dietrich, Malte Fritzler, Adrian Kästorf, Jan Jordan, Folko Streese
Musik & SoundThomas Herrmann
AdministrationDominik Deichsel
Uses Granny Animation byRAD Game Tools Inc., SDI Games

RTL Enterprises GmbH

Managing DirectorHolger Strecker
Product ManagementGabriel Schorsch Hacker, Nicole Paierhuber
Art DirectorAnke Gehlen
Special ThanksJalil Abdallaoui, Kerstin Busch, Barbara Dörr, Oliver Henneken, Stephan Kassung, Ronald Kaulbach, Andree Kauschke, Sabine Moormann, Tobias zur Weihen
thepixelz.comOliver Funke, Alessandro Riggio

NBG Multimedia

Sales ManagerOliver Graubner, NBG Vertriebsteam

Playlogic International

Executive Vice PresidentRogier W. Smit
Chief Technical OfficerDominique Morel
Production DirectorDominique Morel
Chief MarketingPierre-Yves Thiercelin
Chief LicensingPierre-Yves Thiercelin
Chief Sales OfficerPierre-Yves Thiercelin
Executive ProducerJesse America
Product Support Services ManagerHoang Minh Luu
Sales ManagerRussell Beadle
Marketing MangerBeco Mulderij
Junior Product ManagerErik Coenen
Testing TeamStefan Snip, Bug-Tracker, EDS
Special thanks toWillem M. Smit, Chief Executive Officer, Everyone at Playlogic International
Design/DTPBernhard Doeller

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (158852) and dvdeus (879)