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SiN: Wages of Sin Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The new title screen.
This time around, mob boss Gianni Manero is the one making Blade's life difficult.
Blade took some time off after the SinTEK incident to watch John Woo movies and learn his signature two gun style.
Elexis may be gone but the remnants of her mutation projects living in the sewers haven't forgotten her.
New creature (rabid guard dog)...
... meet new weapon (flamethrower).
The levels are dark. So dark that you now have a flashlight.
Midway through the game, you'll get thermo optical goggles which really make those pesky guards stand out in the dark.
Manero's penthouse just isn't as swank as the Sinclaire estate was.
Blade has a new hobby, stealing swimsuit calendars. Collect enough and you get a bonus cut scene at the end of the game.
Between level load screens provide mission briefings and occasionally, comment on the difficulty of the previous level.
Multiplayer Wages adds a new model (Manero) and hoverbikes.
Yes, you can go in there. Yes, there are scantily clad and naked women in there. No, I'm not posting those screenshots.
Once again, there are digs at the competition. This one is from an e-mail you find while raiding a shipping dock computer.