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GameGenie (2000)
Honestly, I was expecting yet another poor tycoon knock-off, but was pleasantly surprised by Ski Resort Tycoon. Even though the sound and features aren't the brightest in the bunch, the graphics and gameplay save what could have been another Airport Tycoon. If you like the city-building genre, try Ski Resort Tycoon. And at a low price, it can't be beat.
Absolute Games ( (Nov 07, 2000)
Помните Rollercoaster Tycoon или, на худой конец, кого-нибудь из представителей семейства Theme Park? И приятный звон денег, непрерывным дождем падающих в кассу? Если да, и если искусство строить для вас не менее важно, чем искусство разрушать, то эта игрушка, в силу своей несомненной оригинальности, может стать некоторой отдушиной в череде сиквелов-аддонов-римейков современных строительных симуляторов. Возможно, авторы действительно несколько недоработали трехмерную часть проекта, допустили пару оплошностей в разработке интерфейса и махнули рукой на детальную анимацию персонажей. Но подумайте — разве это имеет какое-либо серьезное значение тогда, когда нам предлагают построить не аэропорт, не парк развлечений для ожиревших от чрезмерного потребления гамбургеров обывателей, а ГОРНОЛЫЖНЫЙ КУРОРТ? Подобные тенденции в игровой индустрии, несомненно, нужно всемерно поощрять, ибо нечасто в последнее время мы сталкиваемся с такими оригинальными проектами.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Nov 30, 2001)
Het leuke thema en de mogelijkheid om in 3D door je creatie te wandelen maken van dit spel best een aardig Tycoon game!
IGN (Dec 15, 2000)
For a game that has no movie tie-in, product cross licensing, and is by its very name derivative Ski Resort Tycoon has no business being as decent as it is. Activision is branding this a "value" product, which should just about murder it with the general gaming public. Sad, since this is an unpretentious little gem of a strategy game. Cat Daddy has created a nice, competent product that is generally more pleasing than it is frustrating, obviously built with pride and affection. If there exists a better example of independent software development please let me know. Ski Resort Tycoon is sure to be priced below twenty dollars making it a perfect stocking stuffer. Ideal for kids or adults and should actually prove equally pleasing to girls as well as boys. Now name a Christmas release, game or movie, which can honestly stake that claim.
Game Over Online (Nov 21, 2000)
I think, given that winter is almost upon me and I enjoy skiing, it's sort of a kick to lay out a steep ski slope and watch my customers fall on their faces (not as much fun as piles of puke building up outside an intense rollercoaster, but fun nonetheless). The question remains will non-skiers be entranced enough to allow Ski Resort Tycoon to reap the same marketing gold that Rollercoaster Tycoon accumulated? I'll leave that decision to the game reviewers. Oh, wait, that's me. Well, I've been listening to me a lot lately, and here's what I've been saying: I'm not ready to quit Rollercoaster Tycoon for a play-alike game that I feel is ultimately kind of seasonal (I don't expect to be interested in planning a ski resort in August). It's not a bad game, and maybe hardcore skiing and RCT fanatics can add 10 points to my rating, but as a whole I believe Ski Resort Tycoon is the answer to a question no one asked.
Svenska PC Gamer (Mar, 2002)
Jag kan inte annat än tycka att det är roligt en stund. De små liven som jag har lockat till mina backar trillar omkull, blir hungriga och sura när det inte finns några stugor att hyra. Mikroekonomin är lika väl utvecklad som vanligt och det är bara att bestämma hur mycket liftbiljetter, skidreparationer och tournedos ska kosta. Det är kul och för den inbitne simfantasten är detta ett spel att ta en extra titt på. Har du däremot fått nog av simandet för ett tag, letar du vidare.