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For Sims diehards, largely... Dr.Bedlam (56) unrated

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.4
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.4
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.6
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.1
Overall User Score (20 votes) 3.5

Critic Reviews

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Not only does it introduce a host of new objects, carpeting tiles and wallpaper schemes for you to use in your perpetual quest for the perfect theme or feel, but it also revolutionizes the entire party dynamic. All in all, it’s a fantastic product that builds upon the foundations so memorably set by Will Wright and his ultra-talented team more than a year ago. The only major mark against this particular outing is its inflated price tag: as it fails to radically change the whole of the game, it’s difficult to understand the full-blown amount you’ll have to shell out to buy it. Nevertheless, if you’re still enraptured by your virtual neighborhoods and are looking for yet another way to make their inhabitants’ lives that much more complicated, amusing, and bizarre, you’ll want to give The Sims: House Party a serious look.
HOUSE PARTY may be just another package of toys for your Sims, but every one of the new items is well designed and highly useful for creating the perfect feel for your Sim homes. The pack even includes 20- plus new songs for your dancing pleasure. And yes, all the lyrics are in Sim speak. HOUSE PARTY is by far the best way to increase your Sims’ social ratings, albeit at the expense of yours in real life.
GameZone (Apr 13, 2001)
House Party has some extremely fun features that enhance The Sims’ gaming experience. It is lively, bright and a lot more fun to see Sims interacting in large social gatherings. This product successfully advances the storyline of the original program.
PC Gamer Brasil (May, 2001)
The Sims: Fazendo a Festa disponibiliza um leque de intermináveis opções para quem curte simuladores e a agitação das festas. Nessa festa, só falta você.
Gamezilla (Apr 16, 2001)
You’ll love the new objects to play with and increased support for customized objects and Sims and if you’ve been struggling to move your Sims up the career ladder, this pack will help you acquire those friends your Sims have been missing. If you just liked The Sims, but aren’t a fanatic about it, you may want to pass on this installment or wait until it hits the bargain bin. While the additions are fun, they aren’t core to the basic gameplay and just occasional Sim players may not get as much out of the new additions as hardcore players. If you tried The Sims and hated it or thought the Livin Large expansion wasn’t worthwhile, then House Party is probably not for you. What the expansion does add to the game is very cool, but it doesn’t really add a ton of new things. House Party is a pack for Sims addicts who love the first two installments, but still want more.
GameStar (Germany) (Apr, 2001)
Bei den Festen vergessen die Sims ihren sonst eher drögen Alltag. Die neuen Kostüme und Gegenstände sehen nicht nur gut aus, sondern reizen auch zum Experimentieren. Das Highlight des Addons ist aber sicher die Musik. Zum schmissigen Country-Gefiedel würde ich am liebsten selbst abhotten. Mit dem geringen Umfang des ansonsten sehr gelungenen Programms bin ich allerdings nicht ganz zufrieden. Warum gibt es zum Beispiel keine zusätzlichen Berufe wie im ersten Addon? Offensichtlich will Electronic Arts die Sims-Melkkuh ohne große Investitionen bis zum letzten Tropfen auswringen.
GameSpot (Mar 27, 2001)
Then again, House Party isn't about work; it's about throwing parties that can actually help your sims maintain relationships while holding down steady jobs. The expansion's new items and fixtures let you host elaborate dinners, dances, and pool parties, and since it adds an additional three empty neighborhoods (for a total of eight different neighborhoods), you'll be able to create even more miniature communities. Like Livin' Large, House Party doesn't fix any of The Sims' inherent flaws--neither game was intended to. House Party was made for throwing wild parties for your sims and creating even more varied homes for them to live in. And it does just that.
Net als Het Rijke Leven haalt House Party weinig mankementjes uit het origineel, maar naar alle waarschijnlijkheid was dat ook niet de bedoeling.
80 (Apr 19, 2001)
Une extension plus qu'honnête pour les Sims même si l'on aurait pu souhaiter voir apparaître quelques innovations supplémentaires par rapport à la version originale. Les fans devraient y trouver largement leur compte.
PC Action (Germany) (Apr 04, 2001)
Hey, was ist denn jetzt mit Sims Ville? Während die Fortsetzung totgeschwiegen wird, soll vorerst ein weiteres Add-on für Teil 1 für volle Kassen sorgen. Aus finanziellen Gesichtspunkten eine geschickte Taktik, spielerisch bleibt fast alles beim Alten. Ja, zugegeben, die neuen Sachen machen Spaß und ich könnte tagelang an der Seifenblasenmaschine sitzen, aber das Rad wird nicht neu erfunden. Für Sim-Besitzer, die sonst schon alles haben, ist die Party trotzdem ihr Geld wert.
PC Games (Germany) (Apr, 2001)
Keine einzige neue berufliche Laufbahn?! Buh! Im Vergleich zum umfangreicheren ersten Add-on (Das volle Leben) kann Party ohne Erde nicht ganz mithalten. Immerhin bringen witzige Goodiens wie Bullenreiten, DJ-Mischpult oder Stripper-Torte frischen Schwung ins Spiel - und das nicht nur bei den Feten, denn viele der neuen Gegenstände finden auch in alltäglichen Leben der Sims Verwendung. Doch die meisten Utensilien dienen in der Tat - wie der Name schon sagt - der Organisation und Durchführung rauschender Feste. Wer Die Sims nach wie vor auf der Festplatte hat und sich damit als echter Fan outet, erhält für minimal überteuerte 40 Mark ein Add-on voller irrer Überraschungen. Bis man all die abgefahrenen Gimmicks eingebaut und ausprobiert hat, vergehen viele lustige Abende.
Wenn Sie die Sims lieben, brauchen Sie »Party ohne Ende«. Doch seien Sie gewarnt: Wenn Sie jeden Abend eine Feier veranstalten, leidet nicht nur der Job darunter — Sie kennen dann auch bald jedes Party-Umfeld so gut wie Ihren Stammclub. Dafür kommen mir die Sims diesmal irgendwie cleverer vor, was das Verhalten bei Tisch und im Badezimmer angeht. Ob die KI-Routinen heimlich frisiert wurden?
Power Unlimited (May, 2001)
Het blijft een uitmelkertje maar wel een hele leuke. Virtueel feestjes bouwen zonder een kater en geen teringzooi die je de volgende dag op moet ruimen.
ActionTrip (Jun 01, 2001)
The fun factor in The Sims: House Party did not change much since the original and the last expansion pack. Watching the little Sims perform all sorts of things and having fun is still appealing. Playability did not change, and all the novelties only increased replay value and playing time for this gaming veteran.
77 (May 09, 2001)
Dieses Add-On ist ein MUSS für jeden Sims-Fan. Wirklich neue Spielfunktionen oder eine ruckelfreie Grafik kommen allerdings auch nicht mit „Party ohne Ende" auf die Mattscheibe - aber dafür Freizeitspaß und Gags in Massen.
GameSpy (May, 2001)
Some of the new additions that House Party brings are fun, but it doesn't change the game all that much. The original game is required in order to play House Party, but the Livin' Large expansion pack is not required, so if you don't have it and just want to throw a little House Party, you won't have any problems doing so.
IGN (Mar 30, 2001)
Overall this game takes yet another step back for providing trinkets when Sims fans are hoping for some new additions to the world itself. For hardcore fans of the series that want another reason to get Batman giddy at a party and making out with Robin, next to the White House staff and front of the Brady Bunch, this is a great pick-up. But for those of you looking for a way to re-ignite your dimming interest in the game, this won't work, especially if you've already purchased Livin' Large.
Despite the amount of promise left unfulfilled in this second add-on, House Party will be a welcome addition if you are still actively nurturing your sims. If, on the other hand, you played The Sims for a while but eventually concluded that like house-bound life in the real world it becomes unbearably tiresome, House Party will not spark your sim-Renaissance. If you purchased both the Sims, Livin' Large and now House Party, you are down about $90-$100 without much more gameplay to show for it than when you were down $40. If that seems like a small sacrifice to make for your beloved sims, house-party on.
Game Revolution (Apr 01, 2001)
All in all, there are a few wonderful new items added to enhance the lives of us Sims, but they're novelties rather than staples and they won't exponentially increase your Sim's appreciation for their environment or your appreciation for the game - and for $29, it should. If the content of Livin' Large and House Party were combined, the price would seem far less steep. If you're a faithful Sim fanatic who has run out and bought each release in new condition, this expansion tips the scale to over $100 just for software - no guidebook of any note, no mug, no tee shirt, no decoder ring. But then again, as long as you folks stay hooked on this unique title, we Sims will never lack for tacky furnishings and disco will never die.
Gamekult (Apr 06, 2001)
Les Sims : Surprise-Partie est un add-on qui, loin de se contenter d'ajouter des objets comme Les Sims, ça vous change la vie, ajoute une nouvelle dimension au jeu en facilitant les relations sociales et en mettant un peu de folie dans un monde un peu morne. Hélas, la vie quotidienne si fastidieuse du Sim reprend vite le dessus, ne serait-ce que pour financer tous ces nocturnes excès. En bref, une extension à réserver aux fans des Sims, elle ne séduira personne d'autre.