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SimSafari Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Beginning options for creating a park
The player can select a mission to play in a ready-made park
The game can be started from scratch or already set up
The player begins with an empty park, and can add flora and fauna, water, etc.
The bin at the bottom of the screen shows all the animals that can be added
Using the binoculars from the right will provide a close-up of whatever the player clicks on
Selecting the ecologist icon from the right, the player will hear all sorts of faintly eccentric advice
The player takes the ecologist's advice :)
The business manager is generally helpful, but never allows the player to get too confident!
The business manager gives advice in three areas...
...and it's usually a good idea to take it
There is a ready-made village to visit, where the village elder gives advice on hiring and local concerns
A map view of the new park
The player can find information about every animal and plant in the game
The info sheets also allow the player to hear how the animals sound
Safari Smarts minigame: 20 questions or a timed version
Some of the answer choices are a little silly
The player can set up a camp site, complete with outhouses