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Soccer Mania Credits

65 people (53 developers, 12 thanks)

Silicon Dreams Studio Limited

Concept DesignDavid Rutter, Mark James, Andrew Hersee
Game DesignFootball Mania Team
Very special thanks toAndrew Lee
Lead ProgrammerMark James
ProgrammersIain Hutchison, Ian Tomkins, Mark Newington, Bob Dawe, Garry Brady, David Malcolm, Roxby Hartley, Giles Park, Theodore Ntogiakos
PC Engine and LibrariesLeigh Davies, Jon Story
Console Engine and LibrariesRod Mack, Andrew Sage
Tools ProgrammersDavid Malcolm, Tim Pynegar
Additional ProgrammingAndrew Hersee, Adrian Cook, Martin Nicholas
Lead ArtistDavid Whitehead
Character ModellingNina-Simone Drabwell, Jonathan O'Connor, Brian Hartley
3D Modelling and BackgroundsNina-Simone Drabwell, David Whitehead, Brian Hartley, Michael Snowdon, Gavin Cooper, Kevin Wicks, Shane Mitchell, Jonathan O'Connor
Thanks toMichael Leslie
Character AnimationJonathan O'Connor, Alex Montagnani, Ian Lovell, Simon Hodgkiss
ProducerDavid Rutter
Associate ProducerJohn Jennings
TestingTroy Lonergan
MusicJohn Hancock, Stafford Bawler
Sound EffectsJohn Hancock, Stafford Bawler
Managing DirectorGavin Cheshire
Technical ManagerAndrew Hersee
Art ManagerNina-Simone Drabwell
PR ManagerDene Landucci
Technical SupportMartin Smith, Jason Sheldon
Special thanks toGeoff Brown, Darren Drabwell, Linda Richardson, Katie Cromwell, Victoria Stacey, Linda Clarke, Carole O'Neill, Helena Giles, and All at Silicon Dreams Studio and Kaboom Studios

LEGO Interactive

Global Vice President of SoftwareTom Stone
Director of ProductionDavid Ratcliffe
Senior ProducerDarren Potter
ProducerDaniel Llewellyn
Associate ProducerLawrence Doyle
Director of Software OperationsKevin Turner
Project ManagerGeoff Smith
Technical DirectorIan Johnson
Software AnalystWarren Leigh
Global Brand DirectorSean Ratcliffe
Marketing ManagerSara Marshall
Head of Business AffairsClive Illenden
Business Affairs ExecutiveStaci Kalama
Market Research ManagerTim Price
Thanks toEveryone in LEGO Interactive for their feedback and support

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (251223)