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SiN Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

This is where you make your choice
My pal sleeping at his desk
never know what hit them from the air
Creating an identity in multiplayer
A view of the city in multiplayer
Enter your name
Colonel John R. Blade, Commander of HardCorps and your alter ego.
Elexis Sinclaire, CEO of SinTEK Industries and your megalomaniac nemesis.
It all starts out with a simple bank robbery.
Between levels, you see a summary of your previous performance and a description of the upcoming level.
Sin uses locational damage and locational armor which means that baldy here is about to regret not wearing a helmet.
The frequent cut scenes are rendered with the in game engine. Does anything good ever happen in FPS subway stations?
Sin was one of the first 3D shooters to include stealth based missions (in this shot, sneaking through a SinTEK chemical lab)
Sin also had the first 3D scuba diving / spear gun levels.
And was one of the first with a weapon everybody takes for granted these days...
... the sniper rifle with a telescopic sight that lets you "reach out and touch someone".
Of course, the SinTEK troops are just as deadly with the sniper rifle as you are. Unless you're fully armored, they can kill you with a single head shot.
The environments are full of gags, quotes, and pop culture references for you to read (assuming you don't spatter too much blood on them).
You'll find many computer terminals as you make your way through the levels. What you see in the 3D world...
... is exactly what you get when you operate the terminal (and vice versa).
Multiplayer only comes with three models but for some reason, nobody ever uses J.C. or Blade.
Every now and then, you'll find a place where Ritual sneaks in a potshot at their competition.
Another Reference to the Evil Dead movies
Blessed union of Duke and Laura
Poor Romero can't catch a break...
Training Mode
Heli minigun - great thing!
Training - shoot to coin
Colonel John Blade, go to bank.
Shoot in balls
Spider robot