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Solium Infernum: To Reign Is Worth Ambition Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Avatar creation. I'd like to think that the higher the rank the easier is the game, but it's not as simple as that.
Starting a new single-player game.
I assume controlling the bridges in the Great Rivers and Acheron's Locks maps is essential if you want to conquer many Places of Power.
Map: Acheron's Locks
Map: Dante's Peak
Map: The Lake of Fire
I failed to secure any Places of Power because I have only one legion which can move only 2 hexes per turn.
Using the tribute I gathered from my pathetic minions to buy an artifact.
It might not look like it but this is where you execute most of your decisions.
The events list at the start of a new turn. It seems Belial doesn't approve of my unholy awesomeness.
The Bazaar is your number 1 source of all things dead and fleshy!
The Temple of Lust... I wonder what transpires in there. ^^
It's pretty hard to get into an open war with someone. Here Berith will humbly accept my insult after 2 turns.
The Game Over screen. The Infernal Conclave has finally decided who will take the throne.
...and it's not me. Sorry, I will do better next time.