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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.5
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.3
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.3
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.3
Overall User Score (6 votes) 3.4

Critic Reviews

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Game Revolution (Apr 29, 2011)
Overall, I can easily recommend The Sims: Medieval. It's accessible, it's decent fun, and there's a metric ton of content – enough so that I missed my deadline not just out of simple laziness, but because after 3 hours a night of playing for two weeks, there was still plenty to do. For fans of The Sims, this game's an easy win; for those who don't care for the series as a whole, give this one a shot. There's some real quality here.
Girl Gamers UK (Apr 11, 2011)
With all of the quests, different heroes to create and evolve and a Kingdom to build, The Sims Medieval comes packed with a lot of content. The quests can get a bit repetitive, constantly finding this and talking to them, but the overall humour and desire to create these medieval stories will keep the player going throughout. There are a lot of similarities to The Sims 3, but there are so many differences that Sims fans and Sims haters should all give this game a go, it may be just what the doctor ordered, and it’s better than Leeches.
Ten Ton Hammer (Mar 29, 2011)
Even if you’ve played The Sims before, you haven’t played this game--it brings something brand new to the table in a familiar and well-loved format. Try it; you just may like it.
GameFocus (2011)
Overall, I walked away more than impressed with the way Sims Medieval turned out, despite the issues I’ve mentioned. This one is an easy recommendation for Sims fans; but also questing/adventure game fans will get a kcik out of it. With the different gameplay elements, some unexpected depth, and even the ability to easily remove the more annoying NPC Sims, it adds to the experience, taking what we’ve seen from the main franchise and serving it from a different angle. It might even bring some of the staunch anti-Sims gamers out to take another look at the series. It’s in essence an adventure game built with a Sims core that could find resonance outside of the massive Sims fanbase.
Gamereactor (Finland) (Apr 04, 2011)
The Sims Medieval onnistuu silti liehuvin lipuin siinä mitä se pyrkii tekemään. Se on edustava uusi versiointi klassisesta Sims-meiningistä, ja tarjoaa pelaajille aktiivisemman, tavoitehakuisemman kokemuksen, unohtamatta silti sitä nautintoa joka on saatavissa virtuaali-ihmisten absurdin arjen seuraamisesta. Kaikkia tämä osittain rajoitetumpi lähestymistapa ei tule hurmaamaan, mutta ne jotka haluavat vaihtaa osan pelisarjan vapaudesta selkeämpiin tavoitteisiin tulevat riemuitsemaan.
ZTGameDomain (Apr 12, 2011)
I find The Sims Medieval to be a very addicting game. Much like Civilization V, I sat down to play it for an hour and ended up playing for 4. It’s one of those games that keeps you coming for just one more quest, and when you’re done with that quest, you find out you have enough build points to finally get your Knight Hero. Even if the game controls are a little clunky at times, you can see past it. The time and focus management is a satisfying challenge that even hardcore strategy players will find fun and entertaining. I may have never played a Sims game before, but The Sims Medieval has made me a believer.
Es un título muy distinto y apartado a los demás Sims, no en vano es un spin-off independiente y no una expansión. Puede gustar a los jugadores poco proclives a los simuladores de vida ya que no tiene tan marcado este aspecto que tanto echa para atrás. En definitiva, es una compra segura para los fans de Los Sims y para los entusiastas de la época medieval. Además la edición coleccionista es bastante recomendable pues incluye la banda sonora, libro de arte, chapas y un código para descargar objetos, personajes y contenidos exclusivos. Es evidente que han invertido horas de trabajo e ideas para este juego, esperemos que también lo hayan hecho en la próxima expansión Los Sims 3: ¡Menuda familia!
Game Vortex (Apr 07, 2011)
I haven't played a Sims game in a few years now, but The Sims: Medieval reminded me why I used to be so addicted to them. There is something to training these characters, socializing them and teaching them, that just keeps you playing for hours on end. I recommend you check out The Sims: Medieval today, if you have the time for another addiction.
GamingXP (Mar 22, 2011)
Eine positive Überraschung an der „Die Sims“-Front: Gute Story, eine Menge Abwechslung und großer Spaß! Dieser Teil ist rundum gelungen und für Fans mehr als nur einen Blick wert. Optik, Geschichte und Sound spielen zusammen und ergeben einen der besten Teile der „Die Sims“-Reihe, für mich den besten Teil überhaupt. Zwar sind noch leichte Steuerungsschwierigkeiten vorhanden, doch auch hier befindet sich das Franchise auf einem Weg der Besserung. Wenn Sie sich von den Sims überraschen lassen wollen, kann ich Ihnen „Die Sims: Mittelalter“ nur wärmstens empfehlen, denn mich persönlich haben sie positiv überrascht. Zweifelsohne.
Game Chronicles (Apr 21, 2011)
In summary, The Sims Medieval provides an unexpected jumpstart to a series that, while still well loved, was probably due for a refresher. The condensed, more directed gameplay might be hit or miss with Sims veterans and might be different enough from previous Sims games to attract a different demographic. While it’s not perfect, however, The Sims Medieval plays well and introduces many new features and exploration options alongside the familiar, all delivered in an attractive package.
Inside Gaming (Mar 31, 2011)
Sims purists will likely wretch at this latest entry, as it guts nearly everything that makes a Sims game a Sims game—the Sims don’t even have to pee for Pete’s sake! But if you’re actually playing games to make things pee rather than slay beasts and bed maidens, you’re clearly doing it wrong. This is a great start for a Sims branch that will surely get at least one expansion, and to be honest, it’s already my favorite branch on the tree.
Gamers.at (Mar 23, 2011)
Sims-Fans werden sich freuen, denn das Setting im Mittelalter bringt frischen Wind in das beliebte Gameplay. Die zusätzlichen Rollenspiel-Elemente integrieren sich ebenfalls gut und bringen Abwechslung mit, womit stundenlanger Spielspaß garantiert ist. Auch der typische Humor kommt nicht zu kurz und die zahlreichen, liebevoll ausgearbeiteten Details wissen zu überzeugen. Schade nur, dass wir nicht gemeinsam mit Freunden unser aufstrebendes, neues Dorf bevölkern dürfen. Gerade hier wäre eine Multiplayer-Möglichkeit nämlich durchaus interessant gewesen.
Multiplayer.it (Mar 24, 2011)
Tirando le somme, The Sims Medieval risulta essere un gioco divertente e completo in tutti i suoi aspetti. L'elemento "Medioevo" è il punto vincente del titolo non risultando un mero sfondo alle avventure dei protagonisti ma venendo declinato in tutti gli aspetti dell'esperienza. Inoltre la presenza delle missioni è la novità capace di movimentare in tutto e per tutto il sistema di gioco. Questi due fondamenti sapranno ammaliare anche i fan più "tradizionalisti": il passaggio in secondo piano dell'aspetto sociale e lo spostamento di interesse dal singolo alla collettività del Regno, sono infatti perfettamente bilanciati dalla presenza di situazioni esilaranti e sempre diverse.
gamrReview (Apr 11, 2011)
Overall, it is a nice kick in the pants for the franchise. There is an enchanting element to the setting with beautifully animated characters and immersive questing. It will appeal to anybody who has played the Sims but found they wanted a clearer goal to work towards. It’s a little bit RPG, a little bit time-management life-simulator. And it’s a whole lot of fun.
NZGamer (Apr 05, 2011)
A lot of the enjoyment you’ll get from The Sims Medieval is not in completing quests as quickly as you can, but in taking a bit of time to just wander around the kingdom, interacting with different characters and throwing a tomato or two at the sim stuck in the stocks. I can’t help but think the inclusion of wishes would add a bit more levity to the game, rather than the hero’s daily duties (which feel more like chores than any sort of quirky personality-based desires), but I certainly have to admire the risk that’s been taken in creating a title that’s different to anything that has come before it. As a result, The Sims Medieval is a very interesting game. Charming yet at times frustrating, but a lot of good fun.
Granted, If I could have my way, The Sims: Medieval would simply be The Sims 3 (as in the set-up) but in a medieval town instead of a modern one, but this isn't a discourse on what we wish it could have been. It's got a few kinks to work out - both in technical terms and in the way some elements are implemented, but we'd happily recommend this to both Sim fans and newcomers to the franchise. In fact, this will probably work better on new comers, as it provides an easy introduction to the simulation aspect, whilst providing them something fun to do.
games.mail.ru (Apr 04, 2011)
Главный минус The Sims Medieval — это запрет на строительство собственных зданий. Разрешено только декорирование доступное по умолчанию. Обставить тронный зал в варварском стиле, со шкурами и черепами — это здорово, но одним из главных достоинств The Sims всегда была возможность перепланировки дома или постройки собственного особняка. Тот факт, что нам не дают возвести замок своей мечты, вызывает недоумение. Надеемся, что ситуация кардинально изменится после выхода дополнений, которые, насколько мы знаем EA, не придется долго ждать.
IGN (Mar 24, 2011)
The Sims Medieval has successfully breathed new life into a franchise that was getting pretty stale. The Medieval setting combined with the streamlined gameplay and quests create an evolved Sims experience that feels deeper and much more fun than any of the other recent Sims games. If you’ve given up on The Sims, you’d be smart to give The Sims Medieval a try. Even with its minor flaws, The Sims Medieval mixes a great sense of humor with simple role-playing game mechanics that result in hours of fun.
PC Games (Germany) (Mar 24, 2011)
Es wäre ja so schön gewesen, wenn man seine Burg nach eigenen Vorstellungen hätte bauen können, aber nun gut, es hilft nix, dem hinterher zu weinen, was Die Sims Mittelalter nicht bietet - dafür erfreue ich mich umso mehr an dem questbasierten Spielsystem und den verschiedenen Heldenfiguren. Barde, Graf, Spion, Ritter - alleine mit diesem Vierergespann habe ich bislang so manch typische Sims-Posse erlebt. Mein zügelloser Graf, der stets auf der Suche nach einem neuen Techtelmechtel ist und auf seinem Thron vor Langeweile einpennt - köstlich. Der Spion, der mit staksenden Schritten die nächste Gemeinheit plant, den Brunnen vergiftet und sogar den König meuchelt - herrlich. Die Sims Mittelalter spielen sich gut und bereiten mir bislang viel Spaß, auch wenn man nach einiger Zeit in Routine verfällt: Aufstehen, Essen, Pflichtaufgaben abhaken, Quest erledigen, und von vorn ... man möchte irgendwie noch mehr tun und erleben können, doch dafür ist das Tagesprogramm einfach meist zu straff.
Impulse Gamer (Apr, 2011)
In the end, The Sims Medieval is definitely one of the best releases of this series in a long time and the tweaked gameplay and new direction of the game will not only be pleasing to existing fans but also newcomers to the series who will easily be able to pick up the game and start playing. With its RPG-light aspect and adventurous to comedic ambitions and quests, The Sims Medieval will give gamers endless hours of entertainment as they battle the strangeness of the medieval times!
Gaming Nexus (May 03, 2011)
Once again, The Sims Medieval is all about building up the Kingdom, with each individual Sim being a player in the drama. I found this to be a refreshing take on the Sims formula, wrapped as it was in the clever and charming Sims style. Players wanting yet another rehash of The Sims may be disappointed in the lack of building customization and character depth--those players would do well to just stick with the latest title in the main The Sims line. For those wanting something a little more goal-oriented, with some lite RPG fun thrown in, The Sims Medieval is a fresh face on a very well-polished series.
Worth Playing (May 05, 2011)
Overall, The Sims Medieval does exactly what it was meant to do: Be a more casual, standalone Sims to pull more casual fans into the series. It's a fine first taste of Will Wright's highest-selling work, and the lack of expansion plans mean that it feels full and complete right out the gate. The hardcore, however, need not apply.
4Players.de (Mar 25, 2011)
Spielerisch stuft man das Mikromanagement der Sims positiv zurück und ersetzt dies durch den Fokus auf die eigentlichen Missionen - ohne jedoch dem Herrscher vor dem Keyboard das Experimentieren mit Aktionen und Reaktionen zu nehmen. Schade ist allerdings, dass es auch die Theater-Sims nicht schaffen, komplett saubere Bewegungsübergänge ohne deutliches Stocken oder Wartezeiten zu inszenieren. Auch andere bekannte Sims 3-Mankos im Bereich der KI treten erneut auf. Dennoch: Das Mittelalter bringt frischen Wind in das Sims-Universum und bietet sich dank einer noch leichteren Zugänglichkeit sowie dem Fokus auf knackige Geschichten auch für jene an, die bislang aufgrund des Zeitaufwands einen Bogen um die schrägen Figuren gemacht haben.
3D Juegos (Mar 31, 2011)
Medieval es un inicio muy esperanzador para lo que puede ser un gran soplo de aire fresco en la experiencia Los Sims. Tiene algunos recortes en la antaño característica libertad de la saga, pero las novedades buscan un nuevo público y el juego cuaja un resultado notable si tenemos esto en cuenta.
Games TM (Apr 14, 2011)
There are plenty of touches, including experience points and the discovery of new lands, that The Sims Studio has made to give The Sims Medieval an RPG-style of play. Many of these are analogous to the mechanics that characterise the original Sims games, though The Sims Medieval is still a justifiable standalone spin-off in the series. (...) The Sims Medieval has just won the series some brand new fans - and we can only tip our hats to EA.
The Escapist (Mar 29, 2011)
If you like The Sims, you'll likely dig them in medieval form. The Sims Medieval is also worth picking up if you love the fairytale world of King's Quest or were frustrated with the lack of story in generic Sims. But if you're into hardcore action RPGs, I'd steer clear.
XGN (Apr 16, 2011)
We zijn blij om te zien dat De Sims Middeleeuwen niet de zoveelste Sims game is geworden. De vele missies zullen je een flinke tijd zoet houden en de vele helden die je mag besturen zullen voor de nodige variatie zorgen. Ook de typische humor, die we zo gewoon zijn van De Sims, duikt weer op en zorgt samen met alle knappe animaties en sfeervolle objecten ervoor dat dit een erg geslaagde parodie is geworden op het leven tijdens de Middeleeuwen. Het is echter wel onbegrijpelijk dat je niet je eigen kastelen kunt ontwerpen. Ook de beperkte camera zal je niet erg vrolijk maken. Toch mag dit de pret niet drukken. De Sims Middeleeuwen brengt de vernieuwing die de franchise meer dan nodig had.
Meristation (Mar 25, 2011)
Por un lado quizás se puede argumentar que la fórmula tradicional de la serie queda coartada por el diseño utilizado aquí, y es posible que haya más de un fan al que no le convenza en absoluto esta fórmula. Tampoco se puede ignorar que hace al título menos rejugable de lo que es un Sims tradicional, pero también es verdad que ofrece algo más sólido, un pequeño reto, un propósito y una historia repleta de toques divertidos a través de las misiones, lo que hace la experiencia más satisfactoria para aquellos que no están interesados en simplemente controlar a sus Sims. Medieval tiene más estructura de juego, con un principio, un desarrollo y unas reglas, lo que le da esta sensación de novedad. No es una revolución desde luego, pero como alternativa o experimento, Medieval cumple y apunta a posibles direcciones con las que mantener a esta decana saga relevante en los próximos años.
Gameblog.fr (Mar 28, 2011)
EA change la donne pour les Sims : placé dans un univers cohérent, avec un but commun, chaque héros de Medieval trouve une place juste et logique (ce qui était rarement le cas avec les autres Sims). C'est finalement le Royaume qui est le personnage principal du jeu, et malgré un peu de répétitivité dans le gameplay, on se laisse charmer par ce Moyen-Age quotidien plein d'humour et de découvertes.
The Sims: Medieval is a fantastic life-simulation game based in the Middle Ages. The game mechanics become second nature, allowing you to focus on crafting an entertaining story, centered on your kingdom and its goals. Even with the problems I experienced, I still highly recommend it; just make sure your drivers are up to date. So far, this is the only game I have reviewed in which taking screenshots is entertaining. I found myself trying to set up situations and camera angles that would fully capture the charming qualities of the game. If you like medieval-themed adventures, definitely buy this one.
Atomic Gamer (Apr 02, 2011)
It's hard to believe, but by doing something as simple as giving players something specific to work toward, Maxis has taken gameplay that had become as stale as three day old pumpernickel and made it surprisingly fresh. Even with the bugs, by adding some simple RPG and tactical elements to the franchise's existing strengths, The Sims Medieval has achieved a formula that's got the power not only to interest a score of new players but to bring back many a burned-out former fan.
GamesRadar (Mar 30, 2011)
Making The Sims 3 again in a fantasy setting would likely have been easy, fun and still have sold like crazy, so good on EA for taking a drastically different approach. If you’re of the mind that The Sims has been stale since the original game, this may bring you back. It feels like a Sims product while at the same time feels like something completely fresh and original. But if you don’t like having goals or being too limited in your virtual sandbox, then who are you kidding? You’re probably still playing The Sims 3. Stick with that and let the rest of us enjoy the breath of fresh air that The Sims Medieval brings.
Spazio Games (Mar 30, 2011)
Per la prima volta, con The Sims Medieval, i giocatori non solo potranno dare vita al loro Sim prediletto ma saranno in grado di far crescere un intero regno in un contesto completamente nuovo ed originale. Le feature offerte dal gioco, sebbene fin troppo basilari e lineari, riusciranno a garantire diverse ore di divertimento per tutti gli appassionati di vecchia data e risultano essere un buon incentivo per far avvicinare qualche nuovo giocatore. Il titolo è decisamente semplice, quindi se siete alla ricerca di un gameplay complesso, di una trama profonda o di combattimenti dinamici tenetevi alla larga, se invece il vostro interesse è quello di prendere in mano le sorti di un intero regno medioevale e guidarlo verso una nuova luce attraverso decine di ore di gioco, avendo la capacità di modificare l'arredamento di ogni elemento che lo compone in maniera certosina, The Sims Medieval è il titolo che fa al caso vostro.
Lazygamer (Jul 13, 2011)
Different in a good way, this game might appeal to those who don’t usually play Sims games. It’s definitely a nice change, and if past Maxis games are anything to go by, will probably see a line of expansion packs in the future.
Eurogamer.de (Apr 05, 2011)
Dies ist das erste Sims-Spiel, dessen Erfolg ich nicht nur als Kuriosum von einem psychologischen Standpunkt aus spannend finde, es ist das erste Spiel der Serie, in das ich mich investieren kann, weil diese verschiedenen Sims einem gemeinsamen Ziel entgegenstreben und nicht nur als Selbstzweck auf der Suche nach dem Sinn des virtuellen Lebens existieren. Am Ende läuft es zwar nicht grundlegend auf etwas anderes hinaus, als irgendwas anzuklicken und zu gucken, was der Sim mit seiner Blödelsprache so daraus macht, aber zum ersten Mal interessiert mich ihr Weg durch das Leben, weil er innerhalb des von mir betrachteten Abschnittes wohin führt. Und ein Ziel im Leben zu haben, ist wichtig. Selbst wenn es sich bei beiden nur um Virtuelle handelt.
Eurogamer.dk (Apr 19, 2011)
The Sims Medieval er et kærkomment afbræk fra en model, der ellers så ud til at drukne i dukkehusudvidelser. Ideen med quests og helte er sjov, og det giver det hele et pift i forhold til det gamle Sims, der var mere fokuseret på karriere, familieliv og toiletbesøg. Toiletbesøgene er heldigvis helt afskaffet, og ventetiden skåret ned til et minimum, hvor det er muligt. Der skal dog stadig bruges tid på både at sove og spise, men det er også det eneste to reelle behov, der har overlevet fra The Sims 3. I stedet kan tiden bruges på at udforske kongeriget, samle ressourcer, begå heltegerninger og meget andet sjov. Og sjovt, det er The Sims Medieval faktisk. Det kan ikke rigtigt skjule, at det er The Sims, men temaet gør, at det er lidt mere spændende at bruge tid på – i hvert fald hvis man ikke er så... komfortabel med at lege med virtuelle dukker.
Eurogamer.es (Apr 11, 2011)
En conclusión, Sims Medieval se presenta como un juego entretenido, ligero y altamente divertido. Como las buenas canciones de los bardos y trovadores, nos lleva a visitar mundos exóticos y tiempos antiguos, pasados por el filtro del universo Sim. Una nueva y fresca dirección que se deja muchas cosas por el camino pero las sabe suplir muy bien con las nuevas.
Eurogamer.it (Apr 07, 2011)
Almeno per ora non ci è dato sapere se questo spin-off rappresenti solo il primo passo di un'imminente evoluzione del franchise o se sia destinato a rimanere un caso isolato, ma indipendentemente da quello che sarà il futuro dei Sims, la speranza è che il team di sviluppo possa mettere a frutto l'esperienza maturata fino ad oggi per regalarci esperienze videoludiche sempre più ricche e complete... perché i presupposti per guardare al futuro con un sorriso non mancano di certo.
Eurogamer.pt (Mar 27, 2011)
The Sims Medieval pode ser considerado como lufada de ar fresco, numa série que já cansava pela falta de originalidade. O jogo possui muitas das mecânicas de jogo dos antecessores, mas simplifica-as para se adaptar a um conceito mais estratégico e com elementos bem introduzidos dos RPGs. O facto de controlarmos um Reino, de termos a possibilidade de jogar com perspectivas diferentes através de diferentes Heróis na mesma campanha, e sobretudo pela enorme longevidade adquirida através das inúmeras Ambições, conferem um lugar de destaque e até um ponto de viragem para esta franquia.
Eurogamer.cz (Sep 03, 2011)
Tak toto jsou úplně jiní simíci. Bez stavění a bez stereotypního uspokojování základních potřeb. Ale se spoustou questů. Pro někoho ořezáno o nejlepší vlastnosti, pro jiného ořezáno o největší zápory série. Pro mne osobně se jednalo o příjemnou změnu a dostal jsem hru, která se hraje úplně jinak, než cokoliv jiného. Sims Medieval přinášejí přesně to, co jsem marně čekal od Hinterlands - zábavný kompromis mezi stavěním města a přímým ovládáním jeho obyvatel při shánění financí pro další rozvoj, zvlášť po nynější slevě. Jen škoda absence překladu a zpracování dialogů.
Cheat Happens (Apr 12, 2011)
It's easy to expect The Sims: Medieval to be just another whoring out of the billion dollar license by EA, but looking closer shows that it's anything but. Though it still suffers from some of the same problems of the original games and lacks a few key features (come on, I can't make my own building in The Sims?), there's a lot to like about this new version of the game. The quest system is a blast to play and the new and more streamlined ambitions mode is a welcome change. The Sims: Medieval may not please every Sims fan, but all should give it a try.
Gameswelt (Apr 14, 2011)
Keine Frage: Rollenspiele gehören mittlerweile zu den beliebtesten Genres, allerdings sollte man sich als Fan von solchen diesbezüglich nicht viel von Die Sims Mittelalter erwarten. Obgleich der Titel viele typische Aspekte des Genres aufgreift, setzt er keines davon zufriedenstellend um. Es ist also doch „nur“ ein Sims im Mittelaltergewand, wobei das gewiss kein schlechtes Urteil ist. Das Erfolgsrezept der Reihe geht auch hier wieder auf und bietet eine interessante und spaßige Simulation menschlichen Miteinanders, die lange unterhält und fraglos erneut Suchtfaktor aufkommen lassen kann.
Vandal Online (Mar 25, 2011)
Los Sims Medieval es un juego más que decente. Quizás no ofrezca nada nuevo al que sea un jugador ajeno a la saga, pero a los fieles, y a aquellos desencantados tras tantas entregas, les hará tilín. Los cambios introducidos, y el nuevo rumbo adjudicado a ciertos aspectos, lo avalan. La inclusión del sistema de ambiciones, así como la aparición de las misiones, ayuda a crear cierta coherencia con los objetivos del juego, y ayuda al jugador a mantenerse enganchado y pendiente de la evolución de su héroe y reino. Puede que no sea rompedor, pero es un buen juego de Los Sims, y eso, en los tiempos que corren, es más que suficiente.
With this latest expansion on the Sim franchise, I see plenty of potential. It's a great little game for the price, if the crudeness, and sexual content and agendas don't bother you. With the advent of the new Pirates and Nobles expansion, I look forward to seeing what they can throw at me next.
Everyeye.it (Jul 30, 2011)
Se siete fra quelli che hanno apprezzato nei vecchi The Sims la possibilità di creare da zero gli ambienti di gioco e l’aspetto prettamente gestionale della vecchia ‘simulazione di vita’, The Sims Medieval non fa per voi. Se siete fra quelli che hanno abbandonato per noia tutte le produzioni Maxis a partire da Livin’ it up, consigliamo vivamente un tentativo.
Friendly enough to for the non-Sims-enthusiasts among us and something fresh for players that have been around the block before, The Sims Medieval shows that there's still some life in this franchise yet.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Mar 30, 2011)
Een zijsprongetje in de Sims-franchise die beknabbelt op de alom bekende vrijheid maar heel wat exotische avonturen in de plaats biedt. Afwachten of de grote fanbase dit weet te smaken.
GameStar (Germany) (Mar 25, 2011)
»Es gibt zwei Arten von Wein: Rotwein und Weißwein. Der hier ist keins von beidem«, sagt das Spiel, und ich sitze lachend vor dem Monitor, weil ich den kleinen Gag in einem Beschreibungsfenster entdeckt habe. Die Sims: Mittelalter ist ein humoristisches Entdeckerspiel, nach all den witzigen Animationen und Texten zu stöbern, macht mir viel Spaß. Sich dahin vorzuarbeiten, ist aber oft mühsam. Der stark vereinfachte Sims-Alltag bleibt anspruchslos und wird zu ermüdender Routine. Dass es nur ein einziges Königreich gibt, das ich nicht mal selbst umbauen darf, schmälert den Wiederspielwelt massiv. Die Sims: Mittelalter ist für eine Weile gute Unterhaltung, aber letztendlich zu seicht und zu begrenzt, um langfristig zu motivieren.
CPU Gamer (Apr 10, 2011)
There was some fear the gaming community, knowing EA bought Maxis and EA's track record of margin maximization and soulless cookie-cutter titles, would end up ripping the soul out of Maxis. With poorly received titles like SimCity Societies and now The Sims Medieval, with their odd design decisions and their rushed-out-the-door feel, it really seems that fear has been realized. This game may be worth playing through, but certainly not at full price. And that’s a shame because it could have been outstanding in the hands of a developer that understood the potential.
Metro.co.uk (Mar 31, 2011)
A surprisingly daring mix of interactive narrative, role-playing game and life simulator - and nothing like the lazy cash-in you'd expect. The emphasis on story and character works great, there's plenty of variety in terms of profession and quests and still lots of opportunity to do your own thing. However, technically most of the gameplay doesn't involve anything more complex than selecting an option from a menu. Less longevity than a regular The Sims.
Gamekult (Mar 28, 2011)
S'il emprunte beaucoup aux Sims 3, Les Sims Medieval ajoute tout de même sa propre touche. Fondé avant tout sur les quêtes à effectuer pour la prospérité du royaume et sur la vie professionnelle de chacun des dix héros qu'il est possible d'incarner, ce nouveau titre revisite le gameplay de la série pour y ajouter des directions. Au joueur ensuite de se fixer les buts à travers les nombreux choix offerts lors des missions. Pour autant, Les Sims Medieval ne sacrifie pas la liberté d'action et conserve les points clef du succès des Sims, à savoir la possibilité de fonder une famille et de meubler les maisons de ces poupées virtuelles selon nos envies. Très accessible sans être pour autant simpliste, le jeu ne devrait toutefois pas poser de grandes difficultés mais offre quand même de belles aventures où l'on retrouve toute l'absurdité et l'humour de la série.
GameOver (Greece) (Apr 13, 2011)
Ορισμένες αποστολές είναι εντελώς βαρετές, γεγονός που σε συνδυασμό με τη γραμμικότητα και την επανάληψη, καθιστά αυτοσκοπό τη μετάβαση από το σημείο Α στο σημείο Β και, γενικότερα, την εκτέλεση των πράξεως μας μηχανική. Επίσης, αρκετές φορές η ανάγκη διατήρησης της μπάρας focus σε ικανοποιητικά επίπεδα επηρεάζει αρνητικά το ρυθμό και σχεδόν διαλύει την ατμόσφαιρα. Όμως, παρά τα προαναφερθέντα μειονεκτήματά του, το νέο πόνημα της Electronic Arts θα γίνει αρεστό στους φίλους της σειράς, οι οποίοι μέσα του θα βρουν ένα ευχάριστο παιχνίδι που θα τους κρατήσει ικανοποιημένους για πολλές ώρες.
Level 7 (Apr 03, 2011)
Ett bra försök som lyckas med mycket men tyvärr också slarvar med viktiga aspekter. Ett par veckor extra på designstadiet hade gjort mycket för att förbättra helheten, men spelet är fortfarande en av de bättre titlarna under namnet The Sims.
PC Gamer (Mar 31, 2011)
More an interactive fairytale than a game, this Sims spinoff tells a good yarn but feels limited.
Edge (Apr 01, 2011)
The synthesis of all The Sims Medieval's many personalities and inspirations creates something genuinely unique and compulsively entertaining. It's a funny and sweet time sink, and something that any Sims fan can wholeheartedly enjoy.
Gameplanet (Apr 11, 2011)
Ultimately there are more bouquets than brickbats for The Sims Medieval. The graphics are the best of any in the franchise and the musical score is perfectly aligned to the medieval setting. But Sims fans might be disappointed by the lack of freedom in this release, whereas RPG fans will probably appreciate the structured gameplay and character development laced with The Sims's typical light-hearted humour.
Game Informer Magazine (Apr 15, 2011)
Considering the sheer number of spin-offs and expansions, it can be easy to overlook a new addition to the growing Sims series. When each installment only offers a slightly different flavor of the same gameplay, they all start to blend together. Despite the problems with The Sims Medieval, at least it isn’t more of the same. Next time, I’d prefer something that’s also good instead of just different.
Gamer.no (Apr 13, 2011)
Jeg tror The Sims: Medieval vil appellere både til seriens de av seriens tradisjonelle tilhengere som er ute etter noe litt annet og friskere enn en ny ekspansjon til The Sims 3. Kanskje også de som har hatt sansen for livssimulatorkonseptene i The Sims, men føler serien tradisjonelt har manglet mål og mening. Hvis det å bygge heftige nye hus er en av de viktigste årsakene til at du liker serien blir du imidlertid skuffet over The Sims: Medieval, for den muligheten får du ikke her.
Gamer.nl (Apr 06, 2011)
De Sims Middeleeuwen biedt op een originele manier een amusante De Sims-ervaring en geeft de serie weer een positieve impuls. De setting is goed gekozen, er is meer dan genoeg afwisseling en de De Sims-humor is weer van de partij. Dat neemt alleen niet weg dat er ook vast en zeker wat fans zullen afhaken die bepaalde sleutelelementen missen.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Mar 28, 2011)
The Sims Medieval genomsyras av en livsbejakande anda som kryddas med stora doser härlig humor. Det är något särskilt med hela presentationen som får mig att bli uppriktigt glad. Medeltiden må inte vara riktigt lika full av möjligheter som nutiden i simmarnas värld. Men istället för att bekymra sig för tidstypiska problem som svält och digerdöd så dansar The Sims Medieval likt ett gäng sorglösa Monty Python-riddare på bordet, sjunger, stojar och ställer till med upptåg. Det räcker faktiskt ganska långt.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Apr 06, 2011)
Hollow as the game itself might be, the exterior has more than enough charm to tease you onward. If EA can just pull the core concept out of the dark ages, what comes next should be worth everyone's time.
Absolute Games (AG.ru) (Apr 05, 2011)
На фоне других ответвлений серии The Sims Medieval — чертовски смелый проект. Тем не менее, продолжать после сыгранной партии уже не тянет. Лучше послушать традиционно хороший саундтрек и подождать, пока Electronic Arts доведет идею до ума парой-тройкой аддонов (сиквелов?).
The A.V. Club (Apr 11, 2011)
While some Sims fans might find the addition of quests and a leveling system makes the game even more addictive, The Sims Medieval does away with some of the series’ classic components, like designing buildings and watching your Sims age. Some of the elements of questing are also weak. There’s also no way to change between active quests without abandoning your current one, so you can’t take a break from a character without losing progress and the valuable quest points required to start new missions. The Sims Studio loves expansions, though, so some of these flaws might be corrected soon to make this ambitious new fantasy game a worthier addition to the series.
Hooked Gamers (Apr 04, 2011)
If the developers actually provided some depth in the gameplay rather than skimming over several glued-on bits, we would have the makings of a really engaging experience. Instead, you are The Watcher and your task is to watch everyone else having all the fun, occasionally making a few decisions along the way. I could go on as there are plenty of the usual problems such as Sims getting in the way of each other, but you should get the picture by now. I just didn’t think that being God could be so unsatisfactory.
Jeuxvideo.com (Mar 25, 2011)
Les Sims Medieval change de recette, se passe plus ou moins de la gestion de la vie quotidienne, et introduit un système de quêtes devenu prépondérant. C'est sur celui-ci que repose tout le gameplay, à base d'évolution quasi automatique d'un petit royaume moyenâgeux. Semblant au prime abord ambitieux, ce système de jeu se révèle un peu trop simpliste et dirigiste pour passionner bien longtemps la majorité des joueurs.
GameSpot (Apr 12, 2011)
The Sims Medieval is an interesting, and initially enjoyable, mixture of life simulation and role-playing game. But this is an uneasy partnership. The RPG facet has you doing all the busywork to prepare for epic quests you never experience for yourself. The Sim aspect, meanwhile, limits too many of the features that give this series its unique identity. Creating spells with your maniacal wizard, bleeding sick patients with leeches, and sermonizing at the cathedral's pulpit are all smart new activities that lend a bit of freshness to the Sims formula. But these additions are overshadowed by the forced grind that comes from leading these heroes through lives of indentured servitude.
G4 TV: X-Play (Apr 13, 2011)
Repetition and limitations aside, The Sims Medieval IS a fun game, especially for people who are turned off by the endless expanse offered by the main titles. It's all wrapped up in a tight little package without a whole lot of bells and whistles to distract from the main goal of raising your kingdom to glory. Unfortunately, there isn't much here for the die-hard fan of the original franchise, and they will quickly bore of the utilitarian tedium their little shoebox.
Eurogamer.be (Apr 17, 2011)
Het is nog maar de vraag of Sims-fans lang zullen blijven hangen bij Medieval. Een verandering van thema is na al die jaren fijn, maar de vrijheid van The Sims 3 biedt meer reden om deze te blijven spelen - al is het maar omdat het toevoegen van mods meer opties geeft dankzij deze vrijheid. Het maken van een game die in essentie anders is dan zijn voorgangers is desalniettemin een dappere zet van Maxis, maar niet een die uitpakt zoals je zou hopen. Het versimpelen van de basiselementen is vervelend en de toegevoegde elementen voegen niet de uitdaging toe om dit te compenseren. Quests zijn daardoor ook niet heel veel meer dan een excuus om de speler bezig te houden. Misschien dat een tweede poging ons meer weet te plezieren.
Eurogamer.se (Apr 07, 2011)
De små berättelserna som finns i uppdragen är oftast välskrivna och roliga, men det är helt enkelt svårt att genomlida de tjatiga uppdragen gång på gång enbart för detta, då det ibland känns som att huvuddelen av spelet, uppdragen, hade platsat bättre i ett Facebook-spel som du spelar i fem minuter om dagen. Ett fullprisspel med detta innehåll har nämligen inte riktigt samma charm.
de Volkskrant (Jun 01, 2011)
Als er wat te zeuren valt, is over de camera die soms volstrekt idiote en kolossaal frustrerende posities inneemt. Uitgever Electronic Arts lijkt van plan ook deze Sims-variant te gaan uitmelk.. uh breiden met allerlei aanvullende content, nieuwe queesten en nieuwe gebieden. Om Shakespeare's Richard III te citeren: nooit eerder kregen we zo'n alleraardigst koninkrijk voor een paard.

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