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Slaves to Armok: God of Blood - Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress Credits (16 people)


ProgrammingTarn Adams
DesignTarn Adams, Zach Adams
MusicTarn Adams
Initial PlaytestingAlan Ames, Alex Mooney, Martin Packman, Ben Ringland, Zonk
Lots of HTML/IT stuffMartin Packman
DF 2010 PlaytestingSvein Ove Aas, Aquillion, Kyle Brodzky, Richard Jensen, Nathan Miller (Rainseeker), Alex Mooney, Ben Ringland, Chris Rogers
Significant Melting/Boiling Point ContributionsJan-Willem van den Broek (Great Cthulhu), Stakudomer, Kidiri

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Credits for this game were contributed by Chris Charabaruk (199) and Indra was here (20909)