The Sims: Complete Collection Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The Sims has just been installed. No Add-ons have been loaded at this point. This is the main menu.
The load screen of the Sims Creator.
The software does a lot of file pre-loading and then displays this, the main configuration screen. The top two buttons on the left swap between adult & child, the middle two between male & female
As the mouse moves over the thumbnail pictures they rotate. The main model can also be rotated
This is the wardrobe screen where clothes can be added. Some combinations work better than others
This is the screen where outfits can be customised
Its even possible to add your own face to a Sim
The Sims tutorial is standard and shows no additional features.
The menu of the Sims Deluxe Bonus Disc
These are the decorative wall hanging items available in the standard Sims installation
There's lots more available once the Bonus Catalogue has been installed
The Sims on Holiday installation menu. All the installation menus follow the same format and colour scheme.
The start of a game. As more expansions are added they appear as options across the top of the screen. Here the Holiday / Vacation expansion has been added.
By selecting the Holiday option the game can be started in a new location