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Gamezilla (Sep 07, 1999)
have to give Gonzo Games a B+ for its effort on Skydive! It's an idea that, to my knowledge, hasn't been done before. Next time around, hopefully they will give the graphics a little twist here or there and make it more challenging, but for US$19.99 this is a quick and easy playing game for the times you just can't sit in front of the computer for hours.
Problem is, the game’s graphics are average and the controls are overly simple. Making matters worse, when you cannonball into the ground — which is, in some demented circles, the most entertaining aspect of the game — there are no consequences. SKYDIVE should have been made into a Java game on EA’s Web site.
Grafisch erwartet Sie ein schlichtes Terrain und einfache Männchen.
IGN (Aug 03, 1999)
The bottom line is that Skydive! is absolutely no fun at all to play. Not only do we recommend that you not purchase this dog of a title, but if you see it on the shelf of your local gaming store, you should complain to the management for even trying to make you shell out your hard won dollars for a title that looks like it was designed in a weekend.
GamePro (US) (Jan 01, 2000)
Skydive!, the debut title on Electronic Arts' extreme adventures label Gonzo Games (the next one is, I kid you not, Ted Nugent Wild Hunting Adventure), offers nothing for gamers or skydiving enthusiasts. You'll have more fun dropping a bunch of those plastic paratroopers off your rooftop than playing Skydive-and the sim aspects will be about as good. The $20 game doesn't even come close to recreating the adrenaline rush of jumping out of an airplane and watching the earth approach at 100 mph as the wind whistles through your head and makes your eyes water. And with cheeseball features such as automatic landings, it's not realistic enough to interest skydiving experts or serve in some kind of instructional role.
GameSpot (Aug 04, 1999)
So if you're a skydiving enthusiast or someone who has friends or loved ones who know you're even remotely interested in the sport, here are two pieces of advice: First, don't buy this game. Secondly - and most importantly - be sure to tell them that you don't give a damn about a skydiving simulation.
Has it come to this? Has the lucrative budget market lured every publisher to the prospect of churning out garbage for profit? Since Skydive! was released by EA (yet EA conceals its involvement at every turn) it certainly appears so. Suffice it to say, Skydive is one of the worst pieces of gaming software that the world has ever seen.
PC Gamer (1999)
Criticized for its highly shallow gameplay and very unappealing graphics. Was for a while considered the worst game ever reviewed in the magazine.