Simon the Sorcerer Credits


Written bySimon Woodroffe
Designed bySimon Woodroffe
Produced and Programmed byAlan Bridgman, Michael Woodroffe
Lead ArtistPaul Drummond (and Cover Illustration)
Simon AnimationsKevin Preston
Artistic DepartmentMaria Drummond, Karen Pinchin, Jef Wall
Music byMedia Sorcery
Assistant ProducerTricia Woodroffe
Manual & Cover bySimon Woodroffe, Laurence H. Miller
Acrobat Conversion byAndrew Brazier
Playtesting bySylvia Parry, Alix West, Jonathan Woodroffe, Matt Gardom, Scott Yates

Character Voices

SimonChris Barrie
DruidRoger Blake
OwlRoger Blake
SordidRoger Blake
CalypsoRoger Blake
HostRoger Blake
Dodgy GeezerPaul Codish
ChippyPaul Codish
GoatTony Dillon
Sparky the TeleporterTony Dillon
TreeTony Dillon
MirrorTony Dillon
BarbarianDee Graham
BardDee Graham
Dr. von JonesDee Graham
BarmanDee Graham
GeraldDee Graham
GollemDee Graham
WoodcutterJon Haines
SwamplingJon Haines
OafJon Haines
MaxJon Haines
WitchRena Kaye
RepulsarRena Kaye
TrollPatrick Kelly
DragonPatrick Kelly
AttendantPatrick Kelly
Goblin GuardPaul Codish
Goblin ChiefTony Dillon
Goblin 1Brett Gordon
Head 1 ShopkeeperTony Dillon
Head 2 ShopkeeperJon Haines
Woodworm 1Paul Codish
Woodworm 2Tony Dillon
Woodworm 3Paul Codish
Dwarf AssayerBrett Gordon
Drunk DwarfTony Dillon
Treasure DwarfBrett Gordon
Singing DwarfJon Haines
Foreman DwarfSteve Keen
Dwarf Guard 1Tony Dillon
Guard 2Steve Keen
Wizzard 1Tony Dillon
Wizzard 2Patrick Kelly
Wizzard 3Jon Haines
Wizzard 4Dee Graham

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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (189915)