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SiN Credits (Windows)

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SiN Credits

Ritual Entertainment

ArtBeau Anderson, Michael P. Hadwin, Robert M. Atkins, John Mueller, Murphy Michaels, Brandon Riza, Joel F. Thomas Jr.
BizHarry A. Miller IV
Level DesignBerenger Fish, Patrick Hook, Richard Gray, Tom Mustaine, Charlie Wiederhold, Matthias Worch
ProgrammingScott Alden, Mark Dochtermann, Jim Dosé
Project ManagerJoseph Selinske
Sound & Music DesignZak Belica
SupportDon MacAskill
Additional Level DesignMichael Wardwell
Additional Art byMichael Washburn, Mike Werckle
Additional Support bySteve Gibson
High Resolution Models and CinematicsGlyphX
Quake 2 Engineid software
Special ThanksApogee Software, Gathering of Developers, Hanah Logan, Eric Mills, Billy O'Sullivan, Whitney Schwob, Stevie Case, David Eddings, Denis Moeller, All of the wives, rugrats, girlfriends, and friends of the Ritual tribe, And a whole lot of Caffeine


Senior VP StudiosMitch Lasky
VP Studio XKevin Gliner
ProducerSean Dunn
Associate ProducerJohn Tam
Marketing Product ManagerHenk Hartong
Marketing AssociateBarbara Matias
Senior Quality Assurance LeadsEric Zala, Tim Vanlaw
Quality Assurance LeadsMichael Spann, Douglas Jacobs
Quality Assurance TeamSteve Rosenthal, Steven Elwell, Chad Bordwell, Brian Ullmer, John Park, Joseph Shackelford, Michael Denny, Michael D. Harris, Troy Osborne, Mark Veale, Joseph Favazza, Chris Grim, Aaron Gray
Blades Journal Written byMarc Saltzman
DocumentationBelinda M. Van Sickle, Michael Rivera, Sylvia Orzel
Installer bySteve Stringer, Sean Dunn
Video ServicesChristopher Hepburn, Brian Bright, Ken Ramirez
Special Thanks ToJNG, JPGD

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Credits for this game were contributed by ClydeFrog (10541) and Corn Popper (69267)