Soldiers at War Credits (Windows)

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Soldiers at War Credits


ProducerShawn Bryan
Project LeaderJohn E. Slaydon
Lead ProgrammingAndrew Jones
ProgrammingMark Dean Fitzgerald, Travis Young
Programming AssistanceDylan Bromley, Jim Feinberg, Dre P. Gugliotta, Kirk Hammond, Scott Sherman
Art DirectorGreg Poland
Lead ArtistRay Tylak
ArtistsAlexis Allen, Forrest Harless, Brenda I. Tracy, Michael A. Tyson
Additional ArtTanya Clark, Mike Haynes, Marx Myth, Greg Sepelak
Sound Effects and MusicCrystal M. Lennon
Lead TesterCurt Frydach
TestersRichard J. D'Arconte, Andrew Kenney, Mark Kenney, Adam Lau, Chris Powell, Frank Smith, Bryan West, Jody Whitenhouse, Jason Clark
Voice Simulation TechnicanJulie Daniels
Additional DesignTimothy W. Brooks
Special Thanks ToCarolyn Adams, Fabrizio Bianchi, Mike Bonestell, Steven J. Clayton, Christopher Groegler, Bonita Masteller, Kurt Masteller, Randall Don Masteller, Tony Nichols, Donald T. Polens, Carl Schmidt, Deirdre Toomey, Connie Waddell
Voice TalentKevin Blackton (as Theater voice, Private Davies, Private 2\Intro), Glen A. Cureton, Brigham Hausman, Gary Martinez (as Captain Spencer, Sergeant\Intro, Leader\Intro), Carl C. Norman, Michael M. Simpson
Manual EditorMark Whisler
Scenario DesignersKelly Calabro, Chris Carr, George Chastain Jr., Richard Donnelly
Executive ProducerBret Berry


ProducerScott Evans
Executive ProducerJeff M. Peña
Audio EngineersStephen Lam, Lance Page
Multimedia ProductionLee Crawford, Maurice Jackson
Data ManagerCaron White
Quality Assurance DirectorSean Decker
Lead TesterGarrett Graham
Assistant Lead TesterJohn Pena
SSI TestersJeremy Dang, John Pena, Jesse Anacleto, Philip Wang, Jessica Jones, Forrest Elam, Todd Clark, Clifford Mann, Jasun Reynolds, Cyrus G. Harris, Bill White, Christopher Smith
Beta Test CoordinatorMark Schmidt
Customer SupportSteven G. Peterson
F/E‑SupportJan Lindner
Localization CoordinationJeff Groteboer
Additional GraphicsSaffire Inc.
Graphic Design and DTPSteve Longdale (Scally), Louis Saekow Design

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