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Smokin' Guns Credits (Windows)

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Smokin' Guns Credits

Iron Claw Interactive (ICI) Members

MapsSpoon, Lt. Frag, Lixus, DeadKennedy
News, Weapons InfoGeneral Tso
Public RelationsDrakhon

ICI Beta Testers

ICI Beta TestersMite, Zeroburn, Johan_90, Ebola_D, KageMurai, Jussuf, Abomb, ReD NeCKersoN, Humbolt, Crusty, Xanieth, Nixon, [Z]KrOno, JazzD, Jack9911, Sonic, Xerxes, Joshua, Zakk, Argonath, Chico, nE9n, r1z1b1z1

ICI Special Thanks

ICI Special ThanksWerwurm [for modeling the S&W Schofield], Mr. Klumpen [for modeling the Colt Lightning and the Shotgun], Hawk [for modeling the Gatling Gun], Neil Toronto (for the release of his unlagging code), Heiko Munk (for doing the menu-music), Planet Multiplayer [ - for giving us a webserver], JOLT online gaming [ - for giving us a betatest-server]

Smokin' Guns Productions (SG) Members

MappersReD NeCKersoN, L3th4l, Breli
Site AdminReD NeCKersoN
Coderstorhu, hika
Website Design & Webmaster, Site AdminL3th4l
TexturesL3th4l, sig11, Breli
Intro/credits movies, Additional models, textures & painskinsEvilFutsin

SG's Beta Testers

SG's Beta TestersAerosol, Angel‑Eyes, aquarius, =Barking.Spider=, BITE‑ME!!, Bloodletting, Caffeine, ChainLightnin', Chainsaw, Chico, Chilli, Clink Eastward, Clintstone, Dadamungo, Deadeye, DeUgli, Dexx, dolny, Don Antonio, Donut, ElPresidente, Encryptic, English Rose, Fred187, Hellrider, Jakmanjak, Jeroen, Joe Kari, Jussuf, Lice, Mag, McZero, MisterX, M.R., Nyarlathotep, Nova, Old&intheWay, Pardner, Puddytang, Rev_Blueduck, Roy_O'Bannon, Screechingweasel, Senot Bunuelo, Shadoku, SHS, steel, SonicX, Stoic_Ails, Ten Beers, Zapata

SG's Special Thanks

SG's Special ThanksICI [for supplying us with everything we needed & allowing us to continue work on their wonderful project], Spoon [for fixing the smoke effects & providing advice], El vAkonD [for an updated compiler, Henri Tervapuro (for background models - new player model skins & additional textures), the death cam & additional code tweaks], new player model skins & additional textures), DeUgli [for some custom music & sound replacements], Pardner [for NoNameCity map & grunt work on stock levels], Tequila [for additional code contributions], Simon O'Callaghan (for resources from Simland & his POM map), Map Center [for their great texture packs], Neil Toronto (for the release of his unlagging code), BNT [for saddle & shell models], The loyal SG community

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