Sonic Robo Blast 2 Credits (Windows)

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Sonic Robo Blast 2 Credits

Sonic Team Junior Staff

ProducerArt Freda (SSNTails)
DirectorJohn Wallbank (Sonikku)
Game DesignersJohn Wallbank (Sonikku), Art Freda (SSNTails), Ben Geyer (Mystic)
Character DesignersJohn Wallbank (Sonikku), David Spencer (Instant Sonic)
Visual DesignArt Freda (SSNTails)
Landscape DesignJohn Wallbank (Sonikku)
Chief ProgrammerArt Freda (SSNTails)
ProgrammersAlam Arias (Alam GBC), Scott Feeney (Graue), Andrew Clunis (Orospakr)
Coding AssistantsSteven McGranahan (Stroggonmeth), Cyan Helkaraxe, Logan Arias (Logan GBA), John J. Muniz (Jason The Echidna), Matt Marsalko (Shuffle), Oogaland
Multiplayer LevelsBen Geyer (Mystic), Art Freda (SSNTails), Digiku, Furious Fox, Neo Chaotikal, Some Guy
Texture ArtistsBuddy Fischer (Kinkajoy), Art Freda (SSNTails), Ryan Bloom (Blaze Hedgehog)
Music ProductionDavid Bulmer (Bulmybag), Jarel Jones (Arrow), Stefan Rimalia (Stuf), Art Freda (SSNTails), Cyan Helkaraxe, Malcolm Brown (Red XVI)
Lead GuitarDavid Spencer (Big Wave Dave)
Sound EffectsSEGA, David Spencer (Instant Sonic), various sources
Official MascotMr. Encyolopedia
Beta TestersBill Reed (Tets), Ben Geyer (Mystic), Digiku, Omega Hedgehog, Furious Fox
Special ThanksDOOM Legacy Project, ID Software, David Perry, Alex Fuller (Mistaed)
In Fond Memory OfNaoto Ohshima, Howard Drossin

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