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GameSkinny (Jun 28, 2019)
With a distinct lack of hand-holding, in-depth investigative mechanics, and a solid mix of open world design with mythos monsters, The Sinking City is the standard for Lovecraftian games.
Impulse Gamer (Jun 27, 2019)
Bringing the world of H. P. Lovecraft to gaming with quality and style.
86 (Jul 09, 2019)
В общем, игра представляет собой довольно средний проект от создателей неплохих детективов в котором очень многого не хватает и есть целый ряд недоработок. Задания и квесты в The Sinking City однообразны из-за чего пропадает вся атмосфера и мистика на поздних этапах, бои в игре скучные и не интересные. Однако, в то же время игра очень хорошо сделана визуально, также в ней неплохо сделаны расследования, да и мистика с саспенсом на начальных этапах присутствует, а исследовать небольшой городок Окмонт интересно и приятно. Хочется отметить наличие лута и простенькую систему крафта, которая особо непримечательно, а предметов и патронов на поздних этапах игры хватает с лихвой. Если подводить итоги, то мы имеем довольно средний неплохой проект, который придется по вкусу любителям Лавкрафта с его мистикой, а также тем, кто не против провести в неплохом открытом мире пару часов занимаясь расследованием разного рода дел. Если при этом вы еще и готовы к скучному экшену, то игра точно для вас.
GameSpace (Jun 25, 2019)
From the first moment when I fired up The Sinking City, I was immediately transported to a world HP Lovecraft could have created himself. From the creepy visions and sounds in a town overrun by maritime mayhem to the all too real human inclinations during times of disaster, safe was not something I felt very often. When I did feel safe, it was most often because I wasn't aware of what was lurking one step ahead of me. The mystery of what is really going on in Oakmont, and with lead character Charles Reed, kept drawing me in and often kept me playing far longer then I intended to.
Area Jugones (Jun 25, 2019)
Así, pues, obviando sus innegables errores y negativas pretensiones, encarecidamente los invitamos a tomar el barco hacia Oakmont, pues la épica que garantiza es una digna de experimentarse. H. P. Lovecraft estaría orgulloso aun cuando la representación de trabajos como La sombra sobre Innsmouth y Dagón quede eventualmente relegada a un plano superficial para, por consiguiente, ser una comprensión inédita de lo que destaca de tales expediciones hacia lo desconocido, causando sensaciones que, como medio, solo el videojuego es capaz de transmitir.
Destructoid (Jun 25, 2019)
Overall, as much as I adore the story and atmosphere of The Sinking City, it definitely feels like a budget title at times. If you can get past the weak combat, harmless jank, and enjoy a solid detective experience that won't hold your hand and throw tough choices your way, you shouldn't pass up on it. Even more so if you're a fan of Lovecraft. Because as the Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones shall be and that's a good enough reason for me!
Anche con i suoi (pochi) difetti, The Sinking City riesce a brillare proprio là dove rivali come Call of Cthulhu – pubblicato lo scorso ottobre – hanno barcollato. Non abusa di jumpscare e inutili boss per forzare la sua parte horror, ma si concentra invece su un sistema investigativo ben pensato e coinvolgente e su piacevoli parti d’azione, che portano con naturalezza il giocatore a scoprire le mostruosità degli abissi e a pentirsi amaramente della propria curiosità.
Riot Pixels (Jun 27, 2019)
В прошлом ремесленник игровой индустрии, Frogwares впервые выпустила взрослое, многослойное, насыщенное, до последней секунды захватывающее приключение, оригинальное и запоминающееся. Истинный подарок для любителей Лавкрафта. Если бы можно было убрать экшен, добавить увлекательных второстепенных миссий и настоящую нелинейность, то получился бы эталонный гибрид адвенчуры, RPG и «песочницы». Но и сейчас The Sinking City – великолепная игра, способная завладеть вашими мыслями на несколько недель. Искренне желаю разработчикам продолжить смелые эксперименты с жанрами и навсегда забыть о похождениях Шерлока Холмса. Судя по самоиронии, они на верном пути.
IGN Italia (Jun 25, 2019)
The Sinking City è un gioco ben riuscito che permette realmente di fare il lavoro dell'investigatore in quello che forse è il luogo peggiore in assoluto in cui farlo. Uno dei migliori giochi creati sui Miti, rovinato solo in parte da un sistema di combattimento che non convince e da una mancanza di un reale feedback sulle scelte prese in gioco. Nonostante questi difetti si tratta comunque di un'esperienza di gioco decisamente piacevole.
81 (Jun 21, 2019)
The Sinking City's unique blend of Detective gameplay and Cthulhu Mythos elements will intrigue fans of H.P. Lovecraft's works, even if certain shortcomings ultimately prevent it from truly standing out as the best Cthulhu game ever made.
WellPlayed (Jun 26, 2019)
Frogwares expertly blends its Sherlock Holmes gameplay formula with Lovecraft's universe to create one of the best Lovecraftian experiences in years.
Twinfinite (Jun 25, 2019)
Aside from some indie crunch, The Sinking City is a moody yet faithful dive into the world of Lovecraft that would make a great starting ground for anyone new to the genre. It would be nice to see the world and combat tightened up a bit, but its incredibly rewarding mystery-solving makes it a stellar investigation game that succeeds at such a naturally mystifying genre where many others fail.
Daily Star (Jun 25, 2019)
The Sinking City has an incredible atmosphere that really grips the darkest parts of your mind. Oakmont feels hostile, unwelcoming and full of secrets, but the game makes it clear that it might cost more than just your life to find out what they are. While it stumbles with its characters and combat, The Sinking City is a great first step into the supernatural detective game.
IGN (Jun 25, 2019)
The Sinking City’s creation of a new Lovecraftian vision paired with compelling stories, exciting environments, and memorable characters make for one of the better Cthulhu lore games I’ve played. Its commitment to tastefully updating the storytelling methods, while preserving the setting and tone of Lovecraft shines through the tedium and frustration. Though the laborious open-world travel, clunky combat, and aggravating research system can grow wearisome, there’s much to like in The Sinking City. I really hope to see a sequel from Frogwares, giving them the opportunity to refine these ideas in a sequel, because there's a lot of promise here that gets watered down by the tedious stuff.
WCCFtech (Jun 25, 2019)
The Sinking City is probably the best Lovecraft inspired game currently available on the market, thanks to its oppressive atmosphere and its story, which utilizes the lore masterfully without deviating from the canon. AI and technical issues, as well as the clunky combat, are often immersion breaking, but the excellent investigation mechanics and exploration features make it easy to look past these issues. Highly recommended to survival horror fans and those who live and breath Lovecraft.
New Game Network (Jul 01, 2019)
The Sinking City is a decent adaptation of Lovecraft’s work, meshing dark themes with a variety of great investigations that culminate into tricky decisions. If the combat was less clunky and the world more polished, it would have beckoned all to its desolate shore.
75 (Jun 25, 2019)
S'il ne réussit pas tout ce qu'il entreprend, The Sinking City reste un jeu qui ne manque pas de caractère. Certes, nous aurions aimé une enquête plus libre que celle qu'on nous avait promise, des combats nettement mieux maîtrisés ou une technique plus solide. Il en reste cependant un titre bien ficelé, intéressant, qui parvient à laisser au moins l'illusion de l'autonomie pour l'enquêteur que vous serez, et qui sait s'auréoler d'une atmosphère pesante et d'une écriture soignée laissant la place à des choix qui comptent. Une bonne surprise.
TechRaptor (Jun 25, 2019)
The Sinking City has a fantastic story, atmosphere, and investigations, leading to something that feels genuinely unique. It's just a shame that it's brought down by an overabundance of crummy combat and glitches.
75 (Jun 25, 2019)
S'il ne réussit pas tout ce qu'il entreprend, The Sinking City reste un jeu qui ne manque pas de caractère. Certes, nous aurions aimé une enquête plus libre que celle qu'on nous avait promise, des combats nettement mieux maîtrisés ou une technique plus solide. Il en reste cependant un titre bien ficelé, intéressant, qui parvient à laisser au moins l'illusion de l'autonomie pour l'enquêteur que vous serez, et qui sait s'auréoler d'une atmosphère pesante et d'une écriture soignée laissant la place à des choix qui comptent. Une bonne surprise.
GameStar (Germany) (Jun 26, 2019)
Zusammen mit den moralischen Grauzonenentscheidungen, die ich immer wieder treffen muss und welche die Nuancen des Spielverlaufs beeinflussen kann ich fast über die offensichtlichen Makel hinwegschauen. Dass sich die Kämpfe in den Straßen von Oakmont unglaublich klobig anfühlen oder dass selbst Marionetten bessere Mimik als die Charaktere des Spiels drauf haben beispielsweise. Ein wirklich bahnbrechendes Erlebnis ist der Mischmasch aus Hinweissuche, uninspiriertem Geballer und durchaus ansprechender Story mit eher lahmem Ende nicht - aber dafür, dass es Antworten auf schwierige Fragen liefert, muss man The Sinking City mehr als nur auf die Schulter klopfen.
Vandal Online (Jun 25, 2019)
The Sinking City ha sido una agradable sorpresa, una aventura muy entretenida con una historia interesante y algunas ideas muy bien implementadas. Tiene cosas mejorables, como un control un poco tosco a la hora de combatir o paseos en silencio que se acaban haciendo tediosos tras varias horas de juego, pero si buscáis un juego de ritmo pausado donde la investigación es lo primero, deberíais darle una oportunidad; sobre todo si os gusta Lovecraft.
Si l'ambiance lovecraftienne malaisante de The Sinking City, avec ses graphismes bien glauques, sait nous accrocher, le titre pèche en revanche sur le plan technique. De même, ce ne sont pas ses combats sans feeling que nous retiendrons, mais bien le jeu d'enquête qu'il est avant tout avec son histoire qui s'articule autour de la folie remarquablement bien retranscrite tant sur le plan visuel que sonore. Les adeptes du genre feront donc fi de ses lacunes pour mieux en apprécier son univers.
GameCrate (Jun 27, 2019)
I’m not sure if it’s worth the $60 pricetag, but if you’re a Mythos fan, you should definitely pick it up when it’s on sale.
Gry OnLine (Jun 25, 2019)
The Sinking City miało zabrać nasz umysł do granic szaleństwa wokół kultu Cthulhu, ale Wielkich Przedwiecznych pokonał tu chyba sam Sherlock Holmes. To przygodówka z syndromem „jeszcze jednej tury”.
Adventure Gamers (Jul 12, 2019)
Though it muddies the waters by needlessly cramming in a boatload of gameplay mechanics that drown out some of the fun, The Sinking City delivers a believable turn-of-the-century Lovecraftian setting and infuses it with fittingly macabre story beats that would do the author proud.
God is a Geek (Jun 25, 2019)
Overall then, on the one hand The Sinking City is a well-written, solidly acted and mostly compelling detective story with satisfying investigation mechanics set in a mad world that’s sure to please fans of Lovecraft and Frogware’s previous Sherlock efforts. On the other, it’s a somewhat janky, last-gen open world effort with pretty dire, totally unnecessary combat and tedious methods of traversal stuffed in. If you can ignore the technical failings, set the combat difficulty to easy so you breeze past the monsters and stick to getting embroiled in the story. There’s still plenty to like here if you’re in the mood for some private detective shenanigans set in a lovingly-crafted (my god – Ed) ode to Lovecraft.
Shacknews (Jun 25, 2019)
The Sinking City feels like a mystery novel brought to life within a video game. The developers have captured that feeling of intrigue and danger perfectly. Sure, there are some rough bits attached to the entire ordeal, but overall Frogwares’ latest title is a fun romp through a dark and dangerous world that’s rife with problems for players to solve. If you’ve ever been a fan of Lovecraftian horror or just mystery stories in general, The Sinking City is one stop you’ll want to make a little time for on your trip down the rabbit hole.
Spazio Games (Jun 25, 2019)
The Sinking City dimostra di avere delle ottime e profonde meccaniche legate all’investigazione, affinate dopo anni di giochi dello stesso genere. Ciò nonostante, la voglia di Frogwares di fare il grande passo ha dovuto fare i conti una realtà ben diversa, fatta di grosse limitazioni che minano in modo determinante la qualità complessiva di un prodotto che voleva essere senz’altro migliore di quanto effettivamente ha dimostrato di essere.
70 (Jun 25, 2019)
Senza troppe sorprese The Sinking City si rivolge a quella ristretta e ben delineata nicchia di utenti che preferisce concentrarsi sulle attività investigative in sé considerate, chiudendo un occhio su altri fattori come la solidità della realizzazione tecnica e la presenza di elementi interattivi che oggettivamente avrebbero meritato maggiore cura e organicità. Pur mantenendosi aderente al proprio imprinting, Frogwares ha avuto l'ardire di collocare la sua nuova avventura in un contesto ludico di più ampio respiro, con tutti i rischi che un'operazione di questo genere comporta. Ne è scaturito un prodotto a velocità alternata, dove le carenze del sistema di combattimento, la scarsa vitalità della mappa di gioco e un comparto tecnico poco entusiasmante si contrappongono all'efficacia delle attività di ricerca e deduzione, impreziosite dalla libertà d'azione lasciata al fruitore e dal potente immaginario veicolato dalla tormentata letteratura lovecraftiana...
70 (Jun 25, 2019)
In meno di dieci mesi ci troviamo ad assistere alla seconda venuta di Cthulhu, e nonostante l’hype dobbiamo ammettere che anche questa volta le cose non sono andate come dovevano. Il titolo sviluppato da Frogwares a nostro avviso riesce a battere abilmente il concorrente, ma purtroppo si macchia di troppe imperfezioni, che gli impediscono di raggiungere il posto (e il voto) che avrebbe meritato. Un enorme peccato, poiché in The Sinking City c’è veramente dell’ottimo materiale, come ad esempio una buona storia, personaggi interessanti, un’atmosfera e una direzione artistica assolutamente degne di nota. D’altra parte, però, abbiamo un gameplay che funziona soltanto a metà, ovvero sul fronte ruolistico delle decisioni e dell’investigazione, mentre quando si parla di action, la situazione si fa problematica. Il primo scoglio è sicuramente lo shooting, e più in generale l’intero impianto del combattimento, che risulta troppo vecchio, legnoso e impacciato...
This review for The Sinking City's PC version tells a harrowing tale about Cthulhu... and the adventure horror game that could've been. A treat for fans of H. P. Lovecraft's works, mystifying settings, and followers of the Cthulhu Mythos. Unfortunately, its weaker combat and exploration mechanics remain asleep at the bottom of the ocean.
Hooked Gamers (Jul 03, 2019)
There are some good things about The Sinking City — the detective mechanics, the admirable approach to mystery-solving, inspired by the open play of classic tabletop game Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective. But Sinking City is missing just that: a city. It’s a problem I’ve encountered with detective games in the past, such as L.A Noire’s fairly empty city, but at least they had famous landmarks and random encounters. Oakmont is hollow, its structures repeated, its NPCs ghost-like, and the game’s visual approach to Lovecraft is gaudy, where it might have been creeping/subtle. While some of the quests do contain interesting stories, it’s not quite enough to make up for the weaknesses of the setting. I really wanted to like this game, and perhaps fans more interested in the source materials of Lovecraft or those interested in Frogwares’ evolving mechanics of detection will get a bigger kick out of it than I did.
67 (Jul 04, 2019)
PC Gamer (Jun 25, 2019)
An occasionally entertaining detective game blighted by poor writing, rote combat, and a dreary open world.
GameOver (Greece) (Jun 26, 2019)
Εν κατακλείδι, το Sinking City ατυχώς αποδείχθηκε ένα πολύ πιο φιλόδοξο εγχείρημα από ό,τι μπορούσε να φέρει εις πέρας η Frogwares.
Way Too Many Games (Jun 25, 2019)
Overall The Sinking City is a noble attempt at a Lovecraftian mystery that barely stands up beneath the weight of its own ambition. As the story grows and gets larger in scale, the plot only thins, never going as deep as the oceans it wants to explore. The Sinking City never figures out what type of game it wants to be, keeping its foot in every genre-summoning circle at once, never reaching beyond mediocrity. For diehard fans of mystery and H.P Lovecraft, The Sinking City will be worth their time once it’s on sale. In the meantime, it’s best to steer clear of this slimy mess.
Merlin'in Kazanı (Jul 04, 2019)
Sona geldiğimizde oyun, oyuncuyu merak ettiren bir hikaye gidişatına sahip olsa da, The Sinking City bir oyunda en ön planda tutulması gereken konu olan oynanış mekanikleri konusunda pek yeni bir şey sunamıyor. HP Lovecraft evrenini yeterli düzeyde oyuna yansıtmayı başarabilen yapım, maalesef bizi tatmin edemedi. Eğer son dönemde çıkmış Sherlock Holmes oyunlarıyla haşır neşir olmuş biriyseniz, The Sinking City size hiç yabancı gelmeyecek.
PC Games (Germany) (Jul 05, 2019)
Nach meiner ersten Anspiel-Möglichkeit im Mai hatte ich mich richtig auf The Sinking City gefreut und bin entsprechend auch mit einiger Euphorie in den Test gestartet. Zum Ende des gut zehn bis 15-stündigen Abenteuers war davon aber leider nicht mehr viel übrig. Den diversen positiven Aspekten des Spiels - der Welt, der Atmosphäre oder auch dem interessanten Spielkonzept - stehen einfach diverse eklatante Makel gegenüber: Das Lösen der Fälle wird auf Dauer eintönig, Kämpfe und Fortbewegung müßig und die Geschichte - aufgrund fehlender Konsequenzen eurer Handlungen - etwas unglaubwürdig. Zugegebenermaßen hatte ich nichtsdestotrotz Spaß an dem Titel. Ein außergewöhnliches, erinnerungswürdiges Spielerlebnis - für das durchaus Potenzial vorhanden gewesen wäre - war es aber leider nicht.
TheSixthAxis (Jun 27, 2019)
The Sinking City promises a nightmarish journey through a Lovecraftian townscape filled with monsters and threatening cults, but too often falls into a loop of forced combat and resource hunting. The investigative parts are excellent, and this is probably the best Lovecrat adaptation since Call of Cthulu: Dark Corners of the Earth, but it still never really lives up to its potential. Close, but no Shoggoth.
Game Watcher (Jun 29, 2019)
An interesting game that scratches the detective itch, without ever reaching great heights.
GameSpew (Jun 25, 2019)
The Sinking City is an odd beast. The game’s underlying story, while not name-checking Cthulhu as such, is Lovecraft-by-numbers and is unlikely to draw you in. Its monster encounters, the game’s main tool of delivering horror, feel tacked on and unnecessary. But the city itself, with its oddball inhabitants and twisted tales, is the perfect stomping ground for a supernaturally-inclined detective. The lack of signposting will be an issue for some, but it means that when you do finally solve one of the game’s mysteries, you’re rewarded with genuine satisfaction – and I’d like to see similar supernatural detective stories in this vein. It won’t scare your socks off, but if you can avoid getting bogged down by The Sinking City’s clunkier elements, there’s enough to enjoy here.
Game Revolution (Jun 25, 2019)
The Sinking City is certainly more involving and had more care put into it than last year’s official Call of Cthulhu game but besting its spiritual predecessor doesn’t mean it reaches its full potential. The detective work is quite involving, but the combat is a mess and the pretty open-world doesn’t have enough in it to justify its existence. It would’ve been better suited as a series of locations you hop between, rather than dull jaunts to get to places of interest or the various archives of information. The enjoyable Cthulhu detective story is enough to be worth seeing through, but it’s a mystery why the other parts of the game couldn’t be as strong.
60 (Jun 25, 2019)
Chi dovrebbe quindi spendere i propri soldi e il proprio tempo per giocare a The Sinking City? Beh, semplice: i fan dei racconti o delle atmosfere lovecraftiane che amano la narrazione, non temono i giochi vecchi dal punto di vista estetico e del gameplay, riescono a reggere bene la noia della ripetizione meccanica e aborrono i finali ben fatti. Insomma, non credo che là fuori ci siano molte persone che corrispondono a questo identikit... o ci stiamo sbagliando?
59 (Jun 28, 2019)
Dass das kein kompletter Verriss wird, liegt neben der guten deutschen Sprachausgabe und einer zumindest im Ansatz interessanten Story samt möglicher Entscheidungen an zwei positiven Aspekten: Zum einen gefallen mir die fließenden Übergänge zwischen Realität und Wahnsinn. Zum anderen können die Sherlock-Holmes-Macher im Bereich der Recherche besser unterhalten, wenn man in Archiven suchen, Hinweise kombinieren und Entscheidungen treffen muss. Aber all diese stimmungsvollen Ansätze werden von einem gewöhnlichen Spieldesign, unglaubwürdigem Figurenverhalten, fehlender Interaktion, plumpen Gefechten, schwacher Technik und einigen Bugs immer wieder konterkariert. Unterm Strich bleibt ein ernüchterndes Erlebnis, das diesem außergewöhnlichen Mythos mal wieder nicht gerecht wird.
Jump Dash Roll (Jul 09, 2019)
The Sinking City is an ambitious attempt to bring a fresh take to the world of Lovecraft. If you’re an unabashed fan of the lore, or don’t mind repetitive gameplay, you’ll enjoy what’s on offer here. Otherwise, you’ll probably end up going slowly mad.
50 (Jun 25, 2019)
The Sinking City is well worth playing for the initial rhythm of its casework and the freshness of its setting, but its mechanics, like its mystery, end up flooded.
The Escapist (Jun 26, 2019)
There’s a portion of The Sinking City where Reed must don an old timey diving suit to follow in the footsteps of an ill-fated deep sea expedition. While walking across the ocean floor I witnessed a massive cephalopod drifting by. Reed’s declining sanity bar let me know that it was hurting him to look at the creature, but it was too beautiful to look away. I had the same response in general to playing The Sinking City. There’s so much wonderful potential in this game that its flaws are all the more maddening. I wished that it had followed Call of Cthulhu in abandoning combat altogether and just used its larger space and considerably more nuanced investigation system to tell a great story. But it seems I’ll have to keep waiting for the perfect Lovecraft game.