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So Blonde Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
One of the many cutscenes.
Title Screen
Sunny doing what every adventure hero does: Collecting items.
One of the many mini games.
The map of the island.
The pier. Notice Sunny's new animal friend on the right.
Talking to a painter.
A rather unconventional use of Max.
Some pirates waiting in their quarters.
Entering the town by blowing up the front gate.
To see the Mayor you'll have to pass the receptionist first.
Entering Captain Morgane's cabin.
At the local bank.
The only store on the island seems to be on the side of Sunny's taste.
Game will occasionally, but rarely, let you control other characters.
Entering the dark forest.
Teaching the drummer some new beats with a help of your mp3 player.
Talking to the village chief.
Imprisoned on One-Eye's ship.
Talking to Elvis at the local inn.
Eloquently trying to stop your own sacrifice until the eclipse passes.
As you progress in the game, the loading screens change.
Arriving at Juan's glamorous mansion.
The showering scene could as well be done via fade-out screen saying "okay, now I feel refreshed".
Checking on what the telescope is focusing.
Rearranging tiles as shown before shuffling.
The jungle at night.
At the pier at night.
Falling overboard
Waking up on a tropical island
Inside the galleon
Nice view from the cliff
No traversing the jungle without a GPS
Sunny is not afraid of big pirates... more to the fact she still thinks it's a themed resort
Garden behind the mansion
In the mayor's office
Sunny remembering her shopping days
Nice guard doggie...
Gaining popularity
The village at night