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User Reviews

Welcome to The Sims universe. You're never going to leave. Matt Neuteboom (989) 4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars
What do you do when your Sim's life is more important than your own...? Vaelor (381) 4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars
Simalicious Kartanym (12747) 3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars
"We Create Worlds"...the Origin legacy continues... Indra was here (20900) 4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars
The Sims is what you desire it to be! Stephanie B. (4) 3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars
A cult-favorite People Simulator fun for an entire family. Ray Soderlund (3571) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
How many expansions are they going to make for this game?! Aaron Jones (16) 4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars
Maxis released another masterpiece. ZombieDepot (48) 4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars
The best Sim game yet Dragoon (107) unrated
One of the biggest disappointments of my life, but a really good game nonetheless. SebastianLi (55) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.8
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Overall User Score (216 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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So, if you’re able to engage THE SIMS at one or inure of these levels, it’s a totally addicting, fascinating, charming, and—in small and unexpected ways— enlightening experience. That a piece of entertainment software is capable of evoking so much from its players is rate arid praiseworthy. But when one considers THE SIMS’ other achievements —among them, vigorously affirming the commercial viability of non-competitive games, enlisting players as co-creators at an unprecedented level, offering long-term support and extension of the game universe (for free), and, perhaps above all, getting garners to think about things like hygiene, nutrition, and a good night’s sleep (not that. it’s had any real effect around CGW)—one realizes that what we have in THE SIMS is an Important Game, one of those rarities that will make an indelible mark on our hobby. Such games only come around once in a while, and shouldn’t be missed.
Spel för Alla (Apr, 2000)
Med The Sims lyckas Maxis att förnya en genre som verkar ha varit livrädd för förändring. Istället för det gamla vanliga "samla resurser och slåss mot den lede fi" har de skapat något oförutsägbart och helt annorlunda. Jag lyfter på hatten.
Entertainment Weekly (Feb 18, 2000)
Wright's games are so habit-forming they should require FDA approval, and after playing this one for three days straight, you begin to realize that what you've been playing with, a la Rear Window, is your own life. That's right: Sims ''R'' Us. So when you sit on the couch with a friend in your real home, you'll think about your comfort and social scores increasing, just like a Sim. The creepy part is that you can tailor The Sims to mimic your own household -- even putting, say, your mom's face on the Sim next door (see for more info). Even better, when Sim Mom scolds you for playing too many computer games, you can send her to her room.
incite PC Gaming (Apr, 2000)
A frustrating, yet extremely addictive game that breaks new ground. You'll like it, we promise.
Any game that can instill such a sense of compassion for its characters is something special, especially when those characters are not great heroes in Earth-shattering situations, but ordinary people leading ordinary lives. The Sims is sure to appeal to all kinds of gamers, hardcore and casual -- the "heroes" and the "ordinary" alike.
GameGenie (2000)
The Sims is really, really cool. If you want a game where you can spend endless hours of your life dictating someone else's, this is a smart choice. This will probably be one of the best games of the year. I totally recommend playing the Sims, but remember: get off the computer every once in a while, or YOUR relationships will suffer.
Edutaining Kids (Feb, 2001)
Often folks turn to computer games for some much-needed escapism from real world concerns. With The Sims, players immerse themselves in a simulation that is not hugely unlike...the real world! The key here, though, is that players take on the role of director as they play a part in the orchestration of the lives of miniature people-like Sims. This program is a most innovative simulation game based on a rather, well, commonplace concept.
There is a real community forming around this game, and it's no wonder. Just about everyone can relate to what this game simulates. We all share life, and we can all share the fun of this title. The sims are a lot of fun to play with and the only danger is that your own life - your friends and your family ties - might begin to suffer as you work long hours to improve theirs.
Power Unlimited (Mar, 2000)
The Sims is eigenlijk een compleet nieuw spelgenre: de levens-simulator. Sim City meets Tamagotchi meets Theme Hospital meets Big Brother. Nu ga ik ophouden met schrijven, m'n Sims hebben aandacht nodig!
IGN (Feb 04, 2000)
The Sims, for all its frustrations, highs and lows, is still -- gulp -- better than your average working day in real life, and a fun experiment in psychology, love and relationships. Will Wright has once again changed the playing field, and hopefully the rest of the world will soon follow. Now if you'll excuse me, I want to find out why an established woman on a career track towards becoming Mayor of SimCity has just found it necessary to pee on the living room floor.
The Sims has turned out to be all that Will Wright promised and more. It redefines the word addictive, with an incredibly human, deep and entertaining game. Even after two weeks non-stop play, I still find myself sitting down at the PC, only to look up and realise I've been in a complete trance for five hours. This is another groundbreaking title from Maxis, and is recommended for just about everyone.
FiringSquad (Feb 16, 2000)
We are seeing the start of a great game franchise. Hopefully later editions will keep some of the quirky sensibilities, and the fun of discovery of this game, while deepening the gameplay. If you think of games like Civilization, or Sim City, they have a unique charm to them because of their direct gameplay. Later versions added increased complexity for better or for worse. Playing through The Sims some makes me want more depth, more Sims; I hope they can contribute to the liveliness of The Sims in future versions, without sacrificing the fun.
The Sims is a giant step forward in the software toy time wasting genre. It is also a great cross gender game. The only violence in the game is the havoc you create. My wife loves the game as much as I do and that is amazing. Maxis and Will Wright have outdone themselves with this title. If you want to lose several enjoyable days of your life running [Ed. Note: Ruining?] someone else’s, this is the game for you, but be warned: it will take over your life. Don’t be surprised if the next time you ask a friend/spouse to do something, they reply: “What am I, your Sim?”
GameSpot (Feb 11, 2000)
This isn't to say that The Sims isn't an enjoyable and intriguing game, because it is. If you relished the feeling of complete control of building a city in SimCity, then you will doubtless enjoy the experience of building a domestic life in The Sims. And even those who didn't will still likely find themselves engrossed in The Sims' bright-looking, real-sounding, and highly detailed world of miniature people.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Feb 28, 2000)
The Sims is een prachtsimulatie die je niet loslaat. In mijn ganse spelcarrière ben ik nog maar aan een paar spellen verslaafd geweest. The Sims sluit zich nu aan bij deze categorie. Ik verzeker je: eenmaal je begonnen bent, kan je The Sims gewoon niet uit je hoofd zetten. Dit spel is een absolure aanrader, maar dit enkel wanneer je niet in tijdnood zit!
Between its incredibly unique gameplay and heartily realistic character response system, The Sims comes off as a highly entertaining and twisted mix of Tamagotchi and The Truman Show. With countless additions being introduced through the official website on a regular basis, along with the ability to share photos, Sim families, and player-created textures through the Internet, the experience offered is as expansive as you could possibly hope for. The Sims puts forth the closest, most amusing rendering of digital life gamers have ever seen.
90 (UK) (Mar 04, 2000)
The Sims really does grow on you, and with you. The way you play it depends on how you are that day, and what you feel like. If you are angry it will show, and if you are happy that will come through as well - it's compelling single player life that is genuinely as much fun to watch as to play. It's not devoid of problems though - the lack of any real objectives becomes somewhat tedious after a while, but it is still hard not to recommend The Sims to everyone. It's original, compelling, and best of all enjoyable.
There will be a lot of people writing about what the game says about society, and interpersonal relationships, yadda yadda yadda yadda. But The Sims doesn't really model real life; instead, it creates a hyper-real soap opera, where you're the screenwriter that deftly mixes the melodrama of General Hospital with the showmanship of professional wrestling. (Only with less swearing.) It's the ultimate interactive fiction/role-playing/strategy/simulation game, where you're generating fiction for your virtual Jobs or Judys, sending them on the highest highs or the lowest lows (the latter seems to be more interesting to explore for most people, twisted psychopaths that we are). It may be pointless, and also brilliant, but it's safe to say there's nothing quite like The Sims. Its possibilities are endless.
90 (Feb 16, 2000)
Le nouvel épisode de la série des Sims est une vraie réussite. Loin de reprendre le thème pour l'adapter à un environnement, The Sims créent un nouveau genre... intuitif, intelligent, attachant et drôle.
GamerDad (Jun 26, 2003)
The Sims can provide a lot of non-violent entertainment, and even teach children about basic goal setting and planning. But some of the unintended comedic potential of the game has macabre twist. Youths playing the game have had fun playing pranks on their Sims, letting them run around in a house without a bathroom or swim in a pool with no exit ladder. Obviously, these can be harmless shenanigans for players of an appropriate maturity level. There are some mature themes in the game, hence its Teen ESRB rating. But The Sims keeps things tasteful from a graphical perspective, blurring out the scenes where a sim must take a shower or go to the bathroom. The game's extensibility provides a good playground for active minds, and an abundance of available add-on packs offer tremendous content.
ActionTrip (Jun 01, 2000)
There you have it; I have pointed out some of the game's flaws, and presented a few opinions on the "cosmetic" aspects of: sound (rather conceptual, not purely cosmetic), visuals and controls, while keeping in mind that in which ever way you look at it The Sims is just one addictive experience transcending the usual reach of games. I should also point out that this is a rather unique way of dealing with the whole reviewing business, that I feel brings more depth and perspective to the readers willing to form an objective opinion. One thing is certain, no matter what gets written on the game, it has already reached a cult status in the community, therefore making it very hard for anybody involved in the Sims-mania to dish out an unbiased opinion. The Sims is THE work from Will Wright up to this point. Original, amusing addictive, and most of all incredibly fun and relaxing to play. If we only had more great ideas like this.
PC Games (Germany) (Mar 07, 2001)
Wie faszinierend die kleine simulierte Welt der Sims tatsächlich ist, zeigt sich, sobald man sich davon losgerissen hat: Selbst wenn man nicht am PC sitzt, grübelt man darüber nach, was man seiner Familie als nächstes kauft und welche Fähigkeiten es sich zu trainieren lohnt. Die Sims überschüttet Spontan-Drauflos-Spieler mit Erfolgserlebnissen am laufenden Band („Es ist ein Junge!“), doch mit zunehmender Spieldauer ist eine gehörige Portion Geduld vonnöten – Tätigkeiten, die man anfangs mit Begeisterung erledigt (duschen, kochen, Zeitung lesen, Briefkasten leeren etc...) können mitunter als lästig empfunden werden. Was nichts an der Genialität der Sims ändert: Diese geballte Ladung Spielwitz sollten Sie sich auf gar keinen Fall entgehen lassen!
Game Over Online (Feb 14, 2000)
As a conclusion, I must warn any action gamers that victory does not come too quickly, you must spend some time on the game to learn how to balance your Sims' needs and not get depressed all the time. The game is quite fun to play for hours on end, though frustrating in the beginning, and is rewarding when you do well (though it can quickly go all crap again). An original concept that's been pretty well carried out, with no real game-breaking flaws, just some irritating features that could have been worked on some more. There are a lot of game tools available for this on the web at The Sims Official Website which will keep most people happy for a while creating new objects, faces, skins, animations and houses. A good buy then, for hours of simulated life fun.
Gamezilla (Mar 08, 2000)
What makes The Sims so intriguing is that it immerses you in an imaginary world that is almost exactly like the real one. All the common tasks that we encounter every day are encompassed within the game. Cooking, cleaning, relaxing in front of the television, throwing parties, socializing with your neighbors, managing career and home life, even flushing the toilet, are all tasks in which you must guide your Sims. And although these seem trivial in reality, it becomes a fun challenge to maintain the happiness of your Sims by making them perform these various tasks. Fans of Sim-style games may come to love The Sims as it really is another game in the evolution of the genre. Others, however, will find it somewhat monotonous and too similar to everyday life. That being said, no one can deny that this is one of the most original and interesting games to hit the shelves in many moons.
GameStar (Germany) (Feb, 2000)
Das neue Jahrtausend ist gerade mal ein paar Monate alt, und schon erscheint das erste fesselnde PC-Suchtspiel. Will Wright hat das Kunststück geschafft, eine einzigartige Spielidee mit glänzendem Design zu kombinieren. Die Sims ist das erste ionnovative Echtzeitstrategie-Spiel seit langem. Und so faszinierend, daß ich bim Testen zwar meine Sims-Familie pünktlich und gut gefüttert ins Bett brachte, meinen eigenen Magen und mein echtes soziales Umfeld aber vergaß. Wer einen Nerv für das häusliche Szenario hat, wird seine Sim-Sippe hochmotiviert durch die Tücken des Alltags leiten. Auch wenn man die meisten Objekte kennengelernt und Erfolg in Beruf und Liebe erzielt hat, gibt es enorm viel auszuprobieren - ich sage nur "Dreierehe". An der Spitze der Karrierewege locken Positionen wie Astronaut, Bürgermeister oder Mafiaboß.
86 (Aug 01, 2000)
Selten ist mir so ein vielseitiges Spiel untergekommen. Die Möglickeiten sind schier unbegrenzt. Allein das Häuserbauen macht einfach Spaß. Auch die Interaktion mit dem Spiel ist sehr gut geraten. Um es kurz zu sagen, Die Sims macht einfach Spaß und ist eins der wenigen Spiele für die ganze Familie! Ich freue mich schon das Add-on Livin Large.
GameSpy (Feb 12, 2000)
The Sims is a one-of-a-kind game that's just dripping with originality. Most gamers should consider playing it on general principal, but the addictive and fun gameplay, tons of personality, and huge replay value are pretty good reasons as well.
Absolute Games ( (Feb 18, 2000)
Знаю — кого-то игрушка разочарует. К примеру, любителей революционного AI. В отличие от Creatures, все, что делают симы — не более чем набор отлично проработанных интерактивных скриптов. Поиски драйва и атмосферы здесь также обречены на провал. К примеру, сколько динамики заключено в мытье посуды? А атмосферности в выносе мусора? Вот именно: ноль. Зеро. Nil. Тем не менее The Sims — абсолютно гениальная вещь, хит и, не побоюсь этого слова, культ. Продажи будут просто бешеными. А знаете, почему? Да потому что «Симы» — игра не о суперменах, норнах или, тьфу-тьфу, покемонах. Она — об обычных людях. То есть О НАС С ВАМИ. Пусть и в несколько упрощенном виде.
Svenska PC Gamer (Mar, 2000)
Även om det är bra, så är inte The Sims fantastiskt. Tyvärr har verklighetsivrarna en poäng. Trots att det är enormt beroendeframkallande, tänker du ändå: "Vänta lite, är inte det här en smula trist?". Det händer egentligen inte så mycket - ett inbrott, en eldsvåda - och precis som i verkliga livet kan de problemen lösas med ett telefonsamtal. För att The Sims verkligen ska engagera måste det till historier och något som skulle kunna likna uppdrag.
Leef je stoutste en minder stoute dromen uit in dit spel. Mijn Sim had een vrouw, twee 'vriendinnen', een 'vriend' én een carrière in het leger. Of laat je gewoon volledig gaan als architect.
84 (Sep 18, 2002)
This real-life simulator will keep you busy for the next few weeks (24/7, be assured). Just don't let it replace your real life like it did with me. By the way, gotta go. The Sims are calling.
Was fehlt den Sims eigentlich zum pefekten Spiel? Es bietet auf lange Sicht zu wenig Neues und zu wenige Möglichkeiten. Ein Mehrspieler-Modus ist leider auch nur indirekt mit Sim-Exchange (siehe Box) möglich. Die Sims ist aber eins: willkommen anders. Es spricht eigentlich jeden an und begeistert sofort. Man holt es immer mal wieder für eine kleine Runde raus, die meist länger dauert, als man sich vorgenommen hat.
PC Joker (Mar, 2000)
Nur noch einen Skillpunkt... ah, endlich die Beförderung. Von der Gehaltserhöhung leiste ich mir die Bang & Olufson-Anlage, dann klappts vielleicht auch mit der Nachbarin? Doch, die Sims entwickeln sofort den maxistypischen Suchtfaktor - nett animierte, zoom- und drehbare Grafik, komfortable Bedienung. Lediglich die Formel „mehr Luxus gleich mehr Glück“ plättet gelegentlich des Niveau. Doch die Motivation bleibt hoch, dafür sorgen schon Features wie Internetaustausch und Editoren.
Power Play (Feb, 2000)
Es gibt zwar Dinge. die ich mir noch gewünscht hätte (zum Beispiel, daß Kinder auch mal erwachsen werden und dann ihr eigenes Leben führen, daß man nicht jeden Tag arbeiten gehen muß, sondern auch die Wochenenden genießen kann, oder daß sich die Sims weniger oft gegenseitig im Weg stehen). Trotzdem kann kein Zweifel daran bestehen, daß diese neue Maxis-Sim ein echter Gute-Laune-Quell ist! Und ich müßte mich schon sehr täuschen, wenn sie sich nächstes Jahr um diese Zeit nicht zu einem coolen Kult gemausert hatte...
Just Games Retro (Jul 01, 2014)
All in all, especially considering the sheer scope of what the designers were trying to emulate, The Sims is a pretty solid game and a very unique experience (well, aside from the fact you’re basically living it as we speak). It’s decidedly less wacky and more grounded in reality than it was advertised to be, although the potential is there to have some crazy situations. It does suffer from the same problems as any sandbox game, i.e., without concrete goals or new content, it gets repetitive after a while, and probably quicker than a game like Rollercoaster Tycoon because, well, it’s simulating day-to-day life. That being said, it’s still a fun ride while it lasts, and the designers definitely deserve credit for their amazing attention to detail (I spent a hefty block of time just reading the little descriptions for the different items) and for making a life simulator that’s this functional.
The Sims ist kein Spiel für jeden - vor allem nicht, wenn Sie schon im richtigen Leben Aufräumen und Ordnung hassen. Wer allerdings mal eine wirklich ungewöhnliche Spielidee mit gelegentlichen Leerlaufphasen nicht scheut, liegt hier goldrichtig.
80 (Mar 28, 2000)
Les Sims est un jeu de gestion qui consiste à s'occuper d'une famille : il faut leur trouver un emploi, des loisirs ; en gros, tout faire pour qu'ils aillent bien et qu'ils gagnent de l'argent. Quiconque connaît Les Sims de nom serait vite tenté de penser que ce jeu doit être exceptionnel au vu de ses 20 millions de ventes (ce qui en fait le jeu le plus vendu du monde) ! Il n’aurait pas tout à fait tord, mais l’on pourrait lui reprocher d’avoir une vision trop réductrice...
Edge (Feb 22, 2000)
It is undoubtedly one of the freshest experiences available on any platform. It’s fun to play and it’s instructive. Other developers should get out their notepads, too, for Maxis has unearthed a host of design gems in this, its most essential release since the original Sim City.
Why do we do these things to our sims, you ask? Because we’re bored. Underneath the slick interface, beneath the elevator music and the gibberish we’re to take as conversation, The Sims is just a waste of time. It may amuse you for hours, days or even weeks. For those hours and for the sadistic relationship you can share with your unfortunate sim, the package is arguably worth a purchase. But in the end, you’ll grow to despise it. Somewhere out there, I’m sure someone has dropped the disc in a pool and thrown away the railing. (Mar 06, 2020)
Das Leben kommt, das Leben geht, das Leben ist vollkommen zufällig, das Leben ist völlig verrückt. Die Sims ist nicht nur ein exzellenter Hausplaner dank der vielen Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten, sondern auch ein äußerst umfangreicher Lebenssimulator. Es gibt viel zum Ausprobieren, es gibt umfangreiche Interaktionen, auch wenn sich einige Routinen schnell wiederholen. Doch wer es mit seiner eigenen virtuellen Familie weit bringen will, muss den Alltag meistern. Und der wird garantiert nicht langweilig.