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SiN: Wages of Sin Credits

43 people (36 developers, 7 thanks)


PresidentTom Kudirka
ProgrammingCarl Glave
Level DesignBenson Russell, Zied Rieke
Models & AnimationKen Turner, Michael Boon
ArtScott Bricher, Paul Jury
Music (all tracks written by)Zak Belica
Mixed, Engineered and Mastered byChristian Mock
Recorded atBC Smith Studios
Guitars byDudley Taft, Zak Belica
Operatic Singing byDeeji Killian
Additional Voice Recording bySteve Mitchell
Sound DesignZak Belica
Dialog SupervisionZak Belica
Dialog EditorsZak Belica, and 2015

2015 Would Like to Thank

Featuring the Voice Talents ofEric Mills (as John R. Blade), Billy O'Sullivan (as J.C.), Michael C. Schapiro (as Manero [credited as Mike Shipiro]), Steve Ditore (as Manero's thugs, Mancini's thugs, Sergeant), Tahoma Haupfman (as Dr. Lansing, Eon, Bums, Technicians, Grunts), Siobhan Schanda (as Jessica Lansing), Ben Bailes (as Peon, Technicians), Abe Beeson (as Hank Van Damme, DJ, Thug, Technicians), David Eddings (as Grunts, Scientist, Techs), Christian Mock (as Dark Captain, Grunt, Workers), Zak Belica (as Guards, Reconah, Workers, Male Civilian)
Additional Level DesignSteve Fukuda, Jack D. Davis, Sten Uusvali, Nathan Vasil, Stevie Case
In-house Beta TestersRobert Bossler ('Bozz'), Brent Brown ('K-3'), Lance Cole ('Thunder'), Jessica Haight, Jeff Heath ('ADarcJedi'), Amanda Maiden ('Tulip'), Kevin Ryan ('Rhino')
Additional Thanks to (for DM testing)Dennis Fong ('Thresh'), Kenn Hwang
Special Thanks to ActivisionJohn Tam, Sean Dunn
Special Thanks toRitual Entertainment
A very special thanks toAll of our families, wives and girlfriends, who have put up with us while we made the pack. We really mean that.
2015 would like to thankYou for purchasing a copy of Wages of Sin. We hope it was as fun to play as it was to make.

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